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Turning or Awakening?

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by Narradas

The idea of turning is a myth. Those people who exhibited no vampiric tendencies that are 'turned' are actually latent vampires. A latent vampire (also known as ardetha) is defined as "Someone who is already naturally a vampire, but whose vampiric tendencies have not yet manifested." (,

House Kheperu discusses latent vampires also:

"The bulk of our number are born ignorant to what they are. As they grow and mature, there are subtle hints of the latent power, but fear and self-doubt generally keep these from being acknowledged and accepted. Such as these must be awakened to their true selves by another of our number already familiar to our ways." (

They are Awakened by the feeding a vampire does on them. They may never Awaken without this, and in that one sense they are 'turned'; however no vampire can simply go up to anyone and turn them into a vampire. It must already be within you and simply brought out. Awakening is defined as "The physical and mental changes involved when one's vampirism begins to manifest itself, if one is a latent vampire." (,

Now that being said, there are three semi-exceptions that need to be mentioned.

1. Sympathetic Vampirism

Occurs when the person being fed from starts to exhibit signs of vampirism and may even learn to drain others. HOWEVER, they do not need to feed to survive and if the feeding stops, they no longer need to feed themselves. (There is a danger of energy/blood addiction, however.)

2. Learned Psychic/Psi Vampire

Virtually anyone can learn how to drain another and some can become quite adept at it. This doesn't make them a real vampire however, as again, they don't need the energy to survive.

3. Damaged Subtle Body Vampirism

These unforunate souls are people who have had a ritual gone awry or been severely attacked, to the point where their subtle body is so damaged they must now feed like a normal vampire in order to maintain themselves and their health.

These are exceptions because technically it's possible to 'turn' almost anyone into one of these three types. Again, though it's not what I would define as 'real vampirism' (perhaps 'born vampirism' would be a better term than real vampirism?).

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