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Alternative Methods for Psychic Self-Defense

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By The Vampyre Psykic

Most of those reading this are probably familiar with the concept of shielding as a form of psychic self-defense. If you’re not, shielding essentially means creating a barrier of spiritual energy around oneself that either blocks energy from the outside, or keeps the individual's energy from being drained. Shielding works very well to keep harmful energies out, but many are familiar with the flaw it has in defending against a being trying to drain you. This flaw being that anything able to drain your energy directly can most likely drain energy from your shield as well. It’s somewhat akin to someone making a wooden fort to protect themselves from a swarm of termites. I’d like to briefly go through and explain some alternative methods to defend against outside forces trying to drain your energy. It should be noted that there is no foolproof method for defending your spirit, just as there is no foolproof method to protect your body. The techniques I describe will simply make it more difficult for a being to drain you.

Aural retraction:

This method is based on the same principle as a turtle retracting its body into its shell. Except that you’ll be retracting your aura into your body, thus using your physical body as a shell to protect your spirit.

Start out in whatever manner, and in whatever position you like, everyone is different, and I find it most effective to personally discover what works best for you. Once prepared, begin using visualization to retract your aura. For your extremities, imagine your aura sort of shrinking into your body; draw it away from the surface of your skin and more towards your bones. Ideally, you’d want your spirit to be somewhat like a stick figure in these areas. For your torso and head, I find it best to try to draw my energy into my chakras. In my personal experience the arms and legs is more like compressing my energy towards the center line, sort of like squeezing clay, where as in my torso, the feeling is more like drawing the energy into my chakras, like a series of magnets pulling iron filings toward each one. Usually, I try to correspond it with my breathing. For my extremities I usually breathe out as I push my energy in closer to my bones, and for my head and torso, I usually breathe in while drawing my energy into my chakras.

I find that this method usually works in helping to defend against something trying to attack you or siphon off your energy, plus I believe that since you’re no longer emitting as much energy, it makes you much less conspicuous to harmful astral beings. A word of caution, though, even if you’re not normally able to see your aura, you’ll most likely be able to notice its absence when you look into the mirror. The first time I used this technique, I was somewhat disturbed by the fact that my reflection had an inexplicably “dead” quality, due to the fact that my aura was no longer visible. So don’t be alarmed if you have a similar experience.

Aural hardening:

This method is almost the opposite of the method mentioned above. In this method, rather then compressing your energy toward the center of your body, you’ll be compressing it at the surface, creating a sort of spiritual suit of armor.

Prepare in whatever way you wish, and we will again use visualization. You can start on whatever part of the body you’re most comfortable with. I find it useful to think of a hard substance that you will associate with strength and protection. Many may find it useful to picture their aura forming a medieval suit of armor, but things like iron, stone, and the like work just as well. I personally use riveted steel to aid in this visualization. Whatever you choose, just begin by picturing and feeling the surface of your spirit compressing and hardening into the substance you’ve chosen. Feel the aura around your arms, legs, hands, feet, chest, head, etc., hardening to form your psychic armor, and continue this until every inch of your spirit is protected by this shell. Remember that you’re not forming a shield, so your armor shouldn’t extend any further than your spirit normally would. I find that this technique naturally draws energy towards the surface of your spirit, and I’ve never needed to take special means to redirect my energy to the surface, but I can’t speak for everyone, so it may help for you to push your energy to the surface from both sides.

I think this method is probably more useful when there’s no need to be inconspicuous, such as if you’re being drained by a physical person, or by some astral entity that bothers you consistently. As with any method, this isn’t foolproof, and there may still be things strong enough to feed from you no matter what you do. But being that this method makes your energy a lot denser, it should be much more difficult to siphon it off. It’s sort of the difference between sucking water through a straw, and sucking tar through a straw, the latter will be much harder due to the density.

In any case, I hope the methods I’ve outlined here will at least help a few people who read this article. And I hope it will expand the options of those who believe shielding to be their only line of defense against psychic predators.

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