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Pressroom: Unsolicited Comments

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This section of Sanguinarius's Press Room contains unsolicited comments and accolades about Sanguinarius and for Real Vampires, Blood Drinkers and Vampiric People, a.k.a. Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page and it's resources.

  • From InvisibleShadow (2007-02-23):

    You have helped so many people with your site (including myself). Without your site most of us would probably still be in the dark about who and what we are and how we should deal with it. Thank you Sangi!

  • From Crimson Vision's links section:

    " -- A very interesting site; packed with information, this website is the ultimate resource for true vampires and those interested in them. If you want more detailed answers and research, this is the place to start."

  • Imon, on the Les Vampires Yahoo! Group, March 26, 2005 (Msg 3407):

    (Re: The Real Vampire Directory) "...if you're not already familiar with this is an EXCELLENT resource! Go browse around."

  • Morganna, on CoTD: Reality vs. Fantasy:

    "My best advice to any newly aware Real Vamp who might be seeking advice, information and support is to head directly to Sanguinarius's Resources for Real Vampires and READ everything BEFORE committing yourself to some group, clan, or family."

  • OrthaeVelve, on House Eclipse Forums:

    "If you are curious about vampirism and it's symptoms, you cannot do better than to look up [Sanguinarius: Frequently Asked Questions About Real Vampires] and the rest of the Vampire Support Page put up by Sanguinarius. It is some of the most accurate information out there, and she herself is a sweetheart."

  • From The Vampire Legacy Society:

    "Sanguinarius - This site will always continue to be the forerunner of true vampire sites. Sanguinarius has dedicated an astronomical amount of her time, energy, and money to the Vampire Community. Her site is huge, and well stocked with info and interaction. A huge thank you from all of us here at the Vampire Legacy Society."

  • From the guide to the net.vampyric:

    " for Real Vampires, Blood Drinkers and Vampiric People. This a real gem. Not only does it deal sanely and rationally with the subject of real life vampirism, it offers amazingly good advice to those who are either vampires or just have a blood habit."

  • From Vampires?:

    "There are many very good articles and info on If you are interested, that is a very good place to start."

  • From Lair of the Hidden's Links:

    " Another in the bid for the best site on real vampires, in my opinion. Huge and full of information, you should definately visit this site."

  • "Mike" (on Blood Rose Forest: Real Mortal Vampires: The Gathering):

    "I suggest you visit Here you will find many interesting articles dealing with real vampires. The site is straight and to the point, and pulls no punches. Its a very good place for newly awakened vamps to find answers."

  • Imon, Les Vampires (from Real-Vampires elist):

    "Sanguinarius has one the most comprehensive and informative vampire sites on the net. I always refer people wanting/needing information to her site. She spends an incredible amount of time and effort gathering information to share with others and keeping us abreast of the latest information in the vampiric community. In her Sang-news letters, she always give links to other informative sites and many times an award to go with it."

  • Sarah Dorrance, founder of The Vampire-Donor Alliance:

    "By the way, have fun trying to gain respectability without Sanguinarius, who has always been acknowledged as one of the sharpest sources of unbiased information on vampirism on the internet, and who has acquired this reputation only partly because she has always refused to play vampire politics."

  • Erzulie (from thecovenorganization elist):

    "If you want some good information on vampirism, I've found to be the best site for this purpose."

  • Nancy/GypsyVampire (from VampyreMagick elist):

    "She [Sanguinarius] is definitely a vampiric pioneer on the internet -- she who was one of the first to make the public aware of human vampirism and her huge site of information always proves to be helpful:"

  • Saladin, founder of The Vampire's Realm / Australian Vampire Council:

    "If I had had access to this kind of information and support when I was 'awakened' it would have made my life a hell of a lot easier. Your site has inspired me to create a similar resource for the real vampire community in Australia in the hope of generating some unity over here (where it is so sadly lacking)."

  • Viktor, The Blood Coven, (from bcvampires elist):

    "Anyone who has not checked out this site yet should definitely go and take a look at . It is one of my all time favorite sites."

  • Sarah Dorrance, founder of The Vampire-Donor Alliance (from VDA-NewCarthage elist):

    "Sanguinarius has always been big on unity, too, for that matter -- and I think of all of us, she has the most likelihood of helping to bring it to fruition. I don't know a single person in our community who disrespects her. I think I can safely say that we all trust her to not be involved in politics, no matter who she's keeping company with or supporting. She's an elder of various organizations (which I won't hold against her, although there have been times that I've wanted to -- I just can't) but the only group she officially belongs to is the Vampire/Donor Alliance, which has always been anti-elder. She's not psi at all, but she's always been supporting of psi's. She embodies the whole diversity of the community in herself. No wonder we all like her."

  • "Brian" (from Vamp101 elist):

    (In response to the question, "What is your favorite real vampire website and why?") "Mine would be Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page; Sangi has the most in-depth and informative site I have seen yet."

  • Sylvere (from wretched elist):

    "If you're interested in information about the reality of vampirism, I recommend Sanguinarius' Vampire Support Page. ... Sangi's site is probably the most comprehensive on the Internet."

  • Christina, member of House Quinotaur (from Quinotaur-mem list):

    "I've gotten advice from her [Sanguinarius] on a couple occasions in the past, and she's got a lot of good information to share. Lord knows how much time I've spent on her site, and how many people I've forwarded there to find answers to their questions."

  • Sapphire Debonee, Gatekeeper of St. Louis After Dark, Director of the Vampire Community Network (from VDA-NewCarthage elist):

    "And as for providing information, there is ONE other person who has done a hell of a lot for this community. Her name is Sanguinarius!"

  • Sarah Dorrance, founder of The Vampire-Donor Alliance (from VDA-NewCarthage elist):

    "There's a little lip service to the notion of community service on the part of the elders, but the only "elder" I've seen truly serve the community instead of serve it up for dinner to other elders is Sangi."

  • Eros al Obyri, The Vampyre Within:

    "Wonderful work you're doing here. Easily one of the best RV [real vampire] info/support sites on the net. My visits here are always delightful!"


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