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My name is Sanguinarius (Sangi). I am 38-year-old female sanguinarian who awakened in her teens (and made quite a fool of herself for a number of years before finding and accepting herself!). I am the founder of for Real Vampires / Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page (established in the spring of 1997) and #Sanguinarius the IRC channel (chat room) on, among other resources. I'm also the author of The Dictionary of Sanguinese: Terminology and Lingo in the Vampire Community. a contributing author to Vampires in Their Own Words: An Anthology of Vampire Voices (ed. by Michelle Belanger), and I've also written a number of articles and information for my and others' sites. At one point, I was a member of COVICA (Council Of Vampire International Community Affairs) and also the GVN (Global Vampire Network). I was the Head for the Kansas Branch of ShadowLore, which is a network and group for vampires, donors, otherkin, fae, elves, dragons, therianthropes (were-creatures), and witches, as well as those who are interested; I moved to Arizona, though. I was one of the early online vampire resource providers and helped network many groups and individuals early on.

I'm gothic/spooky but also funny as hell sometimes. I love chocolate, coffee and my cats: Boo, Scooter and Socks. I like the paranormal, and unexplained mysteries, history, archaeology and science. My favorite holiday is Halloween. My favorite music is old school gothic rock, although I enjoy a variety of different genres, including reggae, swing and classical. I collect vampire books, and Halloween & black cat decorations to pretty up my little lair. (What do you mean, Edvard Munch's "The Vampire" is not a suitable picture to hang in my breakfast nook???)

I was married for a couple of years back in the mid-to-late '90s. Fortunately, no kids came out of that. Since then, demographics consider me "divorced"; I consider myself "single" -- after all, it's been over ten years ago!

Feel free to drop by my personal site, Sangi's Corner, if you want to know more. It's home to some of my random scribblings and babblings and my cats' pages.

You can use this as my avatar:

If you think that isn't suitable, then feel free to use:

View Of Vampi(y)rism:

My views on vampirism are changing. I don't necessarily think it's physical, as in biological, but I don't think it's something entirely spiritual, either. I DON'T think it's a psychosis or a delusion, unless the individual thinks he/she is immortal or superhuman or undead or anything else super-funky. To some people it's a metaphor, and to some limited extent, it is for me, too, but I can't escape the literal aspects of it; namely a thirst for blood, resulting weakness and ill-health from lack of feeding, sensitivity to the sun and bright lights, -- these things are definitely not metaphoric.

There are real vampires, and there are vampyre lifestylers (an offshoot of the Gothic culture, but distinct from it: fangs, contact lenses, coffins, covens, etc.). While a vampire can be a lifestyler, many are not. Also, there are vampyre lifestylers who are not vampires at all. When you think about it, all vampires do live a vampiric lifestyle to some extent.

As for the different kinds of vampires...well, let me say that a vampire is a vampire is a vampire. We're all vampires (we in the community), but we're on different points of a spectrum: I think probably most vampires can feed from both/either blood or psi/chi/lifeforce (they are hybrids/combos) -- these are in the middle of the spectrum; on one end, there are a few vampires who feed exclusively on blood (sangs), and on the other end there are those who feed exclusively on chi/lifeforce (psis/psychic vampires). Some are primarily sang but can also feed on chi/psi, and some are primarily psi but can also feed on blood. See below:

The Vampire Spectrum:

The Vampire Spectrum

Psi/psychic vampires will insist that sangs feed from the energy in the blood, extracting it and having no real need for the blood itself, and that any vampire can learn to feed on psi and manipulate energy. While I have little doubt that we all feed on the chi/lifeforce, there are those among us who CANNOT feed psychically. They are not lesser vampires or unevolved, merely different. Psi vampires tend to look at everything from a metaphysical point of view. I believe that, while we may be utilizing the energy in the blood, that it's not something that can be separated from the blood; we need the whole package: blood and chi and psi are all one unit, inseparable. There's something in the blood, more than just energy, that we need. The blood IS the life.

I've drawn in energy from other sources. I know I have had to at various points in my life; I start out half-dead, and then grow energized and alive while someone else nearby gets all drowsy and tired. It's not something I consciously do or choose; it just happens. And feeding on blood is totally different: firstly, I get a euphoria from blood feeding, and secondly, psi feeding does not satisfy my thirst or my need. I'm not sure how to explain this. I'm sure other sangs will understand, but I doubt psis will.

What I See The Community As:

A motley crew. Definitely. It's developing slowly into it's own cohesive culture, but that will take time -- years -- and dedicated effort on the parts of whomever cares. There are a lot of vampires who do, and who work tirelessly and many times thanklessly. The community is a lot more formed than it used to be: Offline meetings, groups, and events are becoming commonplace; vampires are reaching out to other vampires; there is better information more widely available and easily found.

There are a lot of different views on vampires and vampirism in the community, and notions of who should and shouldn't be a part of it. Why, I dare say that half the people in the community don't even belong, but those're the other people, not us! >;)

I see a lot of egos, too. And squabbles. But that's probably because of the egos. As things stand now, there are a lot of groups and individuals who are wary of other groups and people, and so they don't communicate or work together. It seems many try to reinvent the wheel or be kings or queens of their own little "kingdoms", instead of working together.

The community means never having to be alone even if I'm by myself. There's a whole network of people out there who are like me, understand how I feel and think, and won't condemn me for being a vampire, or call me crazy because I say I am. That means a lot to me.

What I'd Like The Community To Be:

I would like the community to be an integrated, self-sustaining network (and culture) of real vampires and vampire-friendly people, groups, Houses, businesses, services, etc. I would like for it grow and develop much more fully than it has and develop it's own traditions and have it's own history. I would like for there to be more outreach and resources for individuals who are offline, as well as online. Also, I'd like there to be more (kid-safe/kid-friendly) resources for younger, awakening vampires and those seeking information. Our future lies with the next generation, as it does for everyone; if we exclude them, what future do we have as a community? I'd also like the community to be safer for younger vampires, which means better detection of those seeking to take advantage of the young or under-informed.

I'd like to see better resources, information, networking, outreach, and support for international vampires, especially those in countries where vampirism might not be so permissible, either socially or legally. One should not have to feel alone or be alone or remain ignorant due to fear of legal or social repercussions. One needn't be "out of the coffin", but should not be denied contact with or knowledge of his or her own kind.

I'd also like the community to be respected.

Views On Ethics - The Black Veil - Codes Of Conduct:

More often than not, existing written ethical codes are based on common sense and fair treatment of others; they are in place for newbies to aspire to, and the outside world to see that we aren't a bunch of baby-eating psychopaths, or violent monsters; that vampirism is not all about how evil or nasty we can be (not that we're fluffy, mind you). Most vampires have their own personal ethics and codes of conduct, and don't need or want a set written by someone else. I think many vampires fear that a set of written conduct or ethics differing in some degree from their own may become dogmatized or otherwise forced on them.

So long as these remain guidelines and ideals, I think they are a good thing. There are some vampires, however, who have tried to turn them into "vampiric law", attempting and sometimes succeeding to punish those they decide have broken the code. If that is a matter of House business, that is one thing; but if they try to lord over the community in general, that is where I take exception. They simply do not have the authority to enforce the guidelines, and I doubt the community is going to consent to their "rule" anytime soon.

I think the two versions of "The Black Veil" that Michelle Belanger had a hand in writing are very good and useful. The first version (before Michelle's) was a noble attempt, but was written pre-community, for the vampyre lifestyle which originally grew out of LARP (Live Action Role Play) gaming; it was basically a rip of White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade Traditions. I have nothing good to say about the fourth version (the Strigoi Vii version), so I will not comment on it here. For those who find the "Black Veil" unpalatable or RPish, there alternatives written by real vampires for real vampires, which have no roots in RPG, such as Sarah Dorrance's "Rules of Thumb" or "Ethical Principles for the Vampire Community", by Sylvere ap Leanan, both available for viewing in's Articles Archive.

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