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Problems Vampires Have, Page 8

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This has problems pertaining to dealing with "everyday" (everynight?) things for real vampires. It can get in a light vein, but I would prefer it to be mainly enlightening (jeez, can I quit with these day puns, already???) as to actual problems that vampires have to deal with on a day-to-day (aaarrrggghhh!!!) basis.


I can't really get why people act so negatively to other people in black clothes. I'm not saying all vamps must wear black, but it happens to be my favorite color (next to dark red). My grandma flips out on me every time I walk in the kitchen in all black. It's not like I'm in some sort of gang or something! Also, I have to resist the reflex of grabbing someone's or my own wrist or neck whenever they draw blood. This gets pretty hard, especially when you havent had a drop in a year. All this is really pissing me off!!!

Contributed by Dead Boy

Things that make us self-conscious....

When you are a parent and you are listening to your children from inside your home outside innocently telling the neighbors that you have boo-boos because you are a vampire.

When others tell you you need to see a doctor because "you just have to be anemic!"

When others constantly ask if you die if you go in the sun.

When others think you tear out people's throats and feed like a rabid dog.

When doctors are stumped because your body temp is far lower than others.

When doctors can't figure out why you are not feeling well and take a blood test and can't figure out why the results are different that others and it is unexplainable.

When you're with, married to, a lover of, etc., one whose thirst is greater than yours.

Oh, I probably could go on forever.......just needed to vent for a bit..... Many thank yous......

From afflictiun

I am more than a little confused right now. I stumbled across this site and others like it while looking for a vampire related present for my sister. All my life I have been mistaken for a "vampire" by people I meet, and my friends actually joke about my being a bloodsucking immortal. The fact that I have survived a fatal bite from a funnel web spider (supposedly kills in minutes), a motorcycle crash at 100, falling of a two storey building on to my head, drowning, accidental overdosing, and a brick falling on my head does not help. I have the bad habit of biting my lovers, and since my canines and eye teeth are very sharp that does not impress some of them. I am weak and listless during day and wear sunglasses constantly. Living on the Gold Coast in Australia, I am constantly burnt when I am forced to go out during the day. I have been thirsty for years with only milk, orange juice, and almost raw meat abating it slightly. The only time I have any energy is when I try to take it from another life form, something I have never understood, but finding if I don't I get sick I keep doing it anyway. I know think that a I may really be a ... vampire ... but now what? I have only fed on that pranic energy stuff for years and the Thirst rages constantly. I'm naturally psychic, but am so weak that I can barely draw enough energy to survive even when touching another. I can not leave my body (something that used to happen occasionly in one of my energy sessions). In short my friends, I am what happens when a born vampire does not drink. Believe me, the Thirst is there for a reason, and to any who think we are all just play-acting -- spend a day in my body.

Now I need to find out, are there any vampires, blood or psi-, that I could meet in New Zealand where I am at the moment, or in Australia near Queensland? Or -- pleeease -- a donor. I am thirsty enough to start on animals. I fact I probably will have to. Yuk.

Contributed by MoJo

I wanted to provide an analogy of the Thirst. Imagine yourself in this position:

It is a hot day, the sun driving to blistering heat. You are walking home after a long day sitting at your work's booth at a local festival. You sat, boiling in the day’s heat, melting, as person after person walked by. You are hurrying to get a drink of water, which has been denied to you all day. Walking home, you realize that you haven't had anything but soda to drink for two days. Soon, all you can think about is getting something to drink, the sweat running down your brow. The cars pass by, you see a woman gulping from her water bottle, spilling a little on her blouse. She must be teasing you on purpose!

Only 3 blocks from home, you might as well run. Not used to running, you become tired quickly and slow a bit to catch your breath. One block away -- keep going. All you can think about that tall glass of ice-cold water. Jogging up to your door, you turn the knob and slam your shoulder into the locked door.

Growling in abandonment, you check all the doors -- everyone must've gone out. You are tired and thirsty. You look around for a key; exhausting yourself, you sit on the porch, paralyzed with the thought that you need water. You have to have water. Waiting, for what seemed to be an eternity, the car pulls into your driveway. You hurry along your mother to open the door.

You run in and grab a tall glass put it under the tap, lift the faucet handle. You hear a loud grumbling noise and the faucet shakes. You hear your mom from the other room, "The water's been shut off -- they had a main break.." You scream, exasperated. You grab a soda from the storage room and pop it open. The fizz is almost painful and you slam the can down. It's not water.

"I just put some milk in the fridge if you're thirsty," Mom calls. You go for the fridge, pour some milk and take a few swallows. It's not water. You drink the entire glass full...still thirsty. It's not water. It's not what you wanted. All you want is water. You put the milk back in the fridge, walking away with a sticky throat; you swallow hard.

You sit to watch TV, a Britta water filter commercial torturing you. You flip the channel...the sitcom family sitting down at the table, the mom pouring water into glasses before dinner. Hours pass -- all you can think of is water. Nothing else.

Soon, you dad walks in the door with a couple bottles of Nivea water. Your mouth waters in anticipation. You snatch one out of his hands, "Can I have one?" You tear off the seal and pop open the top. "Suuuure..." Dad replies. The cool liquid enters your mouth, swirling around your tongue. You are reminded of a fresh water spring, the fountain of life, splashing down the side of a mountain in a waterfall of pleasure. You swallow the liquid, savoring its refreshment. The drops fill you with reviving satisfaction. The life source flows into you like an antidote after being poisoned. Your body seems to sigh in relief. Finally.

So, did that make you thirsty? Think about it when you are craving water; nothing else will do.

I would appreciate any comments you or anyone has to offer..

Contributed by Juliette De'schwaue

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