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A journal can serve as your confidant when you feel alone, and it will never condemn or reject you (kind of like a teddy bear in that respect) for what you tell it. You can look back through it later on and see and remember what was going on with you at a particular time. It can often go a long way to helping you sort out your thoughts, feelings, and also notice important changes or themes occuring in your life.

DisgustedLife writes, "When I first started my awakening I began a journal. I wrote down everything I felt, and all the reasons why I thought I might be a vampire, and at the same time I also wrote down all the reasons why I felt that I couldn’t be one/was not one. I also put in it inspirational quotes, and all my creative work that I wrote based around what I was going though then. I wrote down how I felt on certain days, and what specific things I felt made me crave blood (or if I just started randomly craving it).

"Every once in a while, I’d look through all the entries and see small changes that I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t been writing them down. Like after a couple of months, I noticed that my reasons for thinking I wasn’t a vampire were rather stupid, or had just slowly lessened. I also noticed that as each entry went on, I seemed more and more confident that I was in fact a vampire, even though I wouldn’t have thought so at the time when I was writing.

"So that’s my suggestion to everyone who is just starting their awakening or if they’re confused. It helped me out a lot. I still write in mine now, but it’s more of a reflection than it is questioning, I don’t write in it nearly as often though.

"If you do start a journal, I recommend that you make sure you keep it in a safe place, away from prying eyes. I live in a house where privacy is respected, but I know a lot of homes aren’t like that."

With a written journal lying around at home, even if kept well-hidden, there is always the possibility that someone nosing around may find it and read it. There are alternatives. For one, you could encode it, or write it in a secret language that only you know the key to. But that's a pain in the butt. An easier alternative is to start an online "blog", or web log.

Ther are a variety of online blogging sites. A couple popular ones that I have heard of are LiveJournal and DeadJournal. I'm fairly familiar with LiveJournal. One of its features is that you can set the level of access on different journal entries. That way, you can set some entries to be viewable by the public, while more personal entries may be only viewable by your friends once they've logged in. If you like, you can allow readers to post comments to your journal entries in message board style threads; or you can disable this so they can only read. And of course, if you don't want anybody to read what you write, you can set the security level accordingly. I assume that ohter online journals and web logs have similar capabilities.

I've included below a short list of some of the online journals/blogs that are available. Each has different features, so you might want to check them all out before deciding which one you would like to use best. To my knowledge, all of these blogs are free. They may or may not also have the option to have a premium blog at a nominal charge.

Blogger - A blog is your easy-to-use web site, where you can quickly post thoughts, interact with people, and more. All for FREE.

DeadJournal - is a journal site (much like LiveJournal), but as you will quickly see, not all journals are apple pie and fruitcakes. Here is where you find the journals that nobody else wants to see, or even host.

Diary-X - If you're looking for a fast, easy way to create an online journal, you've come to the right place. Diary-x has been designed from the ground up to bring you the tools you need to write without worrying about the mundane details of HTML. Flexible enough to accommodate just about everyone, diary-x takes no power away from the author.

Easy Journal - Easyjournal is a straightforward and simple web application for keeping a journal online. In just two easy steps, anyone can publish a journal at a designated, personalized website address. Easyjournal allows registered users to form communities called "Journal Networks", and receive feedback from their readers.

LiveJournal - LiveJournal is a simple-to-use (but extremely powerful and customizable) personal publishing ("blogging") tool.

Open Diary - Open Diary is the original and best online journalling community. We are currently home to 302,362 online diaries. When you join Open Diary, you become a member of a thriving community of thousands of online diarists.

Teen Open Diary - I think this is powered by Open Diary.

Xanga - Xanga is a community of online diaries and journals. You can easily start your own free journal, share thoughts with your friends and meet new friends, too!

There are many more online journal/weblog providers out there, but the ones I've listed are some of the better known ones. Hopefully, you'll find one of those to be to your liking. If not, you can always do a web search for online journals.

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