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Last updated: May 29, 2013

I have hand-picked these sites and believe them to the best of my knowledge, to be reliable and trustworthy sites and resources for, by and about real vampires, donors, otherkin & therian sites and some shops and online stores and businesses of real vampires and other community members (these may or may not have to do with vampires and vampirism).

I returned to my old, old Links Page format in lieu of the Real Vampire Directory because the script was old and outdated, and there was no way to update it without starting from scratch and paying an arm and a leg (WAY out of my budget!). I had customized it to the point where I couldn't add other addons or figure out how to remove existing ones. Plus, the spambots have been depositing their dung in the pending sites queue for years, even after I altered the submission URL. It just got too much for me to maintain, and I couldn't do it. I will keep the files in the event that I may someday wish to revive it, but for now, this is the thing to look for recommended links on now.

...And without further ado...


Real Vampires / Vampire Community / Vampyre Lifestyle

Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA) - Resource Site & Forum - A Real Vampire House For Psychic & Sanguinarian Vampires (Vampyres) Serving The Atlanta, Georgia Community. Vampirism Resources, Forum, & Links.

Awake and Drink - A place for real vampires / vampyres to meet others like them, and a place for others to learn about them. Site offers articles, vampire lingo, the Energy Workers' Guide, a forum and more.

By Light Unseen - Real vampires, serious vampire scholarship, vampirology and folklore, the online and offline vampire community. Vyr5dolak's site is one of the first real vampire sites up on the web, back in 1997. By Light Unseen is intended as a resource for those exploring the deeper implications -- philosophical, spiritual, and practical -- of real life vampirism, and its relationship to history, tradition and culture.

Darkness Embraced Vampire & Occult Society - We are a large community consisting of real vampires, both sanguine and psi, witches, pagans, psychics, spiritualists and those in the paranormal field. We pride on intelligence and respect within or community and the plethora of intelligent and genuine information.

Dracula's Ball - A long-running vampire ball/event based in Philadelphia, PA, and occurring 4 times per year.

Drink Deeply and Dream: The Reality of the Modern-Day Vampire - Support, information and a forum for real vampires, seekers, and the curious. All are welcome.

Endless Night Vampire Ball - One of the largest and longest-running vampire/vampyre balls, which takes place in New Orleans toward the end of October every year.

House Eclipse - A Vampire House/organization located in the Greater Washington, D.C. and Baltimore region. Here you will find information pertaining to modern sanguinarian and pyschic vampires, vampire myths, and legends, and various occult and magical information.

House Kheperu - Seek Your Own Truth. An eclectic spiritual society dedicated to balance, education, and transformation.

House of Mystic Echoes - HOME is a Vampiric House of varied religious practices each with a magical or mystical background.

House Quinotaur - An alternative for real vampires worldwide. Open to all types of real vampires, with numerous support structures and information in place.

Investigation and Research Into Sanguinarians - Dedicated to examining the sanguinarian from a medical and scientific viewpoint. (Formerly Echoes of Night.)

Les Vampires - Les Vampires is a longstanding real vampire website, forum and chat with the goal of being a useful and pleasing place to those who seek knowledge or support, whatever form their interest in vampirism may take. Les Vampires also has a Yahoo Group.

New Orleans Vampire Association (NOVA) - The New Orleans Vampire Assoication is non-profit organization comprised of self-identifying vampires representing an alliance between Houses within the Community in the Greater New Orleans Area. Every year since Hurricane Katrina, the founding members of NOVA have taken food out on the Big 3 Holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas) to those who are hungry and homeless.

Psychic Vampire Resource Site & Forum - Real vampire resource and support pages, You will find information on how to feed, links within the vampire community, subtle body information, a lexicon, shielding techniques, psychic lessons, and a public forum. Resource site promoting understanding of Psychic vampirism, feeding and protection techniques; also everyday Real Vampirism and Gothic culture. Welcoming Sanguines, Psychic Vampires, Goths, and otherkin for support, articles, chat and a public forum.

South African Vampyre Alliance - The South African Vampi(y)re Alliance (SAVA) is a formalized expression of the South African Vampi(y)re Community (SA VC), founded and established in May 2011 by the collaboration of various individuals resident within South Africa.

SphynxCat's Real Vampires Support Page - Real vampire support site for real vampires, the curious, or those knowing real vampires. This site includes valuable scientific information plus anecdotes, advice, medical articles and a whole lot more. This is a very informative site. I highly recommend it.

Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC - A Comprehensive Research Study of the Real Vampire & Energy Worker Community - Psychic & Sanguinarian Vampirism - VEWRS & AVEWRS (Vampire and Energy Worker Research Study & Advanced Vampire and Energy Worker Research Study) Research Surveys. Research, analysis, projects (including the Vampire Community History Project and Twilight), and discussion.

Temple UVUP - (United Vampyr Universal [eclectic] Pagan) - A Vampyr Temple for Vampyrian Spirituality, Divinity, unity, support, & strength. The whole purpose is to unite and educate the Vampyr community on its abilities, capabilities, beginnings as well as focus on the spirituality of Vampyrism. The Vampyrian Spirituality is based in Vampyrism as they are very Spiritual souls & Vampyrian beliefs are best explained in the TempleUVUP Vampyrian Shadow Books.

The Vampire Church - A membership organization but not a religious body, the Vampire Church has been around for years, a subject of controversy. I have not found fault with them, so far as I am concerned, so I am including them in this listing. Their website offers a forum, chat, articles and other resources.

The Vampire's Masquerade Ball - A long-running vampire ball held annually in Portland, OR. "The Annual Vampire’s Masquerade Ball is a night of gothic elegance and decadence highly anticipated each year in the city of roses and hosted by Lady Raven Productions. It’s an evening where over 800 guests from the various gothic/industrial/alternative lifestyle communities from around the nation and the world gather in the Melody Ballroom amongst crystal chandeliers and Edwardian cornices to socialize and dance the night away. The VMB strives to offer its guests the experience of a formal gala at an attainable price; shared with like-minded company from the gothic/industrial communities who appreciate creative and individual expression, and the event is of course LGBTQ friendly. The name “Vampire’s Masquerade Ball” is meant to evoke dark romanticism and a gothic interpretation of beauty. While the event is not sponsored or organized by the vampire community, they have always consistently been very supportive of the VMB, and are welcome to attend." -- from the website

Vampires: The Show - What if there were a show that followed the lives of real vampires all over the world? That's exactly what this project does. Around the world there are people who really do feed off the energy -- and the blood -- of others to get through their everyday lives. Our first season covers New Orleans.

The Vampiric Community Message (& Support) Board (The VCMB) - The official message board of It's undergone a number of incarnations and finally grew large enough to warrant its own domain! When you register, pay attention to (and follow) the instructions in the sticky posts, and your experience should be pleasant and productive.

Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS & AVEWRS) - A Comprehensive Research Study of the Real Vampire & Energy Worker Community - Psychic & Sanguinarian Vampirism - VEWRS & AVEWRS Research Surveys. The Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study is a detailed sociological and phenomenological study of the real vampire community conducted by Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC. Two surveys were released in 2006 that were answered by over 950 individuals from all paths within the vampire community and throughout the world. Data, charts and the surveys themselves (including foreign language translations) are available.

Voices of the Vampire Community (The VVC) - The purpose of the VVC is to develop friendly relations among the various Houses, Covens, Orders, organizations, and individual leaders of the vampire community; to encourage cooperation in solving community related problems and in promoting respect for the views, ideas, and opinions of others without seeking to establish a unifying or governing body; and to be a center for harmonizing the actions of groups in attaining these ends.


Donor Sites

Black Swan Haven - A support group for donors, friends, and family to real vampires. Donors of all types, family members, and friends of vampires are more than welcome here, as are their vampires. We are here to be a support system for black swans, both new to the community and old. The site includes FAQs, articles and a forum.


Otherkin / Therian

DMOZ: Society: People: Otherkin - The Open Directory Project's Otherkin links page; includes subcategories for Dragons, Therianthropes, Vampires, Starseeds and Walk-ins. Harmony & Discord - A longstanding otherkin site which includes ways to find otherkin and resources, both online and off, FAQs, articles, poetry, song and humor, a directory, gift shop and more.

ShadowLore - Shadowlore represents all kin and their respective communities. They have branches throughout the world and an e-group to accompany them. They make available an opportunity for like-minded individuals to discuss their life experiences with added support and friendship when there seems to be no where else to turn.

The Otherkin Community - A non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of metaphysical sciences and dissemination of Otherkin culture.

What the Heck's an Otherkin? - A short article introducing and explaining the concept of otherkin.


Community Members' Shopping & Businesses

New!Atelophobia Graphics - Xamarl Varax has a graphic arts business and has produced some verrry nice stuff. You should go check it out, and if you need any graphics or work done, contact Xamarl. Anyone mentioning that they have got linked from will get on his friends rates pricing for logos, album art, posters and just about anything else, all prices are worked out on a case by case basis except for custom text logos ($30 normally, $20 on discount) and event posters/flyers ($55 normally, $35 on discount).

Bats & Shadows - Sanguinarius has designed and created a number of unique t-shirts, mousepads, and bumper stickers with attitude. This is the only place you can get these. Also available are Sanguinarius.Org Ankh T-Shirts and mousepads. Come check them out. Be sure to rummage around in the Otherkin Bin while you're there.

By Light Unseen Media - Vyrdolak's publishing company publishes books about vampirology and folklore, vampire fiction. The only small press owned and operated by a recognized expert in vampire folklore, media and culture, By Light Unseen Media was founded in 2006. Our mission is to explore and celebrate the variety, imagination and ambiguities of the vampire theme in fiction, history and the human psyche.

Dark Moon Press - Corvis Nocturnum publishes and sells books on vampires, satanism, zombies, the occult/new age, classic and modern horror, the paranormal, and more. Many new and undiscovered authors can be found.

New!Eclipse Exotics - Winged Wolf's Eclipse Exotics breeds quality ball python morphs. Their animals are available to breeders, pet owners, and (when supplies permit) wholesale to retailers.

New!Eclipse Metaphysical - Winged Wolf's Eclipse Metaphysical makes and sells Guardian spirit servitors, energy golems, magickal amulets, and other items, providing psychic protection and companionship. She also offers services such as aura cleanings, spirit entity removal and link strengthening or severing. Also available are some books she's written.

Hermetic Books - I am a hybrid vampire and have a website that also contains an online metaphysical shop. I currently only offer books, but plan to expand it in the next few months.

Obsidian Moon - Orthaevelve makes Otherkin-related jewelry and pieces for Pagans as well. Her artistic and business model is based first on using as much recycled or left over material as possible (don't be mistaken, it's NOT junky but really nice stuff!). The animal bones, teeth, claws and other items are leftovers of animals killed for food, leftovers of the fur trade from subsistence hunters or farming, animals found dead or road killed, antique pieces of taxidermy created before the ban on specific animals and their parts or fossils. For more info, click through.

Organo Gold Coffee - It's healthy, organic coffee that you can buy, and smart influential people can join and sell also.

Sangi's Attic Store - Sangi (me) offers a variety of vampire and similar-interest books; fine gothic, vampire, and fantasy jewelry; decor (including Halloween items); shirts; and gift items. Our selection is growing, and we will be offering a wider variety in the future so please check back periodically to discover new items. At some point, we will also be offering promotional materials and reprints of selected articles from You can purchase single copies or multiple for distribution.

Shades of Mathias Cronqvist - Mathias sells books, makes custom drones and razor gloves, and voice acts. If a client or customer made it known to him that they are a Midian of any sort, he would be happy to cut them a special discounted price.

UmbraLight Metaphysics - Mollie Laufe's Metaphysics and incense shop that specializes in staves, wands, chainmail, incense and more. We offer one-of-a-kind custom ritual items, crystals, runes, and pendulums. Also, Altar Supplies, Herbs, Crystals, and Pagan Jewelry.


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Eerie America TV Series

Eerie America could very well be called The Fodor’s Travel Guidebook for The Addams Family. I read some in-depth information about the show and saw the promo, and from what I can tell, this will be an absolutely AWESOME series if they can get it off the ground. (I'm actually praying they will.) Let others know and see who can help. This is something that should happen! Let's pull together and make it so!

New Orleans Vampire Association

NOVA is a State Recognized Non-Profit Organization geared toward helping the homeless in the New Orleans area and working towards its greater goals, including a homeless shelter in the Greater New Orleans area.

If you would like to donate money, food, or supplies toward the cause, please click here for more info or to donate.


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