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'Anita Blake' Series Review

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By K.T.B.

Read my reasoning for this recommendation first before you go jumping to hasty conclusions.

The Anita Blake series by L.K. Hamilton (including "Guilty Pleasures" through "Cerelean Sins"). It's a horror series (titles are derived from fictional placenames. Guilty Pleasures is a vampire-owned strip club).

The author is as accurate about vampirism as she is about vauduun. By that I mean that she uses accurate voodoo rituals that have the fictional components attached (ex., raising the dead). Likewise, some of her vampires feed from sex, fear, other psychic things as well as blood, have something of a heirarchy with elders, have willing donors that are cared for, elemental shielding, and so forth, with the typical fictional components attached (being dead, crosses are bad, hypnosis, etc... no garlic and her vampires sleep in beds like normal folk).

Oh, and there are werewolves, too.

In the third book, according to the author, the main vampire character was supposed to be murdered... but the author became too attached to him and he became this odd love interest (and later revealed as an incubus).

In the first three books, the protagonist, Anita Blake, is strongly against vampires and is the state-appointed executioner for vampires convicted of serious crimes (interesting legal system by the way...), but she changes radically as the series progresses to be a true friend, lover and protector.

I recommend this series for the character development, and the author's skill, with her craft and research both. And at least the vampires don't act like "B-movie dracula".

She calls a group of vampires a "Kiss" as opposed to a coven. It's cute. I was amused.

Oh, and the series is fairly gory as the protagonist works for the preternatural crimes investigation unit. Lots of people torn up by zombies and werewolves, etc.

It's best to read in order. Do not start at the end because, well, for reasons I will not explain but are well-justified, the protagonist gets an interesting sex life.


The Anita Blake series, by Laurell K. Hamilton

Sangi Note: I don't usually go for vampire hunter type stories, but I've read the first five or six books in the series, and I must say that I found them quite enjoyable. I like Laurell K. Hamilton's style, too. You do need to read the books in order, because, though each book does have a self-contained plot, there is a greater progression of events and relationships that occurs thoughout the series as a whole.

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Guilty Pleasures
The Laughing Corpse
Circus of the Damned
The Lunatic Cafe, or hardcover
Bloody Bones
The Killing Dance
Burnt Offerings
Blue Moon
Obsidian Butterfly
Narcissus in Chains
Cerulean Sins
Incubus Dreams

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