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Vampires & Psi / Energy Matters

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Articles dealing with psi-feeding, psi-vampirism, shielding, and the like.

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If an article lacks "date added" information, then I added it before I started keeping track of when things were added. In musical terms, it'd be a "golden oldie", I suppose. lol.

A Meditation for Spiritual Cleansing. The Vampyre Psykic suggests that perhaps some of the effects of not feeding aren't entirely caused by lack of energy, and describes one meditation method that may reduce these negative effects. (Added: 16 June, 2005)

A Theory on Magick, by Anonymous. An explanation of Magick and what we must do to make things better.

Addressing Psy-Vamps and Bi-Polar Disorder, by LadyChrys. Discusses the occurrence of bipolar-like symptoms in psyvamps; with commentary and feedback by others.

Alternative Methods for Psychic Self-Defense, by The Vampyre Psykic. Article presents a couple of shielding techniques which may proof helpful against psychic attacks and draining attempts. (Added: 19 November, 2005)

Astral Vampires & Dreamwalking. Michelle Belanger discusses the possible origins of astral vampirism, the link between real vampires and dreamwalking, and how it might relate to feeding. (Added: 25 August, 2007)

The Basics of Shielding: A Visual Approach, by Lif Fossimilis. Useful information for beginners on developing a shield by using visualization techniques. (Added: 14 February, 2002)

Dynamic Energy Exchange. Article by Michelle Belanger explains some advanced techniques of energy work as applied to psi-vampirism. (Added 1 September, 2002)

Emotional Vampirism. An article by Sarah Dorrance, discussing emotional vampirism, or what Anton LaVey calls 'psychic vampirism', not to be confused with conscious psi-vamping. (Added: 19 November, 1999)

Empathy. Article by Grampa-E contains information designed to help those who are dealing with empathy. (Added 1 March, 2005)

Energy Flows & Tentacle Monsters, by Trollkvina. A warning about Winged Wolf's methods of "curing" vampirism, and an explanation of why and how they are so dangerous and harmful. (Added: 22 May, 2005)

The Ethics of Psi-Vampirism. Article by Michelle Belanger discusses the ethics of various approaches to psi-vampirism, and the considerations of each approach, ranging from pure "Darwinian" psi-vampirism to "the Reluctant Vampire", which is the opposite. (Added: 28 June, 2003)

On Psychic Vampirism. A.H. has studied psychic vampires and vampirism at length. In this article, he presents his findings and scrutinizes psychic vampirism with objectivity, identifying behaviors, separating facts and fallacies, and raising some questions not dealt with before. (Added: 17 May, 2005)

Overview of Shielding Techniques, by SphynxCat. A general listing of basic to intermediate psi shielding types. List is an overview only; details of how they should be implemented are up to the individual. (Added: 25 March, 2006)

Psychic Vampires and Dreamwalking. Michelle Belanger addresses the issue of unintentional dreamwalking, which can be viewed as an invasion or psychic attack. She discusses the ethics and offers a solution. (Added: 3 December, 2007)

Reality or Something Like It, by Daemien Kaen. A treatise on reality and how it can be manipulated. (Added: 29 April, 2002)

Realizations of an Elemental Vampire, by Shaderra. Shaderra details her epiphany that she's an elemental vampire and explains a little bit about what that is. (Added: 2 September, 2009)

Shielding 101. Article by SphynxCat contains some basic information about psychic shields for beginners. (Added: 28 February, 2005)

Shields, by Raven Corvus. Very useful "instructions" regarding the formation of personal / property shields. (Added: 14 August, 1999)

The Truth About Magick, by Sanguinarius. An explanation of what magick is, how it works, and how to use it. (Added: 20 September, 2002)

Understanding Energy, a Journey, by Anshar Seraphim. Anshar presents his journey toward understanding the topic of Thought-Energy, a logical progression from skepticism to understanding. (Added: 2 July, 2006)

What is a Psi Vampire? Crimson^Angel writes a short article giving some information about psi vampires and replenishing energy. (Added: 20 September, 2002)

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