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Problems Vampires Have, Page 10

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This has problems pertaining to dealing with "everyday" (everynight?) things for real vampires. It can get in a light vein, but I would prefer it to be mainly enlightening (jeez, can I quit with these day puns, already???) as to actual problems that vampires have to deal with on a day-to-day (aaarrrggghhh!!!) basis.


These are true things that actually happened to me when I lived in Florida.

Problems Vamp Surfers Have:

  • Not being able to find places to night surf
  • Getting arrested so many times for night surfing that the you are on a first-name basis with the cops
  • When surfing during the day (yech), getting laughed at because you wear a long wetsuit and really dark-tinted goggles to surf
  • Not being able to find strong enough sun block
  • Normal surfers wondering if you're sick because you're so pale
  • Normal surfers

"In a world like this, a freak is no bad thing to be. They proved that back in the Sixties." -- Arethusa

Contributed by The Clurichaun

I for one am sick of hiding what I am for fear of being institutionalized. I for one am sick of our nation supporting a religion (Christianity) financially, that espouses hate against us (and others). I for one am sick of the word "Vampire" being synonymous with "Evil". I for one am sick of kids at the mall hissing at me while wearing plastic fangs, who then go on to quote White Wolf and act like they're part of some big occult conspiracy. I for one am sick of prejudiced trash attacking, assaulting, and KILLING us and getting off, but if we so much as punch someone in self-defence we're "part of a cult", "trouble makers", or "deviants". Just my feelings.

Contributed by Death Mime

I am thinking my main problem is coming from a religious family and being naturally evil. (Some of you may not be evil, but I am and enjoying it. After all, the word "evil" is only "live" backwards. Being a satanist, goth and witch probably doesn't help my goodness.)

  1. The most annoying thing I have encountered is that even after I left my parent's home, I still have to actually DELIBERATELY stand in direct sunlight so people wont figure what I am. Without sunnies.
  2. How i can never show my true colours to anyone but those like me- there are those that would kill us and I live in a place where those people are closest me...
  3. Being asked so many QUESTIONS!!!! People don't know everything, but the goth thing is hard to hide (and why should I?) and it is only today I am asked to do an interview asking if I worship the Devil and if I like being me...
  4. The strange looks people give you when they catch you staring at their exposed veins.
  5. Books that talk about vampires but have no idea what they're talking about.

Contributed by Jaynie

Being a vampire has it's good and bad parts. These are the things that suck.

  • People constantly being pissed off around you, and/or pissing you off.
  • Having the urge to tell someone you are a vampire but you don't have the balls to tell them.
  • Being bitched at because you don't wear a coat in the winter when it's 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Looking at all the posers around you.
  • Having to sit through 2 straight hours at school in classrooms with huge windows, and they don't have the brains to shut the blinds and turn the lights off.
  • Those stupid girls that want the fans turned off when it's over 80 degrees in a classroom. [Sangi note: I think *everybody* has a problem with]
  • The severe urge to jump someone and bite their neck. (My canines are sharp and somewhat long, and people have often commented on them.)

I could rant for hours. Want me too? Didn't think so.

Contributed by Ben

Here's a list from dark n solitaire confusion:

  • Having your family telling you that you need to go to a mental hospital.
  • Loving dark colors, and being called "Death" because you wear them.
  • Going to the doctor and anemia appearing when you don’t feed your thirst, and nothing's wrong when you do go.
  • Being asked, "Why are you so pale?", when you’re from a multiracial family with nice bronzed tones.
  • Being constantly asked, "Why are you squinting?", when you're not outside.
  • People who have high beams on while they are driving.
  • Headlights, period.
  • Lights on in the classroom.
  • Not being able to take night classes because they are full.
  • Wanting to go for your friend's arm when you see them bleeding.
  • Being asked, "If real vampires exist, then why don’t you prove it?" *(Would you really want me to?)*
  • Being asked, "Why are you such a night person?"
  • Being the odd ball, or black sheep of the family.
  • Not having enough rainy days because you live in southern California.
  • Having people stare at you because you're always looking for a shady spot to stand in.
  • Scaring people and never hearing from them once they realize what you most likely are.
  • People asking if you believe in God.
  • People asking if you are allergic to crosses (even though you wear one around your neck).
  • Feeling like you are alone when you really are not.
  • Constantly looking and being tired during the day.
  • Being able to hear high-pitched noises and things that others cannot.
  • People thinking you're crazy when you react to things you hear, feel and smell that they don’t.
  • Looking at people and wondering what is the quickest way you would be able to get some blood from them.
  • Having the thirst become stronger and stronger.
  • Scaring the HELL out of people when your emotions flare, especially anger (because the beast emerges).

Contributed by dark n solitaire confusion

1.) All those 9 HOUR LONG OUTDOOR colorguard practices... Not to mention the afterschool ones, and the competitions and shows under those BRIGHT STADIUM LIGHTS where you can't wear your sunglasses or sunscreen because the glasses aren't "professional" and the sunscreen ruins your make-up, causing your captain and director to bitch at you for HOURS on end.

2.) Window seats in school. Why do I always get the sunny classrooms?

3.) Not being able to afford prescription sunglasses when you need them the most.

4.) Having no other known vampires close by to talk to about anything. It's horrible. How can a regular school kid possibly understand?! There's just NO POINT in trying to talk to anybody. It's horrible!!!!!

5.) Parents looking at you funny when the only movie you'll watch is Interview with the Vampire, then having to lie when they ask why you like it so much by saying you're obsessed with Brad Pitt, then having to actually fake it ALL THE TIME so they don't get suspicious, flip out and die.

Contributed by Manda

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