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Vampires & Blood Matters

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Articles for blood drinkers, about such things as feeding, blood safety, finding donors, bloodletting techniques, and more.

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If an article lacks "date added" information, then I added it before I started keeping track of when things were added. In musical terms, it'd be a "golden oldie", I suppose. lol.

Animal Hunting, by g0th. Some basic tips and techniques on hunting animals. (Added: 23 September, 1999)

Beating the Blood Addiction, by g0th. An article defining steps that can be taken to curb the strength of blood addiction, and take control over the need to feed. (Added: 23 November, 2001)

Blood Craving: A Glimpse of What It's Like. An email letter which will convey some of the torment, anguish, confusion and desperation that vampires go through. (Added: 31 March, 2003)

Blood: How Much is Too Much? Article by Ravena discusses how much blood a person can safely lose and what health issues blood drinkers and their donors should be aware of. (Added: 1 July, 2002)

Bloodletting and the Law. Harlot explains how the legal system views bloodletting and bloodplay and describes a few pertinent cases. (Added: 4 July, 2006)

But I Don't WANT to be Vampyre! (Reconsidering Vampyrism), by Lady CG. If you would rather not practice vampirism, or if you think that you might NOT be a vampire, here are some things you can do to try and quit. (Added: 23 May, 2005)

Controlling the Beast or the Blood-Lust. Dragonflybynight notes that it is possible to control one's beast or bloodlust impulses. (Added: 19 November, 2004)

Donors & Vampires: My Advice to You. Article by Mike Future gives advice on finding and approaching potential donors and how to deal with discussing your vampirism with them. (Added: 15 April, 2005)

Finding Substitutes, by Mike Future. Some advice on finding various substitutes when you're unable to feed; includes a number of things which are considered effective in dealing with the craving, and boosting your energy. (Added: 27 February, 2006)

Fire Cupping Technique for Blood Feeding. The Vampyre Psykic explains a method of blood which, with a little practice, should prove useful and relatively painless. (Added: 14 May, 2005; updated: 23 August, 2005)

Top Pick!Getting Blood from a Steak, by SphynxCat. Lightly cooking a steak before trying to get blood out of it is safer than trying to eat it raw. Here are instructions on how to do just that. (Added: 11 December, 2004)

HemoSynth, by Anonymous. A nutritionally based blood substitute recipe. Read carefully for enclosed cautions. (Added 8 March 2005)

The Hunger: It's Causes and Dealing with It, by Kris Davis. An explanation of the Hunger, and some practical information and ideas on how to deal with it.

Hypothesis on Vampirism. Article by Necrobabe which may help you understand your body's needs and blood/energy cravings. (Added: 20 September, 2002)

Matching the Donor to the Vampire. A brief guide from Sarasvati to help match up different types of vampires with types of donors. (Added: 27 February, 2003)

New Scientific Perspective on "Blood Drinkers", by Magnus. A theory on the impact of neuroreceptor stimulation of neural pathway association formation, and behavioral conditioning as it relates to blood drinking.

On Methods of Blood-Letting, by Ingrid Blackmore. A few suggestions on techniques for bloodletting. (Added: 15 September, 2001)

One Sanguinarian's View of Blood Feeding, by LadyCG. Article explains that sang feeding and energy feeding are two different things. (Added: 18 January, 2010)

Off-SiteThe RVCA Guide to Safer Bloodletting. This is off-site, but I had to link to it because it's an excellent guide to safe, sane bloodletting, written by Sylvere ap Leanan of the Real Vampire Community Alliance. (Added: 22 September, 2009)

Safer Feeding Techniques, by Sarah Dorrance. -- MATURE VIEWERS ONLY, PLEASE! Article which discusses safe feeding practices and the risks of disease and how to minimize them.

Sanguinary Safety. This article by Sarah Dorrance is aimed primarily at sanguinary vampires -- people who drink blood for the purpose of feeding their particular needs. (Added: 20 September, 2002)

Tips for Finding a Donor. Magi Vamp presents some advice on finding a donor. (Added: 16 March, 2005)

UK Criminal Law and the Modern Vampire, by Jen, a.k.a. Ghost. English law does not specifically prohibit bloodletting, but there are laws which can impact those who perform the act. Jen discusses some laws which UK vampires need to be aware of. (Added: 10 May, 2008)

Top Pick!Vampyres: Blood Safety and Feeding, -- MATURE VIEWERS ONLY, PLEASE! (The "How to Feed Properly" Post) by Sarah Dorrance. Information on how to feed safely and properly. (This gets pretty explicit, so turn back now if you are closed-minded and/or squeamish.) (Added: 29 December, 1998)

OffsiteWhat Every Blood Drinker Should Know, by Ravena. Discusses a dangerous myth about HIV that every blood drinker should be aware of and take the necessary precautions against. (Added: 17 July, 2011)

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