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Gallery of Awards for Sanguinarius

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You have come to the Gallery of Awards which others have seen fit to bestow upon / Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page since it's inception in 1997. (Thank you all. I am honored!). There are a few other awards which the page has received, but have never been included here because of hard drive failure, email malfunctioning and losing all the email in my inbox, lost disks, or files becoming corrupted over time (being stored on floppies), etc.. *sigh*

Anyway, without ado, I present to you's Brag Page. :) Awards are presented from newest, going back to the oldest received.

Due to the graphics, this page may take a while to load on slower connections, so please be patient. These pages contain not more than 5 awards per page, which should help a lot with page-loading time. You can view them, starting with the oldest ones, here and also here.

Amazing Vampire Site Award

I am Shadows of this Witch, and I would like to bestow this award to the site of and the creator of that site.

I found your site, turly amazing, easy to navigate...and truly full of detailed and as accurate information as I have found in my two years of researching Vampires, and my twenty plus years of practicing the craft...

The Light in the Darkness Award

Your site has been awarded the Light in the Darkness Award. Sites like yours are an inspiration and truly represent the spirit of the Internet. Not many people have the courage to tackle "darker" subjects, which leaves many victims feeling alone and alienated. It's comforting to know that with sites like yours, one can feel that he or she is _NOT_ alone out there ... and that there is, indeed, a light in the proverbial darkness.

Vampire Legacy Society Award

From the Vampire Legacy Society: "We here at the Vampire Legacy Society have all at one time or another been to your site, and we feel that your site is worthy of recognition as one of the most complete vampire sites on the net. Please accept this award as a token of our gratitude."


Wow, garsh, gee! *blush* Thank you. :)

Sanguis Vitam Est Awards You the Thirst for Real Vampyrism Awareness and Excellence Site Award

The webmistress who presented this to me later turned against me due to my supposed anti psi-vampire stance, and the fact I'm sang; but she could not un-present it, so she claims she sent it as a joke. How sadly amusing..


View the other awards, starting with the oldest ones, here and also here.

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