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On 'Vampiric Rape' and Prey, Part 1

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By Lauren

In our society, "rape", by legal definition, requires a forced sexual act. However, by the general definition of the word, it means to "seize prey; take by force". It is of this definition of "rape" I wish to speak to you today.

It is the belief of some vampires that, because they crave, and since another human has what they crave, it is okay to find one who is weakened, unsuspecting, vulnerable or otherwise unable to resist and to take from that person what they want, without the other person's consent. This is what I call vampiric rape. Furthermore, some of these vampires also believe it is their right, and that others who are non-vampiric are there for their needs. I would like to dispell this rather vulgar notion.

To understand this better, let's delve into the definitions of these words, "rape" and "prey". Wikipedia has this to say about Rape (word):

Originally, the word rape was akin to rapine, rapture, raptor, and rapacious, and referred to the more general violations, such as looting, destruction, and capture of citizens, that are inflicted upon a town or country during war, eg. the Rape of Nanking. Today, some dictionaries still define rape to include any serious and destructive assault against a person or community.

English rape was in use since the 14th century in the general sense of "seize prey, take by force," [emphasis mine] from raper, an Old French legal term for "to seize", in turn from Latin rapere "seize, carry off by force, abduct". The Latin term was also used for sexual violation, but only very rarely. The legendary event known as the "Rape of the Sabine Women", while ultimately motivated sexually, did not entail sexual violation of the Sabine women on the spot, who were rather abducted, and then implored by the Romans to marry them (as opposed to striking a deal with their fathers or brothers first, as would have been required by law).

Though the sexual connotation is today dominant, the word "rape" can be used in non-sexual context in literary English. In "the rape of the Silmarils" in J. R. R. Tolkien's "The Silmarillion", the word "rape" is used with its old meaning of "seizing and taking away". In Alexander Pope's The Rape of the Lock, the word "rape" is used hyperbolically, exaggerating a trivial violation against a person. Compare also the adjective rapacious which retains the generic meaning.

Sometimes, the word rape is used colloquially to dysphemistically describe forms of non-sexual unwelcome conduct ("My team got raped on the field yesterday"), or metaphorically as in "the rape of the Earth" referring to environmental destruction, possibly implying a female gender of the Earth (Gaia). Other than in literary usage discussed above, this use of the term is unrelated to the original sense of "abduction" or "carrying off" and implies a comparison with sexual violation.

By the very definition of the word "rape", the subject of this act is devalued, depersonalized and without worth outside of provision of needs or desires of the aggressor. They are simply seen as an entity that has what the aggressor wants, and the subject is not considered outside of the provision of the aggressor's desires.



An animal hunted or caught for food; quarry.
One that is defenseless, especially in the face of attack; a victim.
The act or practice of preying.
preyed , prey·ing , preys
To hunt, catch, or eat as prey: Owls prey on mice.
To victimize or make a profit at someone else's expense.
To plunder or pillage.
To exert a baneful or injurious effect: Remorse preyed on his mind.

The word prey further demoralizes and degrades that of the subject. In no way is there any appreciation of the subject, outside of viewing them as a "feed bag". Furthermore, it places the aggressor in the position of a mindless, primal, impulse-driven, and control-lacking animal.

On the assumption that non-vampires may read this, as well as newly awakened vampires and mature vampires, we should establish some base hypotheses. Since the term "real vampires" came into awareness, "real vampires" have been compared to the vampires of mythos, such as Dracula, Lestat, Nosferatu, and many others. We are often believed to be supernatural, immortal beings that fly, sleep in coffins, are adversely affected by garlic, crosses, holy water, wooden stakes, silver bullets, and on and on, ad infinitum. Because of these associations, Human Mortal Vampires are often reviled and feared. Yet, the sad fact is that some of our vampire brethren perpetuate this fear, rather justified because of their beliefs and treatment of the non-vampiric community.

The facts as we know them are that the vampires we are discussing are mortal humans who have a need for energy replentishment, be it sanguine, Psi, Tantric, elemental, etc. It is still hypothesized that whatever the medium of delivery, the needed element is "energy". However, the fact remains that we are still, above all, human. Our anatomy, our physiological makeup, our biological makeup is exactly the same as any other human, with the exception that we have a "need" for energy replentishment.

Recently I have seen some vampires who have the belief/attitude, that they are some sort of animal -- not human at all, and any non-vampire is merely "prey". This attitude translates into the vampire believing that if they cannot find a willing donor, it is their right to find a compromised individual, subdue them, and force them to give to the vampire his/her desire. This is contrary and counter-productive to both the vampire and the victim.

It is a strong observation that vampires, no matter the type, are extremely sensitive to emotions, "vibes" and, in essence, energies of themselves and those around them. It lends itself to common sense that since what the vampire needs most to feel healthy are energies, that slight changes in these can affect a vampire intensely. The old adage, "you are what you eat" is also true of vampires. Vampires are most often vain, charismatic, mysterious, attractive, highly intelligent, charming (models may vary), and srtong individuals. Most commonly, a vampire will require the energies from a feed that will encourage or bolster those traits. The energies coming from a victim who has been subdued, and is in some fashion punctured to allow bleeding, is not going to produce those energies. The vampire will be receiving confusion, anger, fear, disgust, repulsion, and hatred. There are those who may be saying they particularly enjoy the energies that come from fear. To those I say, find a willing donor who enjoys roleplaying during such feeding activities. Just as there are those who like to roleplay during sex, find someone willing to donate to you, and provide you the fear element. If you've found a donor who enjoys this, you can agree to have them resist you, fight you, do all manner of things as long as both of you give consent.

For your victims, they are left feeling unsafe, afraid, violated, victimized, untrusting of both others and themselves. They may now fear they are not able to assess situations in which they may be in danger; they will feel if they are in danger they are ineffective in protecting themselves; they may feel they somehow are at fault for what you did. Congratulations! You just ruined a potential ally and friend, not to mention a possible viable donor. Add further congratulations that this victim is going to talk. They are going to talk to friends, if no one else, but they likely are going to talk to ER personel when they explain how they were harmed and how it came that they need wound cleansing and care, vaccinations to prevent disease and infection, blood testing to rule out contagion of any disease you may have transmitted to them (the mouth is filled with bacteria). If they do go to medical personnel for after-care, they're going to be encouraged to speak to mental health personnel, and law enforcement, and if you're not lucky, the judicial personnel. Good going, Einstein. You have just contributed to the hatred, fear, and misinformation on the majority of vampires.

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© Copyright December 29, 2006. This article is the intellectual property of the author and may not be redistributed, copied, posted, sent through electronic message, sold, or quoted, in part or in whole, without express written permission of the author. To contact author for permission to use this article send email to bad_influence (at) -- Please put "Vampiric Rape" in the subject line.

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