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A Hypothesis on Vampirism

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by Necrobabe

People have pondered the question, "What causes vampirism?" for a long time. Vamps, and non-vamps alike. I am not excluded. I do have a hypothesis on this, and I hope to study it further. We all know that there is debate on what a "real" vampire is, and I will not get into that. For this essay I will stick with my definition of vampire which is simply: one who has a need for blood, energy, etc. that surpasses the 'average' human's need for these same things. I mean average as in the majority of the population. I am the primary subject of my investigation because I do feel a need to consume blood. I crave it -- sometimes so badly that I feel I might do anything for it. It is this seemingly inexplicable craving that made me wonder "why?" enough to try and figure it out.

People in general crave things. From foods to drugs to sex -- the list goes on. Why? Because they feel they need them. Something inside of them is telling them that they are missing something, and that they need that 'something' in order to feel better. Some people are more sensitive to what their mind and/or body are craving. I am one of those 'more sensitive' people, and I believe most all vampires are. For example: when I crave green vegetables, I know my body is most likely lacking folic acid, a vitamin found in green vegetables. When I am having menstrual cramps, I crave chocolate. I know that chocolate releases endorphins which can ease the pain of cramping, so my conclusion is that my body knows this and most likely craves it for this reason. I have seen evidence of this in other people as well.

My youngest son, J., has a disease called Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia*. He is missing two enzymes, from two hormones (one from each). His body cannot control his electrolyte levels, and what that causes in him is: his potassium level skyrockets, and his salt level plummets -- greatly increasing the risk of dehydration. Now, here is the fascinating part. Out of curiosity, the doctors that were handling his case decided to test my breast milk. They found abnormally high salt levels and almost no potassium in it. My body knew what he needed (which myself and the doctors believed stemmed from his nutritional needs while in the womb), and compensated for it. As he got to the age where he could eat solid foods he began eating salt. He would swipe the salt shaker and pour it into his mouth, and he always favored salty foods over sweet. It is apparent to me that this is proof that the body craves what it needs.

So why, you may wonder, do some people crave blood and energy? Well here my hypothesis is based on theory and fact. Most everyone at one point or another has heard that blood has all the nutrients one needs to survive. That alone is obviously not any reason to crave blood so intensely. My belief is that blood [especially fresh] has other properties -- some of which may not be able to be identified or isolated. I think these unidentified properties may very likely be what sanguinarians crave.

How did I come to this conclusion? A few years back I got into herbal remedies and natural healing. I was constantly stressed out and lacking energy, but did not want to rely on pharmaceuticals. Well, B vitamins are a very common and popular source of energy, so that was one of my first thoughts. But what about the stress? I got a copy of Prevention's Vitamins and Minerals (no longer in print) from my mother, and found out about desiccated liver tablets (dried and defatted beef liver). The Prevention scientists had lab rats in 3 control groups, and 3 vats of ice water for the rats to swim in. Group 1 had no supplement, Group 2 had Vitamin B injections, and Group 3 had the desiccated liver. The first 2 groups lasted approximately 15 minutes before they were unable to swim anymore, and Group 3 lasted 2 hours! They found that there was an ingredient or property that they could not isolate that increased the rats' ability to handle stress. I took 2 a day and it really did help a lot I was calm and I had energy. In fact, if I took too many I would get so calm that I would become depressed. OK, what's my point? Well, obviously there were properties in the liver tablets that had an intense effect, but they could not figure out what caused those properties. They were just there. It is logical to assume that blood has unidentifiable properties that could have intense effects as well.

OK, now to explain the question that must be burning through your mind. "Well how the hell do these people know that what they need is in blood? What are they, psychic or something?" Now, think back to the paragraph about my son. He knew what he needed in the womb (though you could argue that if you really wanted to), he was too young to even conceive craving something because his body needed it. I know I craved chocolate during cramping long before I knew it released endorphins. Everyone at one time or another has had a craving for something they have never had. Why? I can't explain. It is fact though, so that can't be argued.

What about psi vamps? I don't have a solid hypothesis on this, but I believe that it is possibly a combination of one or more of the following things: the person suffers from lethargy, requires more energy (we all have an energy level) to live normally, is in a very physically/emotionally draining environment, or is lacking in spiritual energy. Any and all personal accounts are appreciated!

So, there you have it. My hypothesis of what real vampires are and why they do what they do. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email me. My contact info is here.

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