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Problems Vampires Have, Page 7

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This has problems pertaining to dealing with "everyday" (everynight?) things for real vampires. It can get in a light vein, but I would prefer it to be mainly enlightening (jeez, can I quit with these day puns, already???) as to actual problems that vampires have to deal with on a day-to-day (aaarrrggghhh!!!) basis.


I don't know about anyone else, but I have a massive problem with food. The doctors told me I probably have an ulcer, but the medicine they gave me has done nothing to help. Nothing agrees with my stomach. I am constantly nauseous and afraid that I might vomit, though I never do. I just cannot find anything to settle my stomach. I have a feeling that blood may do the trick, but it is very hard to find a donor where I live. I am trapped in the buckle of the Bible belt....Tulsa, Oklahoma. There are only a few people here that are into bloodplay, and two of them are getting ready to move to Florida. Life for me has been absolute hell for the past couple of months. It has gotten to the point where I can hardly even go out anywhere, because I am afraid of getting sick. It's driving me absolutely insane!! If anyone has any suggestions, or is going through something similar, I would love to hear from you. My e-mail address is

Contributed by Lady Vamp

From a medical standpoint, here is something all blood drinkers may need to keep in mind, especially as we age....

Blood, whether human or animal is not entirely digested in the human/Sanguinarian digestive system. And, as you get older, there are certain tests that our human doctors perform, in order to ensure that we are in optimal health. These tests are called "occult blood tests," and "fecal leukocyte tests." What this means is, they test a patient's solid waste to see if it contains any blood. Now, for normal humans, it should not. If it did, it could be a sign that they have a bleeding stomach ulcer, or a bleeding intestinal polyp, or even a colon cancer. This is a very necessary diagnostic test, as we get older, and whenever we have stomach pain, or complaints. BUT: if you have recently ingested blood, in any form, be it human, animal, or even just extremely rare animal meat, (i.e. a good, bloody steak) the fecal leukocyte test will be positive.

My suggestion, in this case, would range from: tell the doctor that you are in the habit of eating extremely rare steak, or, if real digestive system disease may be suspected, go ahead and consent to further testing, just to make sure you do NOT have a bleeding ulcer, polyp, or cancer...etc.

In this day and age, it is still EXTREMELY unwise to tell any medical professional that you consume raw blood, be it human, or animal. Most physicians will just want to start out by repeating the original tests in a week to two weeks, with the cautionary preparation being eat no rare red meat. (In our cases, it would also be consume no blood.)

If, indeed, after two weeks of abstaining from blood and blood by-products, there is still occult blood in your tests, (occult, in this case, meaning "hidden",) then it would be wise to undergo a more revealing diagnostic test. In this day and age, that would normally be a colonoscopy, with endoscopy. (To those not fluent in medical-ese, this means viewing the stomach and colon with a tiny fiber-optic tube.) Just because we consume a substance that is not really socially acceptable in this day and age, does not mean we can be lax about our own personal health care, nor does it guarantee that we won't come down with the same ailments found in all other walks of life.

Okay, gang, this just means be careful. It doesn't mean that blood-drinking is going to cause any of these problems; however, we need to keep in mind that we do not necessarily have to reveal to a physician that we consume human/animal blood, either.

Stay calm, keep your wits about you, and take care of yourselves. And Sangpoursang/mom will always be around to answer your questions if you need me.

Contributed by Sangpoursang

I'd like to tell you of something that totally sucks (stupid puns). Whenever someone cuts themself or starts bleeding in any way in front of me, I have to resist the reflex of my hand shooting out, grabbing the bloody limb (or whatever) and digging in. I think the lack of donors and the fact I haven't had a decent drop in a year kinda contributes to this.

Contributed by Dead Boy

Let's see. Having my eyeballs seared when I forget to close the blinds.

Having my doctor tell me that I need to stop taking iron supplements, because my levels are higher than normal -- only I don't take iron supplements.

Said doctor also telling me that my thyroid levels are weird, and that I'll need another blood workup, because she's never seen anything like them before (they're both extremely low).

Wanting to rip my roommate's throat out because to me she looks like lunch.

Going on a date with a guy I like, and realizing that he's going to be turned off if I ask for a donation.

Realizing that I'm going to have to start wearing sunglasses everywhere (thank Goodness my skin has stopped itching when I'm in sunlight).

Anybody out there have any tips on how to deal with this stuff?

From Michele

My problem is this: I live in sunny southern Florida and can not help but go into the sun, but when I do I burn so bad that in about a half an hour I get blood-filled blisters. I have tried sunblock but it doesn't help, and if I try to cover up my skin with clothes then I just get heat stroke, -- after all it stays in the upper 90's most of the year here.

To make it worse, though, I am still in high school and still live in my parents' house and no one is very understanding of my problems. I don't have any problems feeding because I do have two other friends that are vampires also but they don't have as bad of problem with the sun as I do. To make matters even worse for me I am in the marching band and we practice every afternoon for two hours (pain!!); and even on top of that, I have knee problems that I must take medication every day for -- and guess what? The medication makes you even more sensitive to the sun!

I really need some ways to cope though and maybe not make it so painful after practicing everyday in the sun. By Friday my arms and shoulders are covered with painful blood blisters.

Contributed by Becky

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