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by Raven Corvus

Here are the "instructions" for personal / property shields. The first thing to do before any shields go up is to evaluate what energies work best for you, and what you want to shield.

What energies work for you are often, but not necessarily, related to your astrological elements. For example, I am a Libra, which is an air sign, and by default the easiest shield for me to use is an airy shield.

Elemental shield examples are:

1.) Air shields can be violent cold air walls or violent hot air walls (envision a gusty storm where the force of the wind makes it hard to walk or even stand upright). They can be deceptively soothing, pleasantly cooling or warming. They can come out of nowhere and, since air is not seen, may not hit you until you try and oppose them.

2.) Fire shields are self-explanatory. When someone has a fire shield up they cannot burn themselves but anyone who tries to break the shield will have difficulty not getting “burned”.

3.) Earth shields smother. They are slow moving but deadly, the power of the planet and all she signifies behind them. A mountain makes a very powerful but difficult to conjure shield.

4.) Water shields, like air, can be violent, hot, cold, or deceptively still. Stagnant water has its dangers, as well. How deep does your well run?

You can also combine the power of elemental shields. For example, earth and fire makes lava, a formidable shield, indeed. Or air and water make a fierce and drowning storm. Be careful though, since (obviously) water can cancel fire (but fire can boil water); air can scatter earth; fire can bake and burn earth (but earth can smother fire); etc.

Other shields worth studying can be found at Chinese Horoscopes. These are from Chinese astrology and the elements added to our traditional Western list are metal (form into anything that works for you -- knives, swords, razor blades) and wood (trees have a tremendous supply of ancient power and will share it if you ask them nicely).

You can really make anything that works for you your shield. Mythical and real animals and beings work nicely as well, such as gryphons, wolves, dragons, eagles, mermaids, lions, banshees… the possibilities are endless, really.

What do you want to shield? Are you shielding yourself from general harm, or a specific person / being / force? Do you want a shield that keeps you IN it or others OUT? Do you want to shield an object (like your car) or an area (like your house and the surrounding property)? Each of these is very specific and may need a different kind of shield. For example, dragons make wonderful house shields, fire and the color orange are great for driving in safety (they make you visible so others don’t hit you). Your personal element is good for both keeping others energy out of your space and for making your own energy comfortable in it so it doesn’t wander around other people (unless you want it to!).

Now that you know what kinds of shields are available to you, you need to learn how to use them. You could do fancy conjuring, but all it really takes is visualization. For the initial shield placement, you need the right atmosphere. Shut out outside noises, turn off the phone, light some candles and incense, whatever makes you comfortable. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. A meditation before you start can really help tremendously. If you like you can go through your ritual of choice to cast a circle, etc., but again, this is entirely up to you. Breathe deeply, and imagine your shield. Each shield comes from above, below, or to the left of you. Elements come from below, colors and birds from above, animals and most mythical creatures from the left… you get the picture. Move the image into your solar plexus, breathing deeply the whole time. Feel it getting larger with each breath, slowly encompassing the thing you want to shield. The image really comes from you, it cannot be separated from you. I am saying “image” but the reality is that it is really there. You are manifesting it by will and intent alone. Continue the visualization until the image becomes “solid” around the object or yourself. If it is yourself it should surround you completely, as if you are in a giant egg.

Once the shield is up you must do a “force of intent” (I don’t know what else to call it) to keep it there. You can mentally renew it whenever you feel it weaken, or get attacked, or even if it’s been a little while and you just want it strengthened. To renew it, just close your eyes and imagine it strengthening itself around you. You don’t have to go through a whole shield ritual unless you prefer it that way when you are just renewing it.

Shields are one of those things that you must believe in and not doubt, otherwise they will not work at all. Put your faith in them, and they will not fail you! I’ve seen near-accidents and violence diverted seemingly miraculously, -- cars about to smash suddenly veer off out of harm's way. Whether you want to be noticed, fade from sight, or just be protected, shields work!

Good luck all!

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