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Problems Vampires Have, Page 11

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This has problems pertaining to dealing with "everyday" (everynight?) things for real vampires. It can get in a light vein, but I would prefer it to be mainly enlightening (jeez, can I quit with these day puns, already???) as to actual problems that vampires have to deal with on a day-to-day (aaarrrggghhh!!!) basis.


I know that I sure get really irritated when people try to 'make' me have to remove my shades. If the lighting level is tolerable for me, then I generally do, to keep the peace or try to blend in or at least not "stick out" so much. But if it's way bright (usually it's that way), and I can't deal with it, then I tell the person that I have sensitive eyes and need to wear them, and keep them on. If they don't like it, they can just go soak their heads!

There was one time that I was taking some sort of a class/workshop/group thing about dealing with depression, but it was at this drug rehab facility (they didn't have a lot of funding so they had to combine the services, or something). I was not there for drug rehab, though, hehe. But the drug rehab people came up to me and tried to make me take them off because of some lame excuse about it being a trigger for those who WERE in there for drug rehab. *rolls her eyes* When I wouldn't, they were a little less "nice" and tried a bit more coercively; I still would not, and they tried telling me then that I had to leave. So I went to somebody in charge and explained / complained. That must have done some good because they didn't make me leave or take them off after that (although I could tell they didn't like not getting their way).

*still rolling her eyes about the "trigger excuse"*

Contributed by Sanguinarius

I am only recently realizing that I most likely am a vampire. I was sure I was something else up until now, but didn't know what. These problems have plagued me long before I found out why I may be having them...

  1. Seeing a friend with a VERY bloody cut and your first impulse being hunger -- THEN realizing she could die if you don't get her to a hospital. Being the one who had to clean it all up....and having to fight off the impulse for sake of pretense.
  2. Sunlight being extremely uncomfortable, even though you're black and "you shouldn't have a problem with sun sensitivity -- your ancestors were from Africa!" (Even on an overcast morning, I feel the sun coming out before it is visible.)
  3. Going to a doctor and being told you have "a rare form of anemia that I've never seen in twenty years of practice!" Ha! -- Wanna see something else?
  4. Not knowing how to ask someone to find out if he or she is a potential donor.
  5. Being constantly hounded by people who want to "save" (read: convert) you.
  6. Riding the bus, where every whisper around you sounds like it's right next to your ear -- and a lot of them are talking about how weirdly you are dressed, more often than not.
  7. Hearing RPG fans talking about being vampires when they don't have any damned IDEA.
  8. Not being able to tell the Goths you are friends with what you are, because they'll think you're being pretentious. So many of them claim to be vampires themselves, and a lot are just plain nuts.
  9. The meat counter at the market. I don't know -- I just stare at the blood.
  10. The fear of disease being too strong to allow you to do what you need to.
  11. Knowing what people close to you are thinking, but not being able to tel them because they will wonder how you knew and become afraid of you.
  12. Having a lover, the man of your dreams, but not being able to share what you are with him because he thinks he knows it all. He claims to have met several vampires, and says that he is able to feel something when around them. He HAS said he feels something when around me, too...but I guess that's different, eh?
  13. Being the only one not grossed out (on the contrary, strangely attracted...) when they show bloody viscera being dissected in films in science class. (I was 13 and in junior high -- how the hell was I going to explain THAT to anyone?)
  14. Summer. (Damned sunlight, strength-sapping heat, lots of sweaty, meaty-smelling people who probably won't let you feed from them even though you want to.) When you haven't had a donor in some time especially, it gets really aggravating.
  15. Headlights, streetlamps, etc., when you're out peacefully walking at 2 a.m.
  16. Having to apologize for your violent mood swings to people who think you're just insane. Being TOLD you're insane when you know damned well you're not.
  17. Taking two hits of acid just for kicks -- and nothing happening. Drinking everyone under the table so often that people start worrying.
  18. Living with your repressed Mum, who insists that "a young woman should not be out alone at night."
  19. Not being able to stay awake in the daytime, but being so full of energy at night that you keep everyone else awake.
  20. The feeling of being utterly alone. Watching the people around you have normal lives, age normally, and change with time, and being left out. Vampires are definitely not immortal, but I do seem to age a lot slower than most people I know. I look the same as I did 10, even 12 years ago. (I'm 30.) That's the biggie.

Contributed by JtheWretched

Here are some of the problems I have to deal with in college.

1.) Microscopes: I'm in a class where we have to look at a lot of tiny stuff, and whenever I ask my professor if something I'm looking at is what I'm supposed to be seeing, he turns the freaking light up, and states that of course I can't see anything in that darkness.. but especially when you /have/ to stare at something with the light on high, because otherwise it won't magnify right.. Argh!

2.) Shared rooms: I've lived with 3 roommates at one time before, in a room about as big as our living room.

3.) Dorm life: People bugging you in the morning; everything being closed in the evening: people bugging you to go eat with them (yeah, I'd love to, but I don't think you would! :p); people with music that I don't like which I can hear from amazing distances; noisy people; FIRE ALARMS (those high pitched things that go off at 3 in the morning.. try to make yourself go to sleep afterwards! -- or get the ringing out of your ears); roommates that need to be cold (I generally like temperatures above 80); roommates that need the curtains open; roommates that need lights. Need I say more?

4.) Campus: This is a 40-thousand-student university; you can't get away from people when you thirst. You can't even properly enjoy the night because it is all lit so brightly, and everywhere there is some noise. Noise, period: cars, busses, horns, class bells, squeaking of any sort, tv's that are on all day (and I am forced to hear that stupid high-pitched sound they make), girls with high voices, squeaky shoes!, doors that need to be oiled, but are used frequently, etc. And lights: windows that are oriented so that the sun can fall in (now why would they want that??), and stupid bright neon lights. People looking at you funny when you try to wear sunglasses in class, or during overcast weather, or even at night; people looking at you funny because your sunglasses cover most of your face. People staring because you are wearing long sleeves and pants when they are wearing shorts and tiny shirts (so I was cold, leave me alone!); people that insist on air conditioning, and then look at me funny if I wear a coat in the middle of the summer...

5.) Since I'm in the sciences, I sometimes have to spot stuff, or hear stuff. I tend to hear a lot more than others do, and then they start looking at me like I'm psycho. I also see tiny stuff and stuff that is far away, and they freak out when they finally spot it, too. Or when I get a feeling that something is going to happen, I say so, and it happens, and then I'm the freak again. Or people that start talking to me only because they feel that I have "that certain something" about me -- I mean, what am I supposed to tell them?? The same goes for people remembering me because they saw me in their class one time.

6.) Freaking out when people come too close, attempt to touch me, or suddenly pop up in front of me.

7.) Waking up at around 10 pm when I am supposed to be in bed, forcing myself to go back to sleep, because otherwise I will sleep through half of my classes.

8.) Not being able to find a single vampire or goth in this freaking city!! I mean really, WHERE ARE YOU HIDING??? I'm in Madison, WI, by the way.

9.) Standing in lines, especially if the person behind you insists on standing right up close to your ass. I mean, do you mind not taking your ass fetish out on me??!! Or crowds; everyone's energy just rubs off on me, and I start getting weird.

10.) Being called a psycho because I start lifting furniture (we were moving) to get rid of excessive agression, and being able to move large chunks with the help of chi.. "You should try out for He-Man!" (I'm female, by the way.)

11.) Forgetting your sunglasses on your way to class, especially when you are running late and don't have time to go back and get them. -- Pain!

12.) All these stupid squeaky noises around me!! ARGH!

13.) Not being able to resist the urge of staring at people's wounds, and then having to cover up by either pretending to be grossed out or pointing them out.

14.) People that test how batty I can get when they start mentioning anything to do with blood. (Unfortunately, I have an active imagination and start picturing various sharp objects making skin contact.)

15.) People that test just how aggressive/pissed off I can get, and then calling it 'cute'!

16.) People.

17.) Roleplayers. Their mere existance annoys me to no end; not to mention the fact that they have groups in every city, when there are only 4-5 vampires in the entire state.

18.) Desperately wanting to do something, but being too low on energy to do it. Or wanting to spend your weekend somewhere fun, but not being able to bring yourself to go outside during daytime.

19.) Winter. Not only can you freeze off a varierity of body parts, but the snow also has the nasty habit of magnifying the sun.

20.) Flying in planes, above the clouds, and having to wear sunglasses because of the sun; or thirsting/beasting while in an airport/plane (this happened to me recently, and i was with my dad. :S -- Good thing there are ways to cover it up).

I don't think I need to mention thirst, beast, etc. And I'm sooo glad that I don't have light-sensitive skin; my eyes alone are enough of a problem.

Contributed by Natsilani

Gah! I find this VERY hard on my part! Seeing as I am still young and still in school, I live *sob* with my parents still, and won't be on my own for a few more years. I have had problems with my likings of satan and evilness and blood, and I was "admitted" for 2 weeks. If I so much as even THINK of any of that stuff, my mum sends me to a doctor that I have to talk to. It sucks. So EVERYTHING I do is basicly hidden from my mother. I can't even speak of the things I wanna do to the people I hate to ANYBODY, or my mum will find out. I'm trapped in a hell hole -- no, a HEAVEN hole! I hate it.

Contributed by DeAd Cheesecake

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