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Problems Vampires Have, Page 6

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This has problems pertaining to dealing with "everyday" (everynight?) things for real vampires. It can get in a light vein, but I would prefer it to be mainly enlightening (jeez, can I quit with these day puns, already???) as to actual problems that vampires have to deal with on a day-to-day (aaarrrggghhh!!!) basis.


I love Volleyball. For some odd reason, I just can't find many people who will play a four-hour game at night! It's the company picnic, middle of summer, totally cloudless day, right? Seemed like hell to me as I could feel my flesh singeing already and I had just arrived. Someone breaks out the volleyball, and I decide, "It's been so long, I want to play. I will NOT be a prisoner to the sun! I won't, I won't, I won't!" So I lather on the sunblock and go out there and play; and it was a breakneck series of games. Nobody I worked with could match my stamina, and they were looking at me funny in the fourth hour. By then I was numb to the pain with all the excitement, and it wasn't until I got in my car that I realized that I could possibly pass out on the drive home. I made it home, but all the endorphins had worn off and I was in mighty sorry shape. I was praying that nobody would get in my way, when this dog came screaming out of somebody's nudged-open door and started yapping at my heels, and I grabbed it and damn dear ripped it's throat open before I chose not to, throwing it back to the door. To be perfectly honest, I don't remember if it made it to its feet or not. Made it to my apartment, got my clothes off, turned on the shower with cool water and proceeded to pass out in the tub. It was about three hours to sunset, and I spent two of them unconscious. It felt like nightfall would take forever to get there, but it finally did.

My burn was gone when I woke up the next night, but it was it was two nights (sleeping all day) and two willing donor-friends before I was back in sensible shape.

Contributed by Raston Warrior

I miss being able to go to the pool and swim. Provided that I can stand to be outside in the middle of the day, oh so bright and sunny, I can't swim around in the pool with my sunglasses on. Oh, sure, I could wade around like an old fart, but no real swimming: no laps, no cavorting about under the water, no diving / cannonballs. The water from those who are cavorting about would splash up onto the lenses of the shades and get in the way of viewing things... No laying out and relaxing, dozing off to the sounds of the pool-goers. I tried laying out a time or two. It was nasty. First, I wasn't comfortable in my bathing suit, so I dressed and tried it. Too bright, looking directly upwards. I put a towel over my face, and the twit I was with had a spaz about that -- like I'd stripped nude or something! -- and kept bitching and trying to remove it, saying if I didn't take it off my face, then he was going to leave. Like I was acting ridiculous or something??? "Normal" people can and do get away with doing that sort of thing... But no-o-o, he wouldn't listen to me. Oh, well, big loss...I didn't want to feel the stupid sun on my skin, anyhow. :-(

There's this place where I used to live that has a bunch of water-oriented fun stuff. I miss spending the afternoon at the big wave pool there. Oh, was always too crowded, anyhow, and too many ugly people in bikinis (not me, though)...sigh...But they had these neat rafts that you could rent, and then, if it wasn't too crowded, you could paddle around and get up some speed and go riding it (raft-surfing) in towards "shore" -- pretty damned awesome! I will become a bitter, sour, old fart before I'm 30.

[Update: I've since passed 30, and it's quite true. -- I am a bitter, sour old fart now! *grin*]


I hate the thirst. I'm thirsty, ok? So I drink, and I drink, and I drink this, and I drink that, and I drink some coffee, and then I drink some milk, and I drink some orange juice, and I drink some water, and I drink some fruit punch, and I drink, and I drink, and I drink, till I've drunk enough to sink the Titanic, and I still can't get rid of this damned Thirst!

And dammit, the stupid fruit punch has to go looking like blood...dammit!

--Sanguinarius the Bitchy

Okay, I was just wondering if I was the only vampire who has this problem. I have been a vampire for about two years now and I have this extreme problem if I bleed. Anytime I see large amounts of my own blood, I freak out -- and frankly it scares me (not a lot of things do but this definitely does). I am also wondering if I will ever get over this.

Contributed by

Nope, yer not the only one... You get used to blood, but getting over freaking out, well, it will always have some effect, but you've got to just steel your mind and thoughts against that and keep control of yourself. *grin* --Sanguinarius

Here's some... School. Why the f**k are teenagers my age so ignorant??? It annoys the crap out of me. My nickname is "vampire", and not said in a good way, more like a snide remark... It's gotten so bad I actually answer to it now.

Oh, and El Nino... It's not normally supposed to be 90 in Seattle!! I either fry in the sun and get a 3rd degree sunburn, or I sleep all day feeling like I have a fever... It SUCKS...

Contributed by Lady Gabrielle

What annoys me:

Boyfriends who are psyvamps, and so don't believe in blood drinking and are carrying out a sort of personal inquisition to root out who isn't a vampire (which is everyone according to him). Which means I am not a vampire (which I can deal with), but doesn't understand why I need blood (which I can't deal with). And because I have no one to donate, I have to cut myself, which gets very dangerous when you eventually have scars all over your body and people are noticing in PE, and when the family wants you to go swimming. What is also annoying is that eventually the boyfriend will come across this page and probably email me wanting to get in contact because he hasn't the brains to realise this is me. [Note: *wicked chuckle* -- Sangi]

Contributed by Eliz.

My problem relates to that I need blood, an actual physical need for it. I can get my psychic power from anybody, but the blood its what I crave. When living in a society such as this and with such family as I do, life becomes rather difficult to be who I am, let alone discuss it. One thing is my denial of what I am, something I am at times ashamed, attempt to look normal, only burning my eyes, skin, and pride. This as well includes pausing my weekly blood feedings, which then I get horrible, easily agigtated, moody, cranky, and overall bitchy...somewhat like a smoker, there is a craving I can not subside, and instead of sucking on a person or vein (or used meat package), I would get lollipops, which gets tiring. So instead, I eat. Nothing tastes good; it all upsets my fragile stomach, and I gain weight, as well, -- this only results in a worse mood. So what comes about? Why is it, reiterated from previous letters, that so much tedious work comes with being a vampire? Sunglasses that don't protect; long sleeved, long dress/pants outfits; sunscreen that is too wimpy and doesn't work,;burns; mock and friends! And with all this, as well, a boyfriend completely in scoff of who I am (a roleplayer)! And he wonders why I look at others such. So here I sit, weight back to normal, in my dark room on my chair, and an IV tube of blood...the news shouting something about a break-in at the mobile blood bank. looks good for a while.

Contributed by lilith

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