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The Buffy Complex

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by Dennaveve

(Originally posted to the Message Forums, then hosted by ezBoard, on 3 August, 2000.)

(I recopied this from my article that I wrote, and it is a rant -- hehe -- so don't expect it to be nice. ^_^)


Not the people who play D&D, Warhammer (guilty!), V:tM (Vampire: The Masquerade) on occasion (whoop-dee-do, it's a game; when you carry it out of a game context you tread into Buffy complex land) or lifestylers. I am talking about the "Buffy Complex". The few of you who saw my succinct post to someone using this term in my post would understand, those of you who missed it, I am sure you have guessed by now as to what I refer.

To start: I think Buffy and Angel are cute shows, a tad to "kill-happy/mock demons and spirit world" for me and way too trendy, how often can I watch that girl on ads for Coverup and see her show? However, and regardless of my personal opinion, they aren't dangerous; they shouldn't make your kids run around attacking people they see in the street or yelling catch phrases and acting like that one vampire with the new style of dyed hair. To see your kids playing kill-the-vampire games would be amusing if I were their parent, and I would most likely have to pull the Hansel and Gretel routine from The Addams Family.

The realm of the "Buffy Complex":

First off, I am not writing this to badmouth people for their beliefs. I am writing this because I am sick and tired of getting e-mails saying, "You are an immortal vampire, I can sense it because I am a slayer. Live in fear, for I shall destroy you in the virtuous light of god! Your lies will not invade my mind", and such. Personally, I don't endorse the idea any god has the time to focus on each individual person and has zoomed in on me and sent his best knights who type like 3rd graders (granted some third graders spell very well) to slay me and throw me out in the sun where I shall burst into flames like those pure-bloods in Blade. Besides, if I am dead, does god know I'm there?! I am not his child anymore, I am not Sammael's, I am death's child! I even began to roleplay with one of these people who had read an old article of mine from the old Letum which mostly contained info about Chaos Magick and Necromancy (I practice neither) though I had tenatively begun to rant about RPG vampires and how funny it would be to pester them with my personal experiences as a living vampire. The poor guy finally broke down and admitted he was a 13-year-old boy who had thought it would be funny to send me a death threat.

My idea of the "Buffy Complex" is those people who walk around wearing large ornate crosses, carry bottles of holy water and don't think anyone is going to be angry that someone is spraying you with stagnant water and screaming loud curses from the Bible at you! After all it's for the protection of the masses! They hang around slayer sites and congregate with friends to chat about Mrs. Peterson who's strange friend looks awfully pale and was seen in the graveyard last night according to the local drunk...

They flood to the Christian outlet stores and buy crosses; they cruise the occult world for exorcism spells; they don't know a damned thing about vampires of any kind other than the fictitious, unless they are amazingly bright, and they send you angering and annoying e-mails about nightclubs with blood raining from the water sprinklers -- yet another reference to Blade. (I really liked that one woman's eyes; she was in the scene where there was the party with the little fountain with duckies in it or something. -- I need contacts like that.) They say they know where you live; they have stupid calling cards they leave on your door and generally make you want to kill anyone who walks up to you and asks if you're a vampire!

The best are the ones with stakes who spend all this time crafting them and then brandish them in full daylight ( I live in a city filled with crazies ok?); I want to catch one in the act and call the cops. *grins evilly* "Buffy Complex" affects people everywhere on the net. They have websites (I won't give them the dignity of naming one, but believe me, they are good at making themselves sound alluring with info on those people who feel they really HAVE to hunt vampires) and they have e-lists, webrings and tip sites. They don't realize they could be thrown in the slammer for stalking you! Running water, though it may serve to keep gorillas away hasn't affected me recently!

They anger me with their slamming of people who are vampires and Christians (no I am not Christtian but it's stupid to see them being brow-beat by idiots who they really wish they could shove off a cliff) saying that they can't go in a church.

They believe a vampire is a revenant, a creature risen from the dead who fears the light of god and his teachings, symbols and followers! That we are like Lestat, Claudia, Armand and Louis (I love that movie) cruel and uncaring predators of the night dressed in Victorian clothes and have strange theaters where we congregate to feed on beautiful french women in front of hundreds (mmmm French women.........).

We have clans and odd names (there are some vampire cults in the lifestyler realm. I won't touch that subject since I don't know a bit about it.) We have Sires and Mothers who made us and that we fed upon their blood to arise as we are these days. Some of them seem to have some brains and adapted to warnings like, "The 'modern vampire' has adapted and is now able to travel about in the sun" (Yeah, well, so what? It's SPF 60 with UV/UVA parsol protection, bucko!) *sigh* I honestly should hope it's a phase that most teenagers go through but after being in a club and someone (this gent was at least 25!) asking me if I was a vampire and then trying to stab me with a modified cross when I said, "Uhh, yes? Do I know you?" I am getting angry, and not only that he thought I wasn't going to slam him into a wall and try to stab him through the eye with that flimsy toy! Thank goodness for his nearby friends who apparantly were waiting for him to finish some sort of initiation rite and nabbed the lucky bastard hauling 'im away and saying my time would come. Needless to say, I am still waiting!

I know that there has always been an attraction to vampires, the idea of a creature who stalks the night and steals your children and loved ones frightened the Romanians, the thought of elegant, heartless creatures that travel unseen in the world is alluring. The thought of powers gained by the drinking of a vampire's blood is attractive and enticing. I believe that these people demean those that call themselves "real slayers" though I don't condone the idea of harsh retaliation that would get you in trouble. If you're gonna beat the ever-loving crap out of someone, then you better have a reason and a way to keep it quiet.

Some of them entertain the thought of immortal vampires. Personally, I think immortality would get depressing and I am already depressed enough! If there are immortal vampires they must be laughing your white asses off at this state of life.

When games become addiction:

I am addicted to a game, it's called Everquest. You can find me there if you are lucky and play on Xegony server, and I assure you it's difficult to pry myself away and update my page and remain active! However EQ doesn't make me want to kill people in real life if they think they are a vampire or a slayer (though the urge to bury my Mithril 2-hander in some ranger's skull is extreme at times)! Point in case:

"The Florida Killings

"The Associated Press-AP-NY-11-29-96

"Baton Rouge, La. (Nov 29) - Five teenagers believed to be members of a Kentucky 'Vampire cult' were being held in jail Friday in connection with the bludgeoning deaths of one of the parents of one of the youngsters."

I'm already ill! However, I have to wonder if there were any clues that these children could have been in a cult. It's almost like those school shootings at Columbine? Where were the parents when the kids were sitting in their rooms writing in diaries about killing their school!?

"Richard Wendorf, 49, and Naoma Ruth Wendorf, 53, were found dead Monday night in Eustis, Fla. Their daughter, Heather Wendorf, 15, was one of those arrested. Miss Wendorf had told friends that she was a demon in past lives and had talked with spirits during human blood-drinking rituals. Police in western Kentucky, where the other four suspects are from, said the teens were involved in vampire-like activities."

Sounding "Buffy Complex'ish" yet? My heart truly goes out to these parents, their children, the killers and the people who loved and cared for these people. Truly, they should have been receiving help!

"'They cut each other's arms and suck the blood. They cut up small animals and suck the blood,' Sgt. Mike Jump of the Murray, Ky., police said Thursday. 'They honestly believe they're vampires.'"

"Police in Kentucky suspect the teen-agers cult, 'The Vampire Clan,' has about 30 members."

Oh gods I hope not? Let's skip ahead and get to the point. Same press, but the date is now December 1, 1996:

"The news that four area teen-agers are suspected of beating a Florida couple to death was frightening enough. Now prosecutors say the youths were involved in a strange role-playing game that went much too far--from the mutilation of animals to drinking each other's blood and eventually to murder."

Let's put it on the board right now, I love games they are great, they are wonderful, they make me purr (yes, I do purr occasionally in life and it's very odd -- don't ask), and I do not think any vampire RPG game created this! Hell, no! I think there were some really unbalanced people playing this game; people with no concept of right or wrong! Unbalanced people play any game. I nearly smashed my monitor in rage when I lost 4 hours of EQ playing time experience because the cleric didn't heal me when I was getting double attacked for 98 dmg! Everyone gets angry. However, that doesn't give them the right to kill their parents!

Just because someone plays V:tM doesn't mean they will go out and kill someone! I think there are probably lots of real life vamps who play that game -- it's sure to be amusing! You will see me buying the online V:tM when it comes out.

"All the teens except Wendorf are residents of the rural Murray, Kentucky"

If there are 30 of them, and they all live in this "rural, small town", how could this have been a SECRET?!

"Interest in a role-playing board game, 'Vampire: The Masquerade," turned into an obsession."

See, see? *points* Unbalanced children, -- really sick, unbalanced kiddies!

"Ferrell began wearing black shirts, black trousers, a long black jacket and black cowboy boots. He dyed his blonde hair black and painted his fingernails black. He began to call himself Vesago after a character in a novel by Anne Rice, an author known for her books about vampires."

You know what? If not liking your name and finding a name from a book is a crime, then sue me and burn me at the stake. The name Dennaveve is adapted from the name Denna a woman from the book Wizards First Rule, by Terry Goodkind. It is practically my real name now. I am Gothic most of the time (yes I also dress "normally"). I am attracted to the color black because I was never allowed to look at it as a young girl -- it was "evil", and I have always been a tad morbid; besides, black is good for any occasion be it a funeral, wedding (yes I have worn black to a wedding and seen others wearing it and it was a "normal" person's wedding), or what have you. People call me Denn, Denna, Dennaveve. What in the world is wrong with that? I don't think the way a person dresses determines whether they will be a killer! Suddenly changing clothing styles isn't bad, either! I like tight clothes and I like loose clothes, it all depends on the mood I'm in. My wardrobe is almost all black and I have plenty of leather in there! I have a very pale complexion (of course I am a regular tanner, =P being a naturally pale sanguinarian; I travel to my local tanning salon bi-weekly) and big steel-tipped boots which aren't made for kicking puppies.

A person should not be called a wanna-be for what he or she wears. I have seen the attitude in the vampiric community that if I (or others) don't wear regular t-shirts and jeans then I am just a little 11-year-old with a Vamp complex. This has never been said to me, but I have seen it said plenty of times.


How dare people blame their problems on a game?! It is wrong. Yes, I understand people look for scapegoats; I have one and he willingly accepts the job without complaint. Parents are sure to blame their children's new interest in the occult or vampires on this site or someone else's. It is never the fault of the parent, never the fault of the child; there was always a reason behind it: chemical imbalance, abuse, neglect. I am tired of it all. I am tired of people with the "Buffy Complex" making others look like idiots for what they believe. I have ranted for a very long time about this, however it is relevant. With the expansion of the vampiric community, I can see now why it is so secretive and well-hidden. Imagine the spam, the trolls, the dumb questions that we will, as a community, recieve now that we are being found.

Danger lurks around every corner and this corner doesn't need to be turned. I don't want to see more children killing parents in the headlines, I don't want to see a site about killing vampires or a vampire cult that tries to abuse or harm people against their will. Life is too short and idiocy is everywhere. We are all idiots at one point in time. In conclusion, I feel this should be obligatory on every site containing "Buffy Complex" views:

"Warning: Person(s) suffering from extreme stupidity may be found in this area! When dealing with a person suffering from the 'Buffy Complex', approach cautiously. Do not provoke these individuals -- they should be heavily medicated. Call the police and fabricate a story of threats and fear to get them put away where they belong!"

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