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Contributors' Info & Credit

Share |  | Vote for Us | thanks these contributors for all the various useful materials, advice, articles, information, techniques, suggestions, ideas, input, tips, and more, which they have been so kind to contribute to Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page so that others may see, learn, and benefit. I would also like to thank those contributors who wish to remain anonymous. Also, many thanks go to those too numerous to list here (and make this page take 3 hours to load in your browser) who have contributed to the Problems Vampires Have, Fun Vampires Have sections, the Vampire Guide, and the Teen Vampires section; they've all been credited along with their entries in those sections.

Quick Links: The Vampire Guide, Tips & Advice - Articles Archive - Problems Vampires Have - Fun Vampires Have - Teen Vampires.


Acacia is the Branch Head for the Estern PA/ NJ/DE Branch of ShadowLore. She contributed the article "Some Questions and Answers About Being a Donor".

Website: ShadowLore_Pennsylvania

Email: pending


Afflictiun contributed to the Problems Vampires Have section.


Website: The Dirty Divine Sinner.

Alynna Trypnotk

Alynna is kitsune, which is a Japanese fox otherkin. She runs the Kitsuhana region and the Kitsune Shrine in Second Life. She contributed the article "A Kind Word About Vampire Discrimination".

Email: pending

Second Life: Alynna's Otherkin Grove

Aneria Romana

Aneria Romana has contributed various tips, advice, and information to the Vampire Guide.


Website: Aneria Romana's Psi-Vampire Page.

Angelus Cretus Deus

Angelus Cretus Deus is a frequent poster on the Vampiric Community Message (& Support) Board. He contributed the article "So You've Found Out You're a Vampire..." to the Teen Vampires section, as well as some material to the Vampire Guide.

Email: pending

Anshar Seraphim

Anshar Seraphim was born in Torrance, CA in 1980 and currently lives in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He has been doing Energy Work for over 8 years and is an active member of both the Wiccan and Vampire communities writing many articles for the same. In his spare time, he enjoys reading/writing poetry, painting, sculpting, crafting medieval armor, playing pool, and studying holistic medicine. Anshar contributed the articles "Understanding Energy, a Journey". and "What Does It Mean to Be a Vampire?".

Email: anshar.seraphim @


Ascian contributed the article "On Learning and Vampiric Nature".

Email: ascian7 @

Belfazaar Ashantison

Belfazaar Ashantison is the Founder and Elder of the House of Mystic Echoes and Founder/Owner of Donor_Sanctuary, a Yahoo Group to inform donors and real vampires alike of the safety issues involved with and for a donor/vampire relationship. He is the author of "The Donor Bill of Rights".

Website: House of Mystic Echoes. and Donor_Sanctuary.

Barbs D

Barbs D contributed some useful information & advice to the Vampire Guide.


Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson contributed the article "Honest Igor's Used Vampire Dealership".


Black Raven

Child of the Millenia... Black Raven contributed some information to the Vampire Guide.


Website: WiccaNet: A Place for the Wiccan and Pagan Community.

AIM: blackrvn.


Cacophony contributed the article "Vampires: The Truth Behind the Legend".

Email: none given.

Cathy Krusberg

"The Mad Bibliographer", Cathy Krusberg, contributed "Piercing the Darkness: Undercover with Vampires in America Today Review".

Email: none given.


Cerisie has only been around the Online Vampire Community for several months. She is from the Midwest, USA, and spends most of her online time in #Sanguinarius on da.lnet, and on Yahoo e-groups. She contributed the article "Personal Experience of Dealing with Pranic Energy -- and a Cautionary Note".

Email: cerisiespirit (at)


Corvis Nocturnum

Corvis Nocturnum is n occult researcher, writer, gothic fantasy artist and lecturer; he is also Vice President of the Fort Wayne Pagan Alliance, a faith tolerance organization and has acted as Vendor Director/Coordinator for Pagan Pride Day in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He owns his own publishing company, Dark Moon Press, too. Cortvis contributed the article, Etiquette Amongst the Damned; or, Vampire Ethics.

Corvis Nocturnum can be reached for questions and appearances at: corvisnocturnum (at) or write mail via P.O. Box 11496, Fort Wayne, IN 46858.

Websites: Corvis Nocturnum's website; Dark Moon Press Publishing

Email: corvisnocturnum (at)

Countess Amenti

Countess Amenti contributed the article "The Dilemma Over Awakening Teens".

Email: pending

Website: pending


Crimson^Angel contributed the articles "The Four Stages of Dealing with One's Vampirism", "Advice to the Newly Awakened", "What is a Psi Vampire?". and "Real Vampires; or, A Rose is a Rose". She also contributed the poem "The Bond".



Cynsanity is a regular denizen of the Vampiric Community Message Board.

Cynsanity contributed the articles "Confusion; or, Am I a Vampire?" and Akhkharu — Sumerian Vampires? A Scientific Argument.

Email: pending

Daemien Kaen

Daemien Kaen contributed the article "Reality or Something Like It".


Danny (a.k.a. Shortgoth)

Shortgoth has been in and around the community for a number of years and is a donor and self-admitted mascochist. Shortgoth contributed the article Flipside of the Coin, A Donor's Guide to Sang Donating.

Email: pending

Deacon Gray

Deacon Gray comes from the Northwest United States and resides in Southern Idaho. Over the past few years he has enjoyed writing and learning in the vampires community, and has found great teachers and friends that he speaks highly of from many different aspects of the community. His projects include work he does for the Vampire Nations and the community web-based magazine called The GraveYard Press. His passions include writing, study, and watching good movies, but he believes that nothing is as important as his family. “I just like to look at things from as many different ways as possible; you stop learning when you stop seeking to see other perspectives.”

Deacon Gray contributed the articles "Genetic Biochemical Interaction Theory", "Donors and Vampires Guide to Negotiations", "Aftercare for Donors"., and "Naked After Dark: Interview with Lady CG".

Website: Graveyard Press

Email: pending


Demian is a registered nurse and has 20 years experience in drawing blood. He contributed some information on using hypodermic needles to draw blood to the Vampire Guide.



Dennaveve contributed the article "The Buffy Complex".


Website: Dennaveve's Public Portfolio at


Dragonflybynight contributed the article "Controlling the Beast or the Blood-Lust".

Dreaming Wolf

Dreaming Wolf contributed the article "Therianthropy". He is also known as Wolf Shamen in Second Life.

Email: pending


Enygma contributed the article "Real Vampires".

Enygma is a solitary eclectic vampire residing in the state of Hawaii on the island of Oahu. Enygma experienced his awakening during his teen years, and has been a (awakened) vampire for almost twenty years within this lifetime. Enygma came to the online vampire community in November of 2003, and has taken an active role in participating in the online vampire community in a search for knowledge about vampires and vampirism. Enygma can often be found participating in discussions in various discussion groups and on message boards, freely sharing his knowledge, thoughts, and opinions of vampires and vampirism.


Erelin & Fionn

Erelin co-authored Erelin's List along with Fionn, who contributed the list to Sanguinarius.

Website: pending

Email: pending


Eressea contributed some useful information to the Vampire Guide.



GabrielX is the founder of as well as it's corresponding IRC channel #LostHaven. He contributed the article "Our Paths and Our Community".

Email: pending

Website: Lost Haven: A Haven for the Wandering Souls of Time

Giselle Le Boursier

Giselle lives in Marion, Illinois and is a donor. She contributed the article, "Donor Courtesy".

Email: giselle47 (at)


Gorath contributed the therian article "Hidden Truths of the Hidden". He is known to haunt #LostHaven on from time to time.

Email: pending

Website: pending


g0th contributed the articles "Animal Hunting" and "Beating the Blood Addiction".

Email: pending

Website: formerly at


Grampa-E contributed the article "Empathy".

Email: grampae @

Website: Gray

Guenevere Angeles

Guenevere Angeles contributed some advice to the Vampire Guide.


Website: Lady Guenevere's Garden.


Gwennifer contributed to the Fun Vampires Have section.

Website: European Night -- Gwennifer's Guide to Vampiric Living.


Harlot is LadyCG's lawyer, and contributed the article "Bloodletting and the Law".

Email: pending


Born 300 years too late, awakened a little over 29 years ago, a sang/psi vampyre. Hawkmoor resides in Australia and in his online home Castle D'Arc (see below). Hawkmoor contributed the article "Red, Red Wine -- The Modern Vampire", and "The Essence of the Vampire" and "Vampyres and Religion -- Do the Undead Pray?".

Website: Castle D'Arc


Hirudo is the webmistress and founder of the Scarlet Moon Organization. She contributed the article "A Rose By Any Other Name; or, The Case for a New Name for Real Vampires",


Website: The Scarlet Moon Organization, British organization for real vampires in the UK.

Ingrid Blackmore

Ingrid Blackmore contributed the article "On Methods of Blood-Letting", as well as useful tips & information to the Vampire Guide.



Interas contributed some useful advice & information to the Vampire Guide.

Website: The Palace of Interas (formerly located at ).

Jen, a.k.a. Ghost

Jen contributed the articles "UK Criminal Law and the Modern Vampire" and "Bipolar Disorder or Awakening?"

Email: pending

Jetstorm V

Jetstorm V contributed the article, "Vampire Traits".



K.contributed the article "Vampirism: Differentiating Facts from Fakes".

Email: pending


K.T.B. contributed the article "Anita Blake Series Review".


Kira contributed some information to the Vampire Guide.



Klaatu contributed the article "Which Vampire Culture?"




Knightshayd contributed the article "Guilt".

Email: none given.

Kris Davis

Kris Davis contributed the article "The Hunger: It's Causes and Dealing with It", and the poem "To Feed".


Kristina Day

Kristina Day, a.k.a. Thornleaf, contributed the article "Negotiating the Vampire: Conflict Resolution in a Usenet Newsgroup".


Lady CG

Lady CG owns the vampire, otherkin and occult teaching board Smoke and Mirrors, and volunteers as a teacher at "Lilith's Realm" a vamp and magick-users teaching site. She contributed the articles "But I Don't WANT to be Vampyre! (Reconsidering Vampyrism)", "Solitary Vampyres; or, How to Live Incognito in Unfriendly Territory", "Vampyres and Donors: A Symbiotic Relationship", "Vampyric Aging (Or, 'Where gooeth thou, beauteous stranger?')", "Raising a Crop o' Vampyres (Or, HELP! My Teenager Wants to Eat the Dog!)" (in the Parents Section), and Of Trains & Tunnels & What’s at the End.

She is the author of Practical Vampyrism for Modern Vampyres (Lulu Press), and was one of the organizers of the first Vampiric Aging Conference (transcript here). She also operates the Vampire Library in Second Life.

Email: ladycg (at)

Website: Smoke & Mirrors Message Forums

Second Life:LadyCG's Vampire Library

Lady Lily

Lady Lily contributed the article "Reflections on the Current Vampire Trend: Embracing the Darkness After Twilight".

Email: pending...

Lady of Webs

Lady of Webs is a registered nurse. She contributed the article, "Venipuncture".


LadyChrys contributed the article "Addressing Psy-Vamps and Bi-Polar Disorder", and some information and advice to the Vampire Guide.



Lauren is an admin at the Court of the Forsaken Message Forums. She contributed the 5-part article "On 'Vampiric Rape' and Prey".

Email: secretsofthenight (at)

Website: Court of the Forsaken

Lif Fossimilis

Lif Fossimilis is a paranormal specialist, meditation therapist, and master of the psionic arts. He contributed the article "The Basics of Shielding: A Visual Approach".

Email: MSN Messenger: ICQ #16354542. Or find him in #Sanguinarius on



Lilliana contributed the article "Ahh...Damned Hunters. Here Are Some Tips!"



Lily contributed the article "What It's Like to Be a Vampire".

Email: pending

Lord Donald Vladescu

Lord Donald Vladescu is the founder of House Sable Brahmin. He contributed some advice to the Vampire Guide.


Website: House Sable Brahmin.


Louche contributed the article "In Defense of Lifestylers".

Lucifera La Croix

Lucifera contributed some useful information to the Vampire Guide.



Lukaru contributed some advice and techniques to the Vampire Guide.


Websites (in Polish): Tenebrae Art -- vampire oriented dark poetry magazine with info about real vampirism as well (info on lycanthropy and chaos magick in the works).

Sanguis Vita Est -- message board for real vampires.

Lyssa Moon

Lyssa Moon has contributed the article "What is a Vampire?"


Website: Lyssa's Essays and Poetry.

Magi Vamp

Magi Vamp contributed the article "Tips for Finding a Donor".


Magnus contributed the article "New Scientific Perspective on 'Blood Drinkers'".

Email: pending.

Manfred Newstead

Manfred Newstead contributed the articles "The Blood and the Life" (previously published in Alternate Perceptions in 1998) and "The Vampire Speaks".


Mazraim contributed some suggestions to the Vampire Guide.


Merciful Providence

Merciful Providence contributed some information to the Vampire Guide.



Merticus is a member of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA) and co-authored Real Vampire Abuse Awareness Campaign; he is also a contributing writer of The Vampire Ethos, and Real Vampire Community Personal Safety & Privacy Awareness.


Websites: The Atlanta Vampire Alliance, Official Website of Merticus, Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study

Michelle Belanger / Setanankhu

Michelle Belanger is founder of House Kheperu. She contributed the articles, "Dynamic Energy Exchange", "The Ethics of Psi-Vampirism", "The Black Veil" (version 2.0, a.k.a. "The Thirteen Rules of the Community"; co-authored along with Father Sebastiaan van Houten), "'The Black Veil', Information & History", "Definition of a Cult", "Astral Vampires and Dreamwalking", "Psychic Vampires and Dreamwalking", and a contributor to The Vampiric Ethos, as well as some information to the Vampire Guide.


Website: House Kheperu, A House of Transformation, Official Site of Michelle Belanger.

Mike Future

Mike Future is a regular poster to the Vampiric Community Message (& Support) Board, and he contributed the articles "Donors & Vampires: My Advice to You", and "Finding Substitutes".

Email: mikefuture95 (at)


Mistresschanger contributed the article "Awakening and Transitioning".

Email: lovelylady1215 (at)

Mrs. H.

Mrs. H is a registered nurse and a vampire. She contributed an article, "Drawing Veinous Blood".



Musidora is a longstanding member of the vampiric community. She is a donor, and co-hosts the website Les Vampires (below).  Musidora contributed the article "Donoring".

Website: Les Vampires


Mys is a regular on the She contributed the article "Awakening Express Service".

Email: pending

Website: pending


Narradas is the webmaster of the House Quinotaur website. He contributed the article "Turning or Awakening?" (originally titled "Turning").

Email: pending.

Website: House Quinotaur: An International House for Real Vampires.


Necrobabe contributed the article "A Hypothesis on Vampirism", as well as a juicy steak recipe to the Vampire Guide.



Neon Angel

Neon Angel contributed the article, "The Responsibility of a Vampire".


Raven Corvus

Raven Corvus contributed the article "Shields".


Website: Raven's Underworld.


Ravena Lee of Lost Haven resides in Canada. She has been involved in the vampire community in an online capacity since 2001 and has written several articles on real vampirism, most of which have a focus on health and safety issues. She is a channel operator for #Sanguinarius, a vampire support channel linked with, and is an advocate for safe and sane practices within the community. She loves reading and writing and has an avid interest in dreams and dream work, astrology, energy work, and various occult topics.

Ravena contributed the articles "Fighting Misinformation", "Blood: How Much is Too Much?", "Tips for Donors", "Enabling in the Vampire Community", and "Choosing an Working with Donors". Also, for more information and some useful links, be sure to read Ravena's article, "What Every Blood Drinker Should Know", on her site.

Website: Darker Than Thou.


RKCoon has been part of the various communities for over six years, and while known as something of a controvesial figure on the online groups, is known to have a solid grasp of vampirism and otherkin. He runs his own small board, and has dealt with a large number of groups online, as well as being an in absentia member of a Toronto vampire meetup group. He currently resides in northern Alberta, Canada. RK contributed the article "RK's Primer to Vampirism and the Vampire's World".

Website: RK's Northern Retreat

Email: rkcoon (at)

Samael Anathan

Samael Anathan is a member of the South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA). He contributed the article "The Angelkin-Vampyre Connection".

Website: pending

Email: pending


Sangpoursang was a registered nurse. She contributed some useful tips & information to the Vampire Guide. She now is no longer among us, rest her soul. She was a good friend.

Email: -


What nerve! I'm giving myself credit! ;P -- Sanguinarius has contributed quite a few articles and much useful information, tips, advice, etc., as well as various resources. She also operates Sanguinarius Vampire & Otherkin Community Center in Second Life.


Website: for Real Vampires.

Sarah L.M. Dorrance(-Minch)

Sarah L.M. Dorrance(-Minch) is the founder/co-moderator/Grand Poohbah of the Vampire/Donor Alliance community and elist. She has contributed the articles "Safer Feeding Techniques", "Vampyres: Blood Safety and Feeding," (The "How to Feed Properly Post"), "Dealing with Migraines", "Emotional Vampirism", "The Vampiric Subcultire", "The Vampire Purity Test", "Coping with Fatigue", "Mystical Vampirism", "Why the Ouroboros Symbol?", "Embrace Me, Said the Maiden", "Sanguinary Safety", "Rules of Thumb", "Paradigm Shift", "The Psychic Vampire Codex: A Preliminary Review", "A Vampire Manifesto (Sort Of)", the poem "Communion", and much useful information, tips, advice, etc., to the Vampire Guide. (She also does ostriches. *wink* It's an in-joke, folks...)

Email: ICQ: 3022977.

Website: The Vampire/Donor Alliance. Elist: VDA-NewCarthage.


Sarasvati is the webmistress of Sarasvati's Sanguinarian Support & Information Page. She contributed the article "Matching the Donor to the Vampire", and also the artwork that goes with "One Vampire's Prayer".

Email: pending

Website: Echoes of Night.(url fixed)


Sari contributed "The Surprises Awakening Brings (for 'blood vamps')" to Teen Vampires section.


Sarya Ingram

Sarya Ingram is an Elder of the Loyal Order of St. Germaine. She contributed the article "My Personal Thoughts on Eldership".


Website: The Loyal Order of St. Germaine


Shaderra is an Initiate Member of House Lost Haven and currently involved in energy working, self exploration and pranic vampirism. Her hobbies include metalsmithing, silversmithing, writing poetry, intellectual discussions, and various other activities. She contributed the article "Realizations of an Elemental Vampire".

Email: pending

Website: Shaderraberry on Youtube

Shiki Miyagi

Shiki contributed the poem, The Awakening.

Email: weisert (at)

Shiro Ulv

Shiro contributed the article "What is Therianthropy?"

Email: pending



Silek contributed the article "Flying Fangs-First into the Future".

Email: pending


SphynxCat is the webmistress of SphynxCat's Real Vampires Support Page. She contributed some useful information to the Vampire Guide, as well as the articles "The Basics of Food Allergies", "Diet -- Stomach Troubles", "Joining a House, Church or Other Organization", "Getting Blood from a Steak"., Shielding 101, Donor-Vamp Relations 101, "Why We Use the Term 'Mundane'", "Maintaining Good Health", "Overview of Shielding Techniques", "Doctrines and Beliefs, Oh My!", and "Overview of Selected Bloodborne Diseases"

She also designed and maintains the #Sanguinarius IRC Channel website, the Sanguinarius Community Center in Second Life, and helps Sanguinarius out with numerous miscellaneous things (for which Sanguinarius is extremely thankful).

She was one of the organizers of the first Vampiric Aging Conference (transcript here).


Website: SphynxCat's Real Vampires Support Page.


Spridle contributed some useful information to the Vampire Guide.

Email: none given.


Sunny contributed some useful advice to the Vampire Guide.

Website: Fireflower's Cozy Nest (formerly located at ).

Sylvere ap Leanan

Sylvere is the Group Facilitator of the Real-Vampires Community Alliance as well as the Assistant Organizer for the Meetup group Gathering Dusk. She is also the admin for the Real-Vampire Community Alliance Yahoo Group, and is a longstanding member of the community. She contributed the article "Ethical Principles for the Vampire Community"; was the original writer of and a contributor to The Vampiric Ethos; she's also contributed a useful tip or two to the Vampire Guide.



TamaPlaya contributed a useful tip or two to the Vampire Guide.



Vampy contributed the article "Popular Vampire Myths", and some miscellaneous tips and advice scattered around the site.

Email: pending

The Vampyre Psykic

The Vampyre Psykic runs a Southern California business called Psykic Fangs making custom acrylic teeth and fangs. He contributed the articles "Neovampyrism", "Fire Cupping Technique for Blood Feeding", "A Meditation for Spiritual Cleansing", "Alternative Methods for Psychic Self-Defense", "Dealing with Inflammatory Letters", and "The Effects of Extended Non-Feeding".

Website: Psykic Fangs

Email: The_Vampyre_Psykic @


Trollkvina contributed the article "Energy Flows & Tentacle Monsters".

Email: pending


Vyrdolak is an author, and the webmistress of By Light Unseen (formerly titled Living Vampires Home Page). She contributed the article "Who are the 'True Vampires'?; or, The Evolution of the Meaning of the Word 'Vampire'".


Website: By Light Unseen (formerly titled Living Vampires Home Page).

Winged Wolf

Winged Wolf contributed some useful information to the Vampire Guide.


Website: Winged Wolf's Home Page.


Wolfy contributed the article "Realization", as well as some advice to the Vampire Guide.


Zero is a member of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA) and co-authored Real Vampire Abuse Awareness Campaign; he is also a contributing writer of The Vampire Ethos, and Real Vampire Community Personal Safety & Privacy Awareness.

Email: pending

Website: The Atlanta Vampire Alliance

Zero Nightskye

Zero Nightskye is a member of the Vampiric COmmunity message Board and contributed the article A Hybrid Vampire Manifesto.

Email: pending

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