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The Dilemma Over Awakening Teens

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By Countess Amenti

With the increasing amount of teenagers awakening as vampires and/or otherkin comes the increasing dilemma of how to help them though the difficult time.

Many groups, houses and organizations within the vampire community at large will not accept anyone under the age of 18 for good reasons.

Parental consent is a major issue as parents all around the world are trying to better monitor their children’s online experiences. With the increasing threat of predators that seek children out, parents are even more concerned about who their children talk to online and where their children go online.

In most of the states within the United States, children under the age of 16 cannot make informed decisions about many issues, and further, children under the age of 18 cannot enter into legal agreements or any agreement without the consent of the parent or parents.

Being a vampire is not easy, as we all know. The awakening process can be, and oftentimes is, very confusing and frustrating. The content of most of the websites within the vampire community at large is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 mainly because it deals with feeding issues. Vampires are, by and large, gravely misunderstood. Parents stumbling across how we feed will in most cases feel cause to be fearful.

These issues leave the vampire community at large in a catch-22. On one hand we feel sorry for the teenagers who are awakening and want to make sure that they are educated properly, but on the other hand, we do not want to get involved with them because of fear of being taken to court.

This now leaves us all with the big question: What do we do? We do have a responsibility to make sure that those who are newly awakened gain the proper education, as well as are safe. How can we do this?

It is a good idea when approached by a minor who is awakening or starting the process to be as professional as you can. Be courteous, kind, and most of all, try to distance yourself from them to avoid problems. Give them information that is helpful, such as where they can go online to be with other teens who are awakening.


Vampires-Youth - This group is for the discussion for general vampire topics. It is an under-18 group for youth interested in the vampire scene, community, culture, genre etc. Therefore, there is to be no discussion of adult related or themed materials, erotica fluff, or discussions of hunting etc. Please adhere to these regulations.

VampTeens - The Coven is an international Vampire organization, an Intranet for Vampires; this site focuses on building and preserving the Vampire community, lifestyle and culture; but also acknowledges and welcomes all dark creatures. This group is aimed at those who are under the age of 18 and/or are newly awakened.

Vampires-AMOK - You MUST be at least 17 with a complete yahoo profile that lists your age, gender and location in one of the following states to join this group: Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, or Kansas.

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