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A Meditation for Spiritual Cleansing

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By The Vampyre Psykic

It occurs to me that perhaps the reason we suffer such dreadful effects from lack of feeding isn’t entirely caused by the lack of energy. Thus I’ve developed a kind of meditation that, in my experience, seems to help partially quell the effects of non-feeding, at least for a time. Many acupuncturists believe that the root of all illness and disease is caused by inconsistencies or blockages in a person’s energy. Would it be any surprise, then, that the drastic drop in our energy levels when we are unable to feed would cause many such inconsistencies. Think of a computer; if you delete a large number of files from a number of different locations, you’re bound to cause a lot of inconsistencies and empty spaces on the hard drive, which can make your computer run at less than optimum efficiency. That’s why computer experts recommend that you regularly defragment your computer, to remove these inconsistencies. Or if you prefer a more biological metaphor, you can think of this meditation as a sort of spiritual dialysis, removing the impurities from your spirit just as a dialysis machine would remove them from your blood. Whether you want to think of it as spiritual cleansing, spiritual defrag, or spiritual dialysis, I find that it helps me, and I hope it will do the same for you.

I personally use a candle flame, but you can use anything that you feel will help purify your energy. I’m now going to share my personal method for performing this meditation, but feel free to modify and adapt it to your own comfort and/or abilities. I begin by lighting the candle, putting on a pair of sunglasses (I personally find a candle flame too bright to look at with the naked eye), then I turn out the lights and position myself in front of the candle. I normally begin seated in a half lotus posture (one foot below the opposite thigh, the other foot resting atop the opposite thigh) with my right leg on top. Then I hold both hands on either side of the candle. I use my top leg as a reminder as to which direction my energy is flowing. I then begin to deepen my breathing, usually breathing only through my nose (if you decide to use a candle, you’ll find you may have a tendency to blow it out if you breathe through your mouth), and focusing my eyes on the center of the candle flame.

Now comes the main part of the meditation. You’re going to be using the flame to purify your energy, and then reabsorb it. Each time I breathe out, I concentrate on directing my energy out through my right hand and into the flame. Each time I breathe in, I concentrate on drawing energy out of the flame and into my body through my left hand. You may find it useful to do this with the energy from each of your chakras individually. For example, if you started with your root chakra, you would draw your energy up from the bottom of your torso, then direct it out with your right hand into the flame, then draw it in with your left hand and let it flow back down to your root chakra again. I continue in this manner for several minutes, then I reverse the positions of my legs (left leg on top now) and reverse the direction my energy is flowing. I’m now letting my energy flow out of my body from my left hand, and drawing it back in with my right. I still correspond my breathing to my psychic actions. Breathing out as my energy flows out, and in as my energy flows in. I finish by sitting in a neutral posture (I’m not yet flexible enough to sit in a full lotus position, so I just sit cross legged), and using both hands for both actions, -- i.e., I direct my energy out through both hands as I exhale, and draw it in through both hands as I inhale. I then finish my meditation by inhaling very deeply, being sure to draw all of my energy back out from the candle flame, and then blowing out the candle.

I find it’s best to spend a few moments relaxing after your meditation before getting back to your normal activities, as this allows you to settle and allows everything to adjust. Afterwards I usually feel relaxed, yet energized. A big step up from the anxious, yet lethargic, feeling I’d normally have when I’m unable to feed. I should note, though, that I had to perform this meditation every single day to maintain my energy level, which is still quite a bit below the energy that proper feeding would give me. In any case, I hope there are at least a few people out there who benefit from this as much as I have.

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