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Press Room: Timeline / History

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Page last updated: July 27, 2011

Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page launched no later than 6 June, 1997, and possibly earlier than 14 April, 1997. It was originally titled The Home Page of Sanguinarius (how lame!); it was originally located on AOL.

October, 1997 - Sanguinarius acquired a web-based chat room.

January, 1998 (possibly earlier) - Sanguinarius founded the IRC channel #Sanguinarius on The first official log with a discussion in it was dated January 25th. Unfortunately, the floppy disk Sanguinarius had the log saved on went bad and the discussion is lost, to her knowledge.

February 25, 1998 - The Sanguinarius News & Updates Mailing List was founded on ListBot, and the first message went out to the smattering of people who'd signed up by then.

March 8, 1998 - Sanguinarius resolved to be a little more open-minded about vampyre lifestylers, and extends the focus of her website to include them. The Vampire Discussion Board moved from its InsideTheWeb location to Server.Com.

By July 3, 1998 - Sanguinarius moved her site from AOL to AOL had space limitations and the page was spread out over three different screen names; it could now be consolidated under one. By this time, Sanguinarius was mirrored on, but that domain suddenly vanished; this was temporary.

September 1, 1998 - "Bloody Minded: A Message Board for Blood Drinkers" founded on This board provided a more specific forum to address the topics and concerns of those who drink blood.

By September 4, 1998 - The old InsideTheWeb Vampire Discussion board had been converted into the Vam-Personals.

November 5, 1998 - Sanguinarius moved the Vampire-Discussion group to OneList. OneList later became Egroups and finally Yahoo! Groups.

January, 1999 - Added an interactive Calendar to the site. Plans to phase out the Tripod site in favor of the one on the Coven Organization.

February 1, 1999 - Sanguinarius News & Updates List was founded on OneList.

By February 3, 1999, Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page was hosted on The Coven Organization's webspace "coffins". Apparently had the Real Vampire Directory up and running by then.

February 17, 1999 - Unfortunately, the entire Coven Organization site vanished once more on or about February 17th ("the stiffs who hosted the domain took offense at The Coven's PG-rated Vampire Erotica section and removed the domain from their server"). vanished with it; fortunately, it was mirrored on Tripod, but without the resources such as The Real Vampire Directory and the Vampire Community Calendar. The Coven site was back up again a few days later, but it prompted Sanguinarius to seriously consider acquiring a domain of her own.

June 9, 1999 - domain launched with the generous help of Sangpoursang.

June 13, 1999 - Vampires-AMOK, the quad-state coven, is founded for vampires living in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas.

July 14, 1999 - The Real Vampire Directory moved to

October 28-December 12, 1999 - The Coven site vanished again. According to Raphael Osiris, the Coven Org's founder, "The Coven lost access to it's server because of an overly-cautious hosting providor concerned about our type of 'content' and traffic. ... We have purchased our own server hardware and high-speed data access line to our headquarters and are no longer at the mercy of said hosting providors."

Fall/Late 1999 - Held the first annual #Sanguinarius Pseudo-Awards for channel guests.

February 2, 2000 - Unveiled the Vampiric Community Calendar.

During February, 2000 - The "Vampire Support Page" part of Sanguinarius moved onto the domain.

March, 2000 - Created "Blood Letters: Donor Support Board" at

August 13, 2000 - Moved the Vam-Personals to ezBoard.

January 2, 2001 - #Sanguinarius IRC Home Page got its own site. "The Vampiric People's Resource Page" and "Blood Drinkers Resource Page" are archived on

November, 2001 - Gave the Guide, Tips & Advice section a major overhaul and organized it into sections for ease of reference.

February-March, 2002 - Moved the Vampire Community Message Board onto; used YABB. Redesigned and organized the Articles Archive into sections.

March, 2002 - The Vampire Church featured Sanguinarius for their Newsletter/Ezine's "Community Leader" interview, located at

April, 2002 - Gave a major cosmetic and structural overhaul.

June, 2002 - Began hosting Sarasvati's "Sanguinarian Support & Information Pages". Channel #Sanguinarius gets a web-based connection to the chat. The VCMB message board switched over to phpBB, a better, PHP-based script.

July, 2002 - Opened "Sanguinarius' Vampire & Gothic Store".

October, 2002 - Sanguinarius appointed to start and head the Kansas branch of ShadowLore; created the ShadowLore of Kansas website on

Winter, 2002 - The Vam-Personals moved onto

January-February, 2003 - Due to some severe connection issues with, #Sanguinarius is mirrored on Implemented a new FAQs management system.

March, 2003 - Started the Teen Vampire section, which focussed on teen vampires and the issues they face. Added an "About Sangi" page.  Opened "Sanguinarius Store" using a real shopping cart.

August, 2003 - Due to unresolveable errors caused by the web server, "The VCMB" got moved to ezBoard, which was relatively hassle-free.

February, 2004 - #Sanguinarius closed it's mirror on and moved back to as a result of foreverchat's administrators abusing their power and authority.

September, 2004 - "Sanguinarius' Vampire and Gothic Store" is now known as "Dreamland Gallery". Sanguinarius received the Coven Organization's "Light in the Darkness" Award. Nitallica wrote, "Your site has been awarded the Light in the Darkness Award. Sites like yours are an inspiration and truly represent the spirit of the Internet. Not many people have the courage to tackle "darker" subjects, which leaves many victims feeling alone and alienated. It's comforting to know that with sites like yours, one can feel that he or she is _NOT_ alone out there ... and that there is, indeed, a light in the proverbial darkness."

November, 2004 - got a facelift and new color scheme.

March, 2005 - became host to the Psykic Fangs website.

February, 2006 - Released What Do You Think Vampires Are Like? - Vampire Poll Responses (Lulu, 2006), a book compiled from the Vampire Poll that ran from January, 1998 to December, 2000.

November, 2006 - "The VCMB" moved to it's own domain,, courtesy of Lady Slinky.

Spring, 2007 - Sanguinarius celebrated it's 10th Anniversary!

May, 2007 - Released The Dictionary of Sanguinese (1st Edition, Lulu).

June, 2007 - Added a Parents' section to the site. The Vam-Personals co-brands with GothicMatch.

August, 2007 - Article by Sanguinarius, "Vampire Lifestyle and Culture", is published in Vampires in Their Own Voices (Llewellyn, 2007), ed. by Michelle Belanger.

Summer, 2008 - Sangi moved to Arizona, had emergency open heart surgery and was incapacitated for over a month; also quit smoking (yay, me!).

January, 2009 - The Vam-Personals moved to their own domain,

August, 2009 - Sanguinarius incorporated an all-new Vampire Community Calendar with new and better capabilities than the old one.

September, 2009 - Sanguinarius incorporated an all-new FAQs script with new and better capabilities after the last one died.

February, 2010 - became host to Sasha's "A Theory on Real Vampirism Reloaded", an updated version of her former page from around, I think, 1999 or 2000.

July, 2011 - Sanguinarius got the IRC channel #Vampires back (she lost it during her move and emergency surgery) and relaunched the #Vampires webpage. The channel is for the general discussion of vampires: folklore, fiction, reality, etc.

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