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Popular Vampire Myths

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By Vampy, with input from April, Sangi and Pazuzu

A short and fun little article that dispels a few common myths about vampires.

Myth: A person can be turned into a vampire.
Truth: Many of us believe that a person must be born a vampire; others believe that vampirism can develop later in life. “Awakening” means to realize that one is or has become vampiric, and is accompanied by physical and psychic changes; however, “turning” is only in books and movies.

Myth: Vampires explode/catch fire when exposed to sunlight.
Truth: Vampires may feel their energy being drained by the sun; and a significant number report various degrees of sun-sensitivity, but we don't burst into flames, not even in folklore.

Myth: Vampires can turn into bats or become mist.
Truth: We have human bodies, so turning into bats or mist isn't possible.

Myth: Vampires totally drain persons of their blood.
Truth: A doctor draws more blood for a routine lab test than most vampires drink during a feeding.

Myth: Vampires cast no reflections in mirrors.
Truth: We do have reflections, which makes it easier for those of us who must shave.

Myth: A vampire cannot enter a dwelling without the owner's permission to enter.
Truth: We, like others, will respect the owner's invitation to enter; but there is no supernatural barrier that physically prevents us from crossing a person's threshold.

Myth: A vampire cannot cross a running stream.
Truth: Running water has no supernatural effect on real vampires or our energy.

Myth: Garlic, holy water, and crosses are feared by vampires.
Truth: None of these normally affects us, and many vampires enjoy garlic in Italian dishes.

Myth: Vampires subsist off blood and can't eat food.
Truth: We need and enjoy food as much as anyone else does.

Myth: Psychic vampires drain energy from people against their will.
Truth: Unawakened psychic vampires often drain people without realizing it; but ethical, awakened ones take energy only from willing donors or other sources.

Myth: Vampires are killed by pounding a stake through their hearts.
Truth: A stake pounded through anyone's heart will kill them.

Myth: Vampires are immortal and never age.
Truth: Some believe we have vampiric souls which retain a continuity from life to life; and we do age like other humans, though many of us reportedly appear younger than our actual ages.

Myth: Vampires and werewolves are enemies/at war/are master-servants.
Truth: There is no war (only in movies and role-playing games) and vampires and weres are often friends with each other. And no, vampires don’t keep weres as “pets” or servants.

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