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Reality or Something Like It

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By Daemien Kaen

Not quite sure how to start this off so I guess I will start how the topic was presented to me with a very basic question. "How can you tell if all of this is real"? The answer is also just as simple and quite disturbing. There actually is no way of telling what is real and what is not, because in actuality all things are only as real as they appear at the time. In much the same view all things are an illusion, the belief that they are real is all that gives them truth to their existence. Everything that you believe in has reality because you believe it does, if people didn’t believe in anything than nothing would exist.

Lets jump back to the beginning, give some setup for all of this so that it can be fully understood.

I'm almost tempted to follow the example of the bible with a good old "In the Beginning" rant, but that doesn’t fulfill everything, it is actually before the beginning. But before I can go into all of this I have to state rather clearly that this is based in my beliefs and I do not make any judgements about anyone else’s beliefs so don't go and judge mine.

At one point there was no existence as we know it know all there was the energy. This energy was in some ways sentient as we see it and in other ways not, as it had not yet had the need to ever be such. This energy in actuality a tremendous grouping of particles of raw energy smaller than the smallest quark, a substance that can only be measured when in large concentration. At the time that I speak of, it had not yet seen the need or the gain from concentrating itself and therefore it was pure, formless and chaotic, like a million different winds all blowing through the same space at the same time. Eventually this mass learned that through concentrating, it could create things. At first it managed to create energy, then quarks, and other subatomic particles. It then formed those together into atoms, and gradually finding more and more complex forms. Eventually the atoms were formed together into substances. By playing with the endless possibilities of existence it was eventually found that this matter preferred to form into groups, clumps floating through the void instead of the equality and evenness that were before. First gaseous clouds and nebulae were formed. Then by learning to play with the interactions of the matter and the energy, learning that matter can be made to burn. Thereby forming the first star. Over time working the way up the food chain until planets were formed. Huge bodies of matter populated by every possible species of substance, liquid, solid, and gas.

Somewhere through this sense of experimentation it was found that certain things could be bound together to form what is now known as a cell, a form that seemed to perpetuate the energy that was abound and was the perfect receptacle for it. So with the cell came life, starting with amoebae becoming more and more complex until at first skeletons were developed and then legs and all the possibilities of the universe could be within the reach of the living. These things that had created a new reality, one that was dual, in one part still a part of the continual energy and subject to the whims of the whole, and on the other separate in this new physical reality of mass and weight and space. This new reality was still subject to the ever-changing qualities of the energetic reality. Thus the concept of time was developed by those species far enough developed in their understanding of the physical to begin with the type of big questions that started this discussion in the first place, a way of understanding the constant progression of existence.

Now to begin with some of the more complex areas of existence, such as the current state of the dual worlds, in actuality it is almost like it is more than dual because there is a space between realities that can gradually be bridged and beings that exist therein. At some point the constant change involved in the universe created an effect that was not all together planned for, those beings that had obtained life began to cease to live. The physical was beginning to be found to be finite, that which is created must be destroyed. All things eventually come to an end except for the energy, energy is neither created nor destroyed; it merely changes forms. And thus the form of the sentience of the living was released back to the other side, and in many cases the form did not want to relinquish itself back to the whole. I believe this is the origin for the legends of Lucifer, one of the first which decided that it would not be controlled by the whole any longer and refused to become a piece. It wanted its own say, and its own choice. So it did not cross all the way back to the whole. Instead it stayed somewhere in between and began to create its own existence. It was not the first, and will not be the last. It was also eventually found that the energy formed can exert its presence in the physical, this was probably found when one of the more complex forms could not part from things that tied it to the firmament, and thus spirits and ghosts are formed.

But I digress, the point here is in expressing that reality is changeable, there is no set path or course, although there are currents which are commonly called destiny and the like. If you can come to the realization that reality is not static and thus changeable then you can cause changes in the fabric of reality. Causing things to happen, effecting events, molding physical things, possibly even forming the energy into the physical, changing the molecular forms and such, all these things are possible if you can only detach your mind from the form that it has been set to believe. All that is necessary to change reality is to detach yourself from ordered thought and all that you have been taught about what is unchangeable and permanent

This sets up the basis for the metaphysical, if in effect the entire universe is at its core a changeable substance of energy and all matter is made of this same energy. Every one of us is a part of this whole that created the universe. By realizing your connectedness, you must realize that you can cause ripples in the ocean, every thought and dream you have has an effect on reality, but also so do those of everyone else. The concentration of the thought gives it greater power, by focusing thought you create a larger wave, the same is true of doing so in numbers. As for the subject of psychic ability, think about the fact that we are all connected, we can all feel the ripples in the pool caused by those around us, all that is required is to learn to interpret those impulses correctly. Just open your mind and let it all in and eventually it will start to make sense, just like with everything else; some will come by it faster than others, but that doesn’t mean that we can't all achieve the same results in the end.

Question Reality, Question Authority, Think and Exist for Yourself. Do not try to do it, all you have to do is make it happen, Detach from the programming and realize existence for the clay that it is.

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