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Fun Vampires Have, Page 6

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Do vampires have fun? Yeah, despite all the problems we have, we still manage to have some fun. We have more fun than blondes. Here's some of the fun we have, some of the silly situation we sometimes find ourselves in...

Seeking contributions and input. Please see "Fun Vampires Have", p1 for more info.


I'm an 18-year-old male from Spokane, Washington. No, I'm not a goth, nor do I dress in black; and yes I have all the normal photosensitivity and nocturnal sleep schedule, etc., as we all do. I moved to Seattle with my mother for a while to visit for about two months, leaving all my friends behind, wondering when I'd be back. (I seem to be popular here, apparently.) I had a nice set of fangs made by Dnash and got a pair of red UV-glow contacts, tinted to help with the light problems (they look like they're really my eyes). I managed to obtain a tube of temporary dental cement from Patterson Dental Supply so my fangs are "semi-permanent".

I showed up at the house of my buddy, James, who's a complete "gangster", but still my best friend. He's living with a chick he met. I walked in and sat down with my glasses on, trying not to use my lips whilst talking as much as normal. (I naturally have very long eye teeth although I'm psi-material.) Four good looking females were there, and two of them were sitting next to me and flirting like hell.

After about 10 minutes, one of them says, "Why do you still have you glasses on?" and proceeds to take them off even though I said not to. I open my eyes and all she says is, "Whoa, f*ck!" Startled and not meaning to, I couldn't help but genuinely smile, accidentally exposing my canines. She jumped away from me, and her friend got James and proceeded to freak out as females do. That's when James says, "Holy sh*t, cuz! What the f*ck's wrong with you?!"

All I said was, "I gotta go." I put the shades back on and left. Unfortunately, they won't answer the door anymore when I knock! I have gotten a hold of James, though, and apparently I seriously messed with those chicks' minds. Gotta love the culture. Teach 'em a lesson 'bout being ho's and trying to get with everyone who's good looking. (lol) If anyone wants to get ahold of me, do so at pimp_ace2 (at)

Contributed by Colt, a.k.a. Nitrowolf

I'm a real vamp. I was adopted at birth and have never been able to trace my bloodline. I burn too easily on a nice day, have natural "real" fangs, and am too stealthy for my own good. I'm a good 300lb man and should make more noise when I move. So, what I do for fun is shadow people, walk up and just stay about 1 or 2 feet behind them and see how long it takes for them to notice me. I'm talking about being in bright lights, not even trying to scare anyone...just watching. I let it go on for many minutes until they catch me in their peripheral vision and scream bloody murder or I get bored and step out in front of them and they mess themselves.

I also use my "invisibility" when someone is standing there talking to me and I get a bit mischievious. When they look away, I will "poof" onto their other side so when they turn back to where I was, they freak. Then they freak again when they find me on the other side. That little maneuver has given me the reputation as "BATMAN", because he is always disappearing when the Commish is briefing him.

In the dark, it's easy to sneak and scare. The secret to doing it in the bright light or daylight is simply...empty your head, think nothing, just watch. It's like your brain is silent-running or cloaked. I've had people look right at me and not even see me until I talk to them and they freaked. Try it, it's cool.

Contributed by Sabrewing

I tend to hang about in graveyards at night. One of my friends happens to have night shift in one of the graveyards I go to; he watches over the graves and makes sure no one vandalizes the place. One time, I was sitting on a stoop to a crypt in that graveyard. Well, he came around to where I was, not seeing me of course, and I snuck up behind him and jumped on his back. I bit him with my pearly fangs and he started freaking out! (Who wouldn't?) He finally got me off of him and he was about to run, but didn't due to my laughing. I said, "I was this close to getting you to piss your pants, Jack." Needless to say he was a tad upset, but he laughs about it now.

Contributed by Savannah Muse
sdmuse (at)

Oh my God! Little kids have the most priceless expressions!

Let me set it up for you:

I was hanging around at the mall dressed normally, wearing my black hooded top, black pants, and sunglasses; I was waiting for my mom to come back, so I decided to have some fun. I started walking around until I found the "TimeOut" area of the mall (where the "coin-op" machines are) and popped my fangs in. I walked around and a young boy bumped into me. I gave him a quick hiss and flashed my fangs, and he hastily ran to his mother. Then, I went back over to the railing I was orignally leaning on and a child in the elevator stared at me. I gave him a quick smile (with a flash of the fangs, of course), and he looked straight down at the ground, his face really pale. Then, I frightened some of the younger high-school and middle school students lingering at the mall by walking up and asking them if they knew the time. It is extremely satisfying to see a "little preppy miss popular" so un-nerved!

So yeah, that was the mall... all those kids are going to have the story to tell of when they saw a vampire walking around the mall.

Contributed by Ely

I was at the mall with a friend. Suddenly nature decided it was time for me to take a tinkle. Now, you ladies might not know this, but guys have to use urinals. These urinals are usually set close together with just enough space to do your business. Well, while I was relieving myself, another person came into the bathroom and began using the urinal next to me. Now, guys, like anyone else, usually don't like to make conversation in a situation like this. But, apparently this guy didn't get that memo. So he starts talking to me and I'm getting annoyed, so I turn to him and give him a big fangy smile. This man turned whiter then anything I've ever seen and rushed to get as far from me as possible. Well, while rushing he dampened one whole pant leg and managed to get "it" stuck in the zipper. I washed my hands and left, laughing at the high pitched groans of pain.

Hope this story wasn't too graphic for anyone. Funny though.

Contributed by Wren

I stand about 5'7", and have long black hair, and with my long reverend's coat and red glasses, I look about as vampiric as posible. I was on my way into a local coffee shop a little ways from my house when I passed a group of older ladies walking to their cars. I overheard them saying things like "oh lord" and such, so I turned to them and bow, smiling at them and revealing my nice, white fangs. The one lady who had said something turned about six shades of white before turning back around and hurrying to her car. I turned and laughed with my typical maniacal laugh and headed on my way. I love it! ;)

Contributed by Sephiroth

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