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What is a Psi Vampire?

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by Crimson^Angel

What is a Psi Vampire?

This is an interesting question. A psi vampire is a person or thing that lacks the ability to keep or maintain his, her, or it's own energy due to a leak in their astral or soul form. Because of this leak, they lose their energy as a faster rate than a person or thing that doesn't have a leak.

What happens when you are leaking vital energy?

Well, since energy is what people use to move and do their daily activities, if there isn't enough, you tend to get tired. You start to feel run down. You can't do things you normally do. Eventually, lack of energy can make one depressed. Sometimes, if this goes on for long periods of time, one can become extremely ill, and possibly die. Energy is what all living life is made up from. Without it, nothing can survive. By the way, on a side note, most people can begin draining others if they become iill, etc., so do not automatically assume that just because you're draining others once or twice that you're a psi vamp (quote a good friend of mine).

How does someone replenish their depleted energy?

Well, for normal everyday people, plants, animals, or anything for that matter thiscould be as simple as eating food, drinking plenty of liquids, or taking vitamins. But for a psi vamp it's a lot harder. Picture a person eating all the time trying to replenish lost energy every minute of every day; you would end up with a nice juicy, plump person. lol. A Psi Vampire will absorb, feed, suck (whatever term you want to call it) energy from things and people around them. Sounds complicated doesn't it? Well, depending on how you look at it and how open-minded you are, it can be as easy as breathing in, or it could be just plain hard to do. It's all in the mind and how one perceives what he or she can do.

Now I know what your thinking. Yeah, how can someone take in energy without eating? Well, it is possible. Ever know someone who takes a tai chi class? Well, they teach you in any martial arts class how to take in the energy around you to cleanse your aura, calm your nerves, or to focus. Basically it's almost the same method. A psi vamp will breath it in through visualizations and other things. Take a look back at your life really quick. Did you ever come across a family member, or friend, or even a stranger that just talking to them made you feel so tired that once they left your presence you found yourself saying, "Man that conversation took a lot out of me"? In reality, these people could possibly be intentional or unintentional psi vamps. So actually, they really did take a lot out of you.

Side note: Also I want to mention that most people, whether they are a psi vamp or not, can be taught to drain others.

Are Psi Vampires Evil, Dangerous, Bad people?

Just like life, it depends on the person doing the feeding or draining. Anyone has the capability to be evil, dangerous, or a bad person. It's a person's morals and ethics that determines whether they are good, bad or evil. So psi vamps can be bad, but they can also be good people. It is their actions which makes them the person they are; it has nothing to do with psi's being a demon-creature, like much of the crap you see in movies or read about in books.

What if I think I am a psi vamp? Can you tell me if I am one?

If you believe that you may be a psi vamp, then I would recommend doing a lot of reading on the subject. At the same time, keep in mind to not believe everything you read because it can be a crock of shit. And don't go asking or seeking out other psi's to tell you if you are one or not. Only you yourself can know and decide the true answer. That, my friend, requires a lot of soul-searching.

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