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Vampires & Health, Medical and Psycho-Emotional Matters

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Articles and information about some common shared medical, emotional, etc., issues.

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If an article lacks "date added" information, then I added it before I started keeping track of when things were added. In musical terms, it'd be a "golden oldie", I suppose. lol.

Advice to the Newly Awakened, by Crimson^Angel. Some advice to both newly awakened psi vampires and sang/blood vampires. (Added 1 September, 2002)

Awakening and Transitioning. Mistresschanger talks about the journey through her awakening and her experiences. (Added: 29 April, 2008)

Awakening Express Service. Article by Mys tells what you can expect from a vampiric awakening and gives advice and useful links to deal with it. (Added: 17 July, 2012)

The Basics of Food Allergies. Article by SphynxCat discusses what causes allergies in the body and some common allergens. Also outlines how to detect allergies, common treatments, and some medical concerns. (Added: 19 September, 2004)

Bipolar Disorder or Awakening? by Jen, a.k.a. Ghost. If you think you may be awakening, you might actually be suffering from bipolar disorder; its manifestations are remarkably similar. Read this article and if things sound too familiar, you may want to consider being checked out by a Professional. This is not to say that everyone who has these symptoms has BD, but it's something you should consider before deciding you're a vampire. (Added: 29 August, 2009)

Coping with Fatigue. Article by Sarah Dorrance about coping with fatigue, a problem that many vampires seem to suffer from. (Added: 26 July, 2002)

Dealing with Migraines. An article by Sarah Dorrance, discussing a variety of ways to deal with migraine headaches. (Added: 23 September, 1999)

Diet -- Stomach Troubles, by SphynxCat. Some common stomach ailments caused by diet and some ways to ease the symptoms. (Added: 19 September, 2004)

The Effects of Extended Non-Feeding, by The Vampyre Psykic. Article describes some of the signs and symptoms of failing to feed over an extended period of time. (Added: 26 February, 2006)

Enabling in the Vampire Community, by Ravena Lee. Can offering support and encouragement be damaging? Are you helping people further their delusions and/or problems? Find out what an Enabler is and how it can play out in the vampire community. (Added: 10 November, 2005)

The Four Stages of Dealing with One's Vampirism. An article by Crimson^Angel which discusses the stages newly awakened vampires may go through. (Added: 7 March, 2002)

Guilt, by Knightshayd. A short article on dealing with guilt. Aimed at psi-vamps, but relevant for sanguinarians, as well. (Added: 19 September, 1999)

OffsiteLate Awakenings, by Octarine Valur. Another fine article from the SAVA (South African Vampyre Alliance) discusses the the awakening process, with brief anecdotes from other awakened self-identified real vampires talking about their awakening experiences. (Added: 3 July, 2012)

Top Pick!Maintaining Good Health, by SphynxCat. Most people would think that emotional issues and physical health problems are part and parcel of being a vampire, but it doesn't have to be as long as you take care of your body's nutritional needs. Being a vampire doesn't mean you can ignore good nutrition. (Added: 27 February, 2006)

Of Trains & Tunnels & What’s at the End. LadyCG talks about how her life has been different from her expectations and how well things worked out after all. (Added: 14 September, 2009)

Overview of Selected Bloodborne Diseases. SphynxCat discusses blood/body fluid handling precautions and an overview of some bloodborne dieases. (Added: 27 February, 2010)

Paradigm Shift. The old hunter/prey vampire way of thinking isn't working anymore. "It's not about stalking. It's not about power-tripping. It's not about taking. The insecure ego might need these trappings, but ultimately these ... are not necessary for the vampire to get what s/he needs." With her well-thought-out article, Sarah Dorrance helps you escape from the trap of the stereotypical vampire-image. Respect yourself and your donor by discovering a new self-image for vampires. (Added: 17 May, 2003)

Some Information on Depression, by Sanguinarius. And some useful hotline numbers for various crises and problems. (Added: 21 March, 2000)

Vampyric Aging (Or "Where goeth thou, beauteous stranger?"). Lady CG discusses some of what real vampires can expect as they pass middle age and start getting 'up there' in years. (Added: 20 May, 2007)

See Also...

The Health and Medical section of SphynxCatVP's Real Vampires Support Page. This section contains articles on topics including diseases, insomnia, fatigue, food/stomach issues, nutrition, pain, and sun/photosensitivity. Many informative articles here!

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