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A Few Tips for Awakening Vampires

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Page last updated: 2 June, 2007.

New!General Guidelines for Teen Vampyres/Awakening Vampyres

  1. If you're a sanguinarian, never feed at school. The consequences are not worth it.
  2. If you're a psi, learn to shield yourself as soon as possible.
  3. Wear sunglasses and sunscreen whenever possible. Those florescent lights are hell. And gym class/marching band: Can you scream: "It burns!! IT BURNS!!!!! EEAUUGHH!!!!!!!"
  4. Wear long sleeves if you have sun-sensitive skin.
  5. One word: shade. Stay in the shade.
  6. Try and go to sleep at night. It's hard, I know, I have the same problem, but falling asleep in class isn't worth detention. Take sleeping pills if you must. Or find a food that makes you fall asleep. Personally, apples always make me sleepy. I don't have a clue why.
  7. Eat. Drink fluids. It will help the Thirst, if only temporarily.
  8. Psi-vampyres: take energy from anything but humans, whenever possible. Trees work well. Some of us can also take energy from things like powerlines or the sun *shudders*.
  9. Don't tell anyone you're vamp. No one. If you must tell a non-vamp that you're a vampyre, wait for a good time. Don't tell them the instant you make the decision. And, unless you have a "vampyre family", NEVER tell your mom, dad, etc. Friends -- good, trustworthy friends that will never talk are your best bet.
  10. Do NOT parade the fact that you're a vampyre. Do not: A.) Constantly complain about being thirsty, but tell everyone that water, etc., does not help, B.) Ditto for the sun, C.) Admit that you're nocturnal, or D.) Joke around about vampyres. It only puts more suspicion on you.

Hope this helps my fellow awakening vampires and vampyres.

Contibuted by The Morbid Rose

Life's Not Too Bad...

I read the article "An Open Letter to Anyone Who Would Wish to Become a Vampire", and I don't know what to think about it. Yes, maybe life is harder for us, especially for the burning sun and the blood craving, but I haven't seen yet an article that speaks about the Vampires in a little bit more optimistic way.

I am 17, and I live in Mexico, my name is Israel, and I have been dealing with this since I was 12. At the beginning, it was true hell. The sensation of being completly out of energy, my sunburns (they weren't especially common, but they were especially painful). I have only had one donor in all my life, so by need, I became Psi-Vamp, too.

Maybe I didn't have those problems because I have always been a very lonely person, dedicated to meditation and thinking about life and such things. I was able to concentrate well, and become focused quickly, with little effort, and so I developed a way of controlling things with my will. I am used to feeding from the energy that everybody else doesn't need, so nobody gets sick or hurt when I feed. Emotional Vampirism is incredible useful to feed.

Of course I've got my own troubles, like the migraines, and a very weird trouble that I learned how to control with a lot of effort, but is one of the incredibly few things that I fear: I am afraid to be angry, to feel wrath. Maybe I am not the only one, but when I get angry, I start to feel how it invades all my body, my mind, my soul, my thoughts. I start losing control over myself; I lose all sense of pity, pain, mercy... I just want to go and hit, kill, and feed from the person that started the anger. I don't want to hurt anybody, because my guilt would be very heavy, but I must always fight my urges. It could be said that I lose all sense of respect for life. But, at least until now, I have been able to keep it under control.

Perhaps I have been very, very lucky: my best friends know that I am a Vampire and don't see me weird, or treat me different. One of my friends is a Vampire too. The girl that I love, Edith, is almost as weird as I am, and don't have fear of almost anything, so I feel very well with my world. My hands and the skin of my head had become stronger to the sunlight and the light, do hurt my eyes, but I solve it in a very practical way: I walk with my eyes closed or almost closed all the time, and when I can get to a shadow or I cover my eyes with my hands to see where I am walking. Obviously, all the other troubles still remain (except the gastric, but that might be because I am almost vegetarian), but one learns how to deal with them.

I just write to tell the others that not everything is bad; we are different, so much more different than other people, but I prefer being a vampire rather than being an idiot, like many of those who surround me. Of course, I won't wish this life for anybody who isn't a vampire, but for those who already are, I just said that everything is gonna be cool. You're are not alone, at least no more.

Contributed by Israel

Something that all awakening vampires should know is that they must ONLY tell those with an open mind. I learned this the hard way. And they also need to not be scared to admit what they are to themselves. It's all right to talk to really close and open-minded friends about awakening. I did, and found out one of my friends was awakening, as well, and two other ones are awakening right now. But they should only tell someone they trust and who is open minded.

And donors... I personally was way to shy to ever ask if I could feed off donors who said I was more than welcome to. DON'T DO THIS! IT WILL DRIVE YOU INSANE. All I could think about was the blood I let go; it was so horrible it brought me to tears.

Also a question is, where is a good place to feed? I mean, you can't just cut someone in the middle of the hallway and start drinking their blood. (I speak from's not a good idea.) Find somewhere private, or at least only around people who know what you are, or are open minded about it. A car is a good place as well, if you can't get to their house or they can't get to yours. I hope I helped a little.

Contributed by Haley

My concern is the difficulty in a relationship. When you vamp out or have a very strong thirst and lose control and almost hurt your boyfriend/girlfriend, it can be a large strain on the relationship and your emotions. I made a mistake in revealing what I am to a girlfriend, and she did not react well; the relationship continued but it eventually came to an end, in part, because of what I am. The fact of the matter is that you should be wary of who you tell, and make sure your partner, for lack of a better word, is understanding in that you do not mean any harm. Vamp outs can be uncontrollable and it is not your fault that you have them; you will learn to control them with time.

From Kimber's Love

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