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Fun Vampires Have, Page 8

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Do vampires have fun? Yeah, despite all the problems we have, we still manage to have some fun. We have more fun than blondes. Here's some of the fun we have, some of the silly situation we sometimes find ourselves in...

Seeking contributions and input. Please see "Fun Vampires Have", p1 for more info.


I wasn't really planning on going to homecoming due to my depression for the third week in a row, but a friend of mine kept asking me to go with her. After countless tries of asking me, I finally said "yes" just so she would stop complaining. Well, the night of dance came around and I really didn't know what to wear; it was close to Halloween so I just thought "What the hell? I'll just go as myself, a vampire".

My friend knows I am a vampire, but none of her friends knew at the time, and being one of the only black vampires in the area, it's kind of hard not to miss me. I tend to stand out. I have a somewhat intimidating look about me so most people leave me alone, which is a good thing because I do have a nasty temper if my buttons are pushed; several people found out the hard way. But overall, I'm a pretty decent guy. I dressed myself out in a black shirt and black pants, and to top it all off, I have a very long black coat with red satin lining on the inside that I wore once I got to the school. I didn't realise that I was the only minority in the vicinity till I started to just observe; I did realise that some people were staring at me -- I could just feel it. I turned around and noticed a girl who looked slightly gothic staring at me. I gave her a nod which suprised her because I don't think she noticed I was looking back at her; she nodded in return.

Once my friend arrived and the dance actually started, I noticed as the night went on more and more people were staring at me and my friend. I didn't really pay any attention to it, though I enjoyed the attention for the fact I rarely get attention anyways. One group of people even was plotting to steal me away from my friend and try to hook me up with one of their friends. It was a beautiful night that I will always remember, because as a vampire I pretty much got everyone's attention without even trying.

My friend and I still talk. She told me that, for about a good solid two or three months, the whole school was asking about me. Supposedly, since another dance is coming around, the talk about me has surfaced once again. Talk about being popular when you never were to begin with... Good things come to those who wait. *evil grin*

The Dark Prince VvvvV

My friends forced me to go to a school dance with them, even though it's a pretty preppy event. I arrived in fairly gothic clothes and, of course, my sunglasses (the dance was at night but they kept the lights on). These sun glasses are fairly dramatic, having silver frames and blood-red lenses and drew quite a bit of attention. I had to use the bathroom, and when I walked in, there was the usual set of girls manicuring themselves and talking about how beautiful they are. Their jaws quite visibly dropped and one let out an amazed "Whoa". When I got out of the stall there was a new, even preppier set of girls at the mirrors. I started washing my hands, and as I did, some of them lowered their cell phones and backed into a corner. Normally, the popular ones are so confident but these girl looked a bit intimidated. I couldn't help but flash a lovely smile. I just said, "Scared?", and waltzed out, leaving them behind. For the rest of the dance, my friends and I went up behind anyone slow dancing and made as if to bite them. Their dates would get a shocked look, and they would turn around but by then I was gone. One of my friends then got a cut on her arm and everyone gathered around and asked her what happened. As a joke, she told them I had bit her and they all believed it! They took a step back and some started to bolt before we explained she had been kidding. lol That was the most fun I've had in a while.

from Pippin

I work as a theatrical technician and I do a lot of special effects work. That said, while I was preparing for a Halloween performance of "Dracula", I had an interesting run in with the local clergy...

I was in charge of going to the chemistry lab on campus to make several blocks of dry ice for a nifty ground fog effect. As it was Halloween, and I was hosting the cast party after the show, I made a few extra blocks for later. These extra blocks were wrapped in some dry towels and smuggled out of the lab in my coat pockets. The rest was safely packed in a styrofoam cooler in my bag.

The path from the chem lab to the theatre went past a small catholic church, where the church members were not so kindly protesting the celebration of Halloween. One even went so far as to douse those that he deemed to be sinners (anyone that didn't attend mass) with holy water. Now, I dress in black, partially because I work in a theatre, but also because I just like it. I also have a less-than-harmless appearance. Apparently, upon seeing me pass by, the whole group decided that I was seriously in need of some "good" harassment. I just ignored it and kept on walking. Then, as I was almost out of range, I was suddenly saturated by holy water. I turned and glared at the guy who soaked me; he was grinning and quite pleased with himself. Then it happened. The water ran into my pockets and soaked the extra dry ice. It started producing a thick fog almost instantly. The guy's face went pale. Everyone else fell silent.

I just glared at the group for a second and proceeded to run straight at the holy water-throwing-moron. The whole group ran for cover! Then as the fog kept pouring off of my body I let out a blood curdling scream, and yelled, "I'm melting! I'm melting!" Still running, I could see the looks of terror on the faces of the group. I just kept running, screaming in "pain" until I got out of sight.

Soaked and now with lumps of ice in my pockets, I went on to get everything ready for the evening's performance. I didn't really think much about what had happened, I was just really pissed off. Later, I heard an interesting story about how some religious rednecks had warded off this demon. That story circulated for several years...

Contributed by Arc

Still being in High School does has it's pros when you enjoy freaking people out. When Halloween rolls around, we're allowed to wear our costumes during "Spirit Week". Last year, I decided to strap up my corsette top, put on some tight black jeans, and use my fangs that I had previously purchased from Hot Topic (love that store...good fangs, too). I'm already deathly pale and my body looks like a veiny map! People think I'm weird anyway, always reading vampire books or morbid-type books, and drawing demon things.

An underclassmen (a freshmen, I think) decided to stroll up and stand beside me, apparently trying to impress his friends. He looked at me, smiled, and said, " real? Wanna treat?" He tilted his head back slightly to expose his neck, his friends laughing it up the entire time. My fangs look real, mind you, so when I smiled widely at him and leaned forward to breathe on his neck, he went stark pale and shivered. I replied softly, "Hmm...I would, but you know...morons aren't my crimson delight." He stepped away, eyes wide, and then walked away quickly. For the rest of the day, my friends were laughing and applauding my performance.

Contributed by Cheshire

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