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The Basics of Shielding: A Visual Approach

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by Lif Fossimilis

In order to understand shielding, one must first understand the basis of psionics, that is, quite basically, that everything is made up of energy and that very energy may be manipulated to various degrees. There are many things that you might wish to shield yourself against, but for purposes of this article, I will assume that your desire is to shields yourself against being drained of energy. This type of shield is known as an inward shield, as its sole purpose is to prevent energy from leaving your body. Outward shielding, which is often used to reflect various forms of attacks, will be discussed in future articles.

The basic concept behind shielding is that, given that energy may be manipulated in various ways, it may be manipulated in such a manner as to form a 'wall' or 'barrier' of energy around a given target, in this case, the target being yourself. In effect, creating this type of inward 'barrier' allows the person who is being shielded to retain his/her energy, as any energy that would normally escape from the being is reflected back into the body. This article will describe a visual approach to this method of shielding.

To begin, you will most likely find it easier to concentrate either in complete darkness, or in candlelight. I do not recommend using scented candles, however, as it makes it too easy for a beginner in shielding to let his/her mind wander to the scent of the candle, and lose focus on what he/she is doing. Make sure that you will be uninterrupted and that there will be no audible distractions. You should find a comfortable spot in a chair, on a bed, or perhaps even on the floor. Anywhere is fine, as long as you are comfortable, yet I do not recommend laying down, as it tends to cause one to tire easily and lowers concentration.

Once you have found a suitable spot to begin, close your eyes for a few moments. Focus on your breathing, taking slow, deep breaths in through your nose, and exhaling quickly (however, not forcing) through your mouth. Concentrate only on your breathing, ignoring any other sounds. Don't let your mind wander off. Just picture nothing but complete darkness. Once you are certain that your mind is clear from any distraction, focus on how the air feels around you. Imagine that you can feel each individual atom against your skin. Note how chaotically this energy seems to fly through the air. Take a deep breath and concentrate on visually pushing and pulling this energy at various degrees, until you see that have completely surrounded yourself in a sphere. Once this sphere is complete, focus on pulling more energy into it. Make sure that there are no holes. In your mind, look around you -- check behind you to make sure that the sphere is complete.

Once you are confident that you are completely encased in the sphere, focus on pulling more energy into it. Pull energy from outside the sphere and layer the energy as closely as you can to the sphere that you have already formed, creating a thick 'wall' of energy around you. Continue this process until the sphere seems so thick that it becomes opaque and you can no longer see through it.

When you have succeeded in this, imagine your sphere as a two-way mirror. Make the outside of the sphere transparent, and the inside a brilliant metallic silver. This will allow energy to flow inward, but once inside the sphere, it will not be able to escape. Once you have visualized this, test it. Send a bit of energy out of your body and watch as it reflects directly back towards you and is absorbed again. Now focus outside the sphere for a moment. Pull energy inward from outside the confines of the sphere, making sure to maintain its integrity. Once the energy comes into the sphere, it should not be able to exit.

Now slowly open your eyes, maintaining the feeling of the sphere around you as you gradually let go of the visual image. You should feel more energized, and it should be much more difficult for energy to escape from your being.

While this is only a visual exercise, it triggers your subconscious to manipulate the energy around you into a rather powerful shield that allows energy in, and allows you to retain the energy that is inside.

Practice this exercise whenever you have free time. -- Work on making the shield thicker and stronger. Eventually, this will train your subconscious to form the shield at your will, without having to concentrate so hard, or even having to visualize the shield around you.

I do hope that you have found this article helpful. If you'd like to ask any questions or contact me for any reason, feel free to e-mail me (my contact info is here), or find me in #Sanguinarius on

Good luck!
Lif Fosimilis

Copyright ©2001 Lif Fosimilis -- All Rights Reserved. This document may not be reproduced by any means, in whole or in part, without the express written permission of the author, or as governed by United States and International Copyright Law. Licensed and Used By Permission on

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