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Articles ranging from the use (and misuse) of the word "vampire", to coming out, to hunters, to the evolution of the vampiric community, and more. Scroll to the last section for VVC discussion logs.

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If an article lacks "date added" information, then I added it before I started keeping track of when things were added. In musical terms, it'd be a "golden oldie", I suppose. lol.

A Discussion of Sang and Psi Vampires, by the denizens of #Sanguinarius. A discussion of sanguinarians, psi vampires, sexual vampires and predators which took place in #Sanguinarius (a chat room) on 26 May, 2007. (Added: 19 July, 2007)

A Kind Note About Vampire Discrimination. Alynna Trypnotk discusses vampire discrimination, an ongoing trend in the pagan and energy working communities, and explains the difference between uncontrolled and controlled feeders. (Added: 3 February, 2009)

'A Rose By any Other Name'; or, The Case For A New Name For Real Vampires. Hirudo offers an alternative term to use instead of "vampire" for real vampires. (Added: 16 July, 2000)

Top Pick!Alone in Your Area?, by Sanguinarius. If you feel you're the only vampire in your area, chances are you're not; there are probably at least a few around who feel as isolated as you. Here is some advice to help get you started finding them, contacting them, and making your presence known so they can contact you. (Added: 15 April, 2005)

A Vampire Manifesto (Sort Of). Sarah Dorrance sums up her thoughts on the whys and wherefores of vampirism. (Added: 16 March, 2005)

Ahh...Damned Hunters. Here Are Some Tips! Short article by Lilliana talks about hunters. (Added: 14 February, 2000)

The Buffy Complex. A rant/article by Dennaveve about the annoyance and stupidity of people who take roleplaying and fictional vampires too far. (Added: 26 February, 2003)

Coming Out. An article with some advice about 'coming out of the coffin' to somebody, and also some questions you need to ask yourself beforehand; from an exchange originally posted to the Red Elixir Message Board. (Added: 4 April, 2002)

Dealing with Inflammatory Letters. The Vampyre Psychic talks about how to deal with hateful, rude and inflammatory emails, and gives examples and comments. (Added: 8 January, 2006)

The Dilemma Over Awakening Teens. A little advice from Countess Amenti on how to deal with awakening teens. (Added: 9 February, 2007)

The Essence of the Vampire. Hawkmoor discusses aloofness in vampires. (Added: 5 April, 2008)

Ethical Principles for the Vampire Community, by Sylvere ap Leanan. A suggested and realistic code of ethics for real vampires that does not have its origins in roleplay or the vampyre lifestyle/scene. (Added: 22 April, 2007)

Fighting Misinformation. An article from Ravena which speaks of the hazards of inaccurate safety and health information regarding blood drinking. (Added: 22 March, 2002)

Flying Fangs-First into the Future, by Silek. Talks about people beginning to think of us rather than mythological vampires, and some of the problems in the community and subculture that we need to be working on solving now in order to avoid future problems and create a better future for ourselves. (Added: 27 February, 2003)

Leaders, Founders, Unity, Affiliations & Order. Sanguinarius' and others' thoughts on the role of leaders and the need for affiliations in the vampire community. (Revised with new material added: 16 May, 2003)

"Mis-Information and People Who Don't Know. Excerpts from LA Times, the Vampiric Community Message Board; and commentary by Sanguinarius, regarding the so-called "vampire checklist" they published.

My Personal Thoughts on Eldership. Sarya Ingram shares her views on the role and responsibilities of elders in the community and some of the qualities which should be present in those who are viewed as elders. (Added: 16 May, 2003)

Negotiating the Vampire: Conflict Resolution in a Usenet Newsgroup. Essay by Kristina Day / Thornleaf, about the flame wars in the alt.vampyres newsgroup which eventually led to the formation of alt.culture.vampires, a newsgroup geared toward real vampire topics. (Added: 3 May, 2002)

On 'Vampiric Rape' and Prey, Part 1, by Lauren. The first installment of a five-part article. The attitude and actions of some vampires who feel they are higher up the food chain than their victims negatively affects everyone: them, their victims, and the vampire community. Go to Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5. (Added: 10 May through 4 November, 2007)

Online Predators. Article contains a composite profile of an Online Predator. This profile was compiled by a number of submissive women for the use of submissive women, but applies equally well in other kinds of relationships and communities, both online and offline. (Added: 30 March, 2003)

Our Paths and Our Communities. GabrielX presents an introduction to the communities and details some of the inherit dangers and joys that lie within. (Added: 7 February, 2007)

The Pros and Cons of Declaring Ourselves to the World. Some key posts from a thread of messages made on The Vampiric Community Message Board in September, 1998, discussing various pros and cons of "coming out of the coffin". NEW: Found and added 3 related posts I had archived but forgotten / lost. (Added: 2 May, 1999; New Material Added: 15 January, 2003)

RK's Primer to Vampirism and the Vampire's World, by RKCoon. An introduction to a few things to keep in mind regarding vampirsm and the vampiric community. (Added: 11 November, 2007)

Real Vampire Community Abuse Awareness Campaign, by Zero and Merticus. The Atlanta Vampire Alliance has an important message about personal safety and avoiding those who might cause abuse and/or other harm to you. (Added: 23 June, 2011)

Real Vampires Going Public -- Debate: Good or Bad Idea? RKCoon and Anshar are the main participants in a debate about real vampires going public and talking to the media, and the results thereof; this debate took place in #Sanguinarius on December 8th, 2008. (Added: 4 August, 2010)

Real Vampires; or, A Rose is a Rose. Crimson^Angel argues that separating real vampires into different categories, such as psi-vampires and sanguinarians, unnecessarily divides vampires as a whole; that we are all vampires, plain and simple. (Added: 12 September, 2004)

Regarding A Statement to the Community at Large (a.k.a. Vyrdolak's "People Like Me" Post). Discussion of labels and labelling people within the vampiric community, taken from SonjaBlue's Vampire, Psi and Occult Phenomena Discussion Board and Sanguinarius's Vampiric Community Message Board (in September, 1998). (Added: 2 May, 1999)

Rules of Thumb. Sarah Dorrance takes an alternative look at vampire ethics based on common sense. (Added: 13 October, 2002)

Top Pick!Solitary Vampyres; or, How to Live Incognito in Unfriendly Territory, by LadyCG. A number of helpful hints and tips on how to cope as a solitary vampyre/vampire without losing your sanity or anonymity [Note: A few links pending]. (Added: 20 November, 2005)

The Vampire Community, by Anonymous, (formerly published elsewhere). An article regarding their experiences in and views on the vampiric community.

What is a Vampire? Lyssa Moon offers up a rather biting commentary on who the 'real vampires' are. (Added: 13 October, 2002)

Which Vampire Culture?, by Klaatu. A little bit of information about vampires and vampirism. (Added: 1 April, 1999)

Who are the "True Vampires"?; or, The Evolution of the Meaning of the Word "Vampire", Parts 1, 2 & 3. Vyrdolak takes an historical look at the way the meaning of the word "vampire" has changed over time, and the difficulties with categorically defining who is a "vampire" today. (Added: 16 July, 2000)

Why the Ouroboros Symbol? Sarah Dorrance takes a look at something other than an ankh to symbolize a community of vampires and donors. (Added 1 September, 2002)

Why We Use the Term "Mundane". SphynxCat explains the meaning, uses and reasons we use the word in the vampire community; what the word means as well as what it does not mean. (Added: 16 March, 2005).

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