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Teen Vampires

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Advice on the problems and issues teen vamps face: school, parents, coping with awakening, how to enter the vampiric community without looking like a fool, and more.

A practically classic quote: "I am turning 17 in a month, and I find it is very hard to find a donor because people either think that you are some stupid child or that you are too young. Too young? It's not really our choice that we were awakened, especially not at this time when so much is going on. It's yet another thing to add to the list of teenage problems!" -- Anonymous


Being Discreet About Being a Vampire
A little about who to 'come out of the coffin' to, donors, and good and bad places to feed. (Added: 13 May, 2005)

Confusion, or: Am I a Vampire? Many times, young people come to the site wanting to know if they are vampires. Cynsanity has compiled most of the questions usually asked, including the 'evidence', complete with possible explanations. This is in the Articles Archive, but I thought it important enough to link to from here, as well. (Added: 6 June, 2007)

Dealing with Others' Reactions
On September 15, 2003, I posted a message on the Vampiric Community Message (& Support) Board asking teen- and school-aged vampires a number of questions about being outted and dealing with the reactions of friends and family. I have included a selection of responses which I feel might give other teen vampires ideas for coping strategies.

Entering the Community Properly
A brief guide to help newbies to enter the vampiric community without making royal fools or annoyances of themselves. (Added: 11 December, 2004)

Ethics for the Recently Awakened Vampire
A list of things that all 'blood vampires' should keep in mind, specifically those having to deal with both vampirism and High School. (Added April, 2003)

Hanging in There. A short article by a teen vampire detailing some common problems and a few words of advice and encouragement.

A suggestion for the confused.

Nine Considerations for a Fledgling Vampire. Ascian sets out a number of problems and situations a young vampire is likely to find him or herself in, as well as solutions and workarounds. (Added: 30 August, 2007)

Psi-Shielding & Problems in School
A teen psi-vampire shares his experiences in school, offers a bit of advice for other teen vamps, and asks for suggestions about developing his psi shields.

So You've Found Out You're a Vampire... Some dos and don'ts for teens who have awakened or discovered that they are vampires.

The Surprises Awakening Brings (for 'blood vamps')
A guide for teen vampires with information on and how to deal with one's awakening. (Added: 17 May, 2003)

Wearing Sunglasses in School
A guide to getting your teachers to let you wear your sunglasses in class.


A Few Tips for Awakening Vampires
Some advice regarding telling others, donors, and places to feed. (Section under development.)

Awakening Stories

Awakening Stories
Stories of teen vampires' awakenings and experiences while going through their awakenings. (Section under development.)

International Teen Vampire Meetup Day
International Teen Vampire Meetup Day - 4th Sat. of every month - Click here for more info

If you have something you'd like to contribute to Teen Vampires, please send it to me. Please let me know that it is for the "Teen Vampires" section, and include your name/nickname and email address (if you wish) that you want me to include for the credit. Tip: Pretend that you're writing it for your English class. ;) Thank you.

Section under construction and development. Please be patient, and check back soon. :) You might possibly need to reload or refresh the page in your browser if the page doesn't change soon.

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