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Fun Vampires Have, Page 5

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Do vampires have fun? Yeah, despite all the problems we have, we still manage to have some fun. We have more fun than blondes. Here's some of the fun we have, some of the silly situation we sometimes find ourselves in...

Seeking contributions and input. Please see "Fun Vampires Have", p1 for more info.


I was getting ready for Halloween when a group of kids knocked on my door, so I popped in my fangs and opened the door. When they said "Trick or treat?", I said, "Someone to eat?". With a little flashing of fangs, I gave them some candy. As I was about to close the door, one of them asked me if my fangs were real and I said, "Yes. Say, can I have someone to eat, please?" As they backed away, I grinned evilly and moved towards them. In quiet and scared voices, they said "No", so I said okay and closed the door. My brother and I looked at each other and started laughing our heads off (he doesn't know I'm a vampire). That was the highlight of my day, and to tell you the truth, I don't think anyone will want to knock on my door again.

Contributed by Evildead

I've been vamp nearly as long as I can remember (I awakened VERY early). Although I'm a sanguinarian, I do occasionally indulge in some psychic vampirism.

At secondary school (yup, I'm English!), I became aware that a friend was casting on me (turned out to be a love spell, bless her!). This annoyed me greatly -- the cheek of it. Anyway, one day I decided to teach her a lesson. While she was walking past me, I drained her very quickly. Sadly, for her anyway, she was caught completely off-guard, and tripped. She looked up to see me standing a several feet away, grinning at her. That was the last time she bothered me.

Strangely, at junior school, someone managed to convince the class that I was vamp. I don' know who, or how, as I never told anyone. I came into class one day to find the witless mundanes had all made crusifixes, and tried to fend me off! When will they learn?

While at college, I was completely open about my vampirism with everyone. Most of my friends (well, the mundanes anyway) thought it was just my way of masturbating my ego. That is until I fed off a (willing) friend in front of about 100 people! Not too subtle, huh? They got the point, and I got no further hassle.

Contributed by Rinon

I'm homeschooled, so I'm lucky enough to be able to sleep on my own schedule. I like to take "late night" walks a few hours after I wake up. My favorite place to go is the park only a few blocks from my house.

I took a walk to that park on the full moon last September. The moon was so beautiful, I just had to lay down in the grass and look at it. The ground was freezing and covered in dew, but I didn't care.

A few minutes later, I heard two girls (probably about 20 years old each) come into the park, walking their dog, and talking. I looked over briefly, then went back to staring at the moon. I was lying on the ground, so they didn't see me right away. I was wearing a corset, so I was breathing so shallowly, I really wasn't moving. I heard one of them gasp. They'd just noticed me. They started talking to each other quietly, "Is she okay?", "Should we ask?", etc. They decided to find out, so one of them shouted, "Hey!" at me, assuming I couldn't hear them before. I didn't move. They came over to me and looked right at me.

I still didn't move. They started getting scared that I may be dead. One of them reached down and tried to move me by my arm. I stiffened just a little, but still let them move me. With me being so pale and cold from the ground, the girl pulled away and screamed. I still didn't move.

They walked away just a few feet and weren't looking at me any more. They were talking about whether they should call the police or just leave. At that point it's really hard not to laugh my ass off. Then, while they weren't looking, I stood up as quietly as I could and turned my back to them, and just started walking away, slowly and quietly. Then I heard them both start screaming, and then running away.

It was the best fun I'd had in a long time.

Contributed by Kitten

I was walking around one night because I can't sleep at night anymore (damn nocturnal habits!). I decided to stop off at the Seven-Eleven because I had nothing else better to do and felt like picking up some gum, and those are always open. I put my shades on as I entered the store, and I was wearing my long black leather coat like always, and my fangs. I bought my gum, while the balding guy running the cash register watched me like a hawk the entire time. I walked out of the store to find a group of teenage guys hanging around on their pick-up truck.

Well, they noticed me immediately and I could hear them whispering about my appearance (I love my great sense of hearing). Then one of them, a tall guy with messy hair and dirt stained clothes, came over to me as I was walking away and started asking me if I wanted to hang out with him. I told him, "No", and walked away. He got in front of me and asked for my number or at least my name. I told him, "No", and continued to walk away, brushing him aside. A communal "oooohhing" noise came from his friends still by the pick-up truck. He lashed out and grabbed my arm. I turned around, grabbed his arm and twisted it around and smiled, flashing my fangs. He turned the whitest shade I have ever seen and tried to escape my grip. I let him go, -- he wasn't very strong, -- and he stumbled to the ground, trying to run away and pick himself up at the same time. I walked away into the shadows of the dark road next to the Seven-Eleven and I stopped to listen to the guy tell his friends about the vampire that almost killed him. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to fall over. So when it comes down to it, fangs are the best way to get rid of annoying guys and are so much more fun than pepper spray!

Contributed by Morticai

A new girl came into school and she noticed the perfect relationship my girlfriend and I have. She was jealous, so one day she decided to sit with us at lunch and try to break us up. We both knew that from the beginning. My girlfriend and I both being vampires with very nice natural fangs, sharp teeth, and gleaming eyes, let her finish her sentence then we both gave her a nice big smile.

Instead of leaving, she sat there not knowing what to do. So i started to nibble on my girlfriend's shoulder. When my girlfriend started to bleed and the girl saw me licking it up, she fell off her chair and scrambled to the bathroom. I saw her the next week, but she would always look away quickly when she saw me. Of course, word got around the school of what happened. But with her being the new girl, all my girlfriend and I had to do was deny it happened, and nobody believed the new girl.

Contributed by energyfreak

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