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Psi-Shielding & Problems in School

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From Shadow_Raver

I am 19 years of age and have been a hybrid [psi and sang combo] since the age of six and have been very lucky in that six of my immediate family are sang, psi, or hybrid vampires and were avaliable to help me through my Awakening. This article is not so much focused on the problems, but to provide some possible solutions that "new" vampires might face.

But first, I wish to share my experience with the one major problem I have encountered. My brother (age 10) and I moved from our home in the country in northern New Mexico, to Reno, Nevada, about 5 years ago. I was enrolled in a private "prep" school (and here I am, a long-standing member of the social outcast society -- yeeesh!), in which the number of teenagers in attendance was higher than the population of my entire community back home! The first day at my new school sent me home with a severe migraine that had me bleeding out of my ears, nose, and tear ducts, from the sheer weight of all, the energy and minds pressing against mine. It took me nearly 2 years to develop shields strong enough to ease the constant onslaught.

My question is this: Is there any way to develop my shields to be stronger so that I don't accidently make people pass out from my unconsciously draining them? I would sincerely appreciate any suggestions or solutions that might aid me. I ask not only for myself, but for my brother who is an abnormally strong Psi-vamp (staying in the same house with him for more that 30 minutes puts everyone to sleep). I would really like to help him have a semi-"normal" childhood, where he can go to school and actually make friends and keep them.

I have thought of a couple of solutions. One is that, being a hybrid and "needing" to feed either on blood, energy, or both, I have found meditation helps in developing the control necessary to keep from randomly draining too much from someone; and in focusing on "reading" someone to know whether or not that person's blood is clean (no STDs or viruses). Yes, you can do that. Well, at least I have found that I can. [Sangi's note: Though the author may feel he or she is able to sense this, I strongly urge that you NOT rely solely on this method, but make sure your donor gets tested, as an added precaution; the author may just be lucky so far in his choices.]

And two, that if you are over the age of 16-17, finding a swing or graveyard shift job (most likely as a night stocker, janitor, or convenience store clerk, though there are quite a few others) greatly reduces the amount of attention put on you by non-vamp parents or relatives. It also easily explains your daytime slumber. Other than that, I just hope that someone has an idea on how I can strengthen my shields and show my brother how to do so, too.

Hopefully and Sincerely, Your fellow Brother, Shadow_Raver

Feel free to contact me at

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