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Vampire Guide, Tips & Advice

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Some of what is or will be in this Guide may seem to some as being downright elementary. They may say to themselves, "DUH!!! Does Sanguinarius think we are all ignorant retards, or what?" Absolutely not! I am going on the assumption that there might be some who access this Guide who might NOT know anything about ANYTHING. At one point, NONE of us knew anything about this; somewhere along the way, we learned. Some are fortunate that they had someone who did know things to guide them and help them learn and survive (those are the ones who will say, "DUH!!" to this stuff), but others aren't so fortunate. For whatever reasons, they have nobody to help them out, and they must learn things the hard way. Some of them end up dead, junkies, injured, confined to jails -- or worse, mental institutions; if they're lucky, other people will just look at them kinda funny and mutter amongst themselves the latest rumour they've heard...

This Guide is for those who need it, and can learn something from it.

If you have any information, useful tips, advice, techniques, etc., on things like feeding, dealing with the thirst, health or comfort concerns, psychic attacks and shielding, or whatever else you think would be useful and beneficial, please, please send it along. I will give you credit and an email link, or a link to your page, or whatever. (You have to tell me, though, or I'll just stick it up here as Anonymous...)

Newer items will be marked on their respective pages with New! and will not necessarily appear at the top of the page.

Vampires & Blood Matters

Safe Bloodletting & Feeding - Things one needs to know in order to safely draw blood & feed. Safe feeding practices, important labwork, procedures, bloodletting devices, etc.

Dealing with the Bloodthirst - Tips on dealing with the hunger and cravings, blood substitutes, etc.

Affecting the Taste of Blood; or, "To Serve Man" - Various methods of flavoring your donor's blood, things to avoid, etc.

Cooking with Blood - Recipes that use blood, preparation, drinks...

Sundry Advice - Miscellaneous useful advice that doesn't fit elsewhere.

General Health, Medical, & Physical Comfort Concerns

Health & Medical - Dealing with doctors, feeding from the sick, staying healthy, etc.

Comfort -- Eye & Skin Protection - Various methods of avoiding discomfort from the sun & bright lights.

Vampires & Psi Matters

Information About Psi & Energy Vampires - General information on psi vampires and vampirism.

Information About Prana & Energy - Some information on psi and energy.

Psi Feeding - Information on, and methods & techniques of, psi feeding.

Shields & Shielding - Under construction. Information about and methods of shielding.

Techniques for Psi-Vampires - Meditation, energy control techniques, empathy, etc.

Sundry Advice - Miscellaneous useful advice that doesn't fit elsewhere.

Book: Psychic Vampire Codex: A Manual of Magick and Energy Work, by Michelle Belanger


Finding & Keeping Donors - Helpful advice on finding donors, reassuring potential donors, and keeping them.

Advice to Donors - Under development. Advice to donors and potential donors.


For Seekers - Information and advice that seekers will find useful. Dealing with vampires and those claiming to be vampires.

Social Matters

Personal Safety & Security - Dealing with threats to personal safety, security, and peace of mind; harassment, slayers, etc.

Coming Out - Advice on coming out.

The Newly Awakened - Under development. Dealing with the newly awakened, advice for the newly awakened, etc.

Attitudes Toward Non-Vampires - Some vampires' attitudes towards non-vampires.

Interview Advice and Guidelines - Some useful advice if you ever are asked for an interview, or to appear on TV radio, etc.

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