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The foremost real vampire information & resource site on the 'Net. -- Est. Spring of 1997.

Resources for the vampiric community:  Vampire Support Page, Real Vampire Links, #Sanguinarius on IRC; articles, guide/tips/advice, problems, and much more! For sanguinarians, psi-vampires, and vampiric people; also donors, otherkin and therians.

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SangAnkh -- Sanguinarius Sigil

I give my heartfelt thanks to AutumnMoon, who made the awesome Sanguinarius ankh sigil from the basic concept that I had come up with. domain launched 9 June, 1999; Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page launched no later than 6 June, 1997, and possibly earlier than 14 April, 1997. (Orig. titled "The Home Page of Sanguinarius" -- how lame!).

SangAnkh -- Sanguinarius Sigil

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