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Problems Vampires Have, Page 18

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This has problems pertaining to dealing with "everyday" (everynight?) things for real vampires. It can get in a light vein, but I would prefer it to be mainly enlightening (jeez, can I quit with these day puns, already???) as to actual problems that vampires have to deal with on a day-to-day (aaarrrggghhh!!!) basis.


I am a psychic and blood vampire, so I have enough problems without people chewing my ass about being a vampire.

I told some people at the table I sit at at lunch that I was a vampire. I spent the whole lunchtime trying to explain vampires. I have past lives so I had to explain that, too. It really didn't work. I don't get why people cant just believe me. They either don't believe or they go nuts about it. This one kid has not stopped obsessing about me. I finally lifted him by his neck and slammed him against the bathroom wall. "You need to shut the hell up!" I yelled at him. I knew I could get suspended but it was worth it. Now everyone is making crosses with their fingers at me and yelling "Demon". It just pisses me off. These Christians are so naive. At least now people give me some personal space -- 20 feet when I'm pissed.

Contributed by DeathKnight Z

I am a psi vamp. My closest friends all know; one of them is a psi vamp himself. I have only recently awakened, let's see, about two weeks ago. That's how long I've had to get used to this. Not to mention that I...well...became...empathic very suddenly a month or two before and was still adjusting to that, but that's irrelevant.

My biggest problem is that one of my two primary donors just doesn't get it. She thinks that the amount of energy that I need is directly related to the amount of "energy" (as in stamina, how tired/awake/hyper) she has. It's not!!

This is something that happens. She's tired one day, and she won't let me feed. I haven't fed for a couple of days, and I'm thinking, "Oh crap, what do I do now?" I don't see my other donor until after school. But I can't lose her trust, so I don't take any, even though I can feel VERY clearly that she has almost as much energy as she normally does. So I do this thing (I dunno if all psi vamps can do this) where I just pull in whatever random energy is floating around. It's not good enough, but it will sustain me. It's like...well, think of it as being hungry and eating one of those energy bars. You're still hungry, but at least you won't collapse.

But then my other friend doesn't show up. I'm really getting messed up by now; there's no one I can trust, no one I can feed from. The next day, my first friend says she has no "energy" so I can't feed from her. I want to scream, "You have plenty of energy! I can take enough to get me by for two more days and you'll never feel the difference!!", but I can't lose her so I bite my tongue.

After a while I get really weak and dizzy, -- way more than I was before, -- so I lie down (I'm still at school). Then I want to ask her, beg her, please please please let me feed. Ten seconds, five seconds, anything, please. I can't find the strength to sit up and get her attention. I try to call her, but I can't make my voice loud enough. I'm getting scared now, I can't function. Finally, she notices I'm lying absolutely still and reacting to nothing, and asks if I want to feed. The thought of her energy, freely given (and I know she's happy, even better), gives me enough strength to barely nod. I find the energy to put my hand on her back and feed.

Later I talk to her, and is she tired? No. She has no "energy". I feed for A MINUTE AND A HALF STRAIGHT, and she's not tired. Might she get it?! Oh no.

Problem #2: My mom. Okay, I tell my mom a lot. Apparently, this is more rare than it sounds, but anyway, I told her I'm a vamp. I can't even tell if she believes me, but she is certainly not sympathetic. And when I haven't fed for days, she wants to know why I'm not doing homework, and I'm just thinking, "Damn my homework, I can't think right now." But of course I can't say that because I'm supposed to be the perfect little girl, A student, teacher's pet, yadda yadda yadda. I just want to say, "Damn that, too. I'm tired of it. I'm NOT an A student, I'm a person who happens to get A's. And just because I'm smart doesn't mean I have to be perfect!"

No mom, I'm not going to drink or do drugs or anything; I don't want to mess up my body and my mind. But what if I'm tired of being the model child? If I can't think, I'll get all the questions on my homework wrong anyway, so why do it if I can get the same grade with no extra stress on my undernourished brain? Gimme a break, dammit!

Okay, I'm done ranting now. :) If there are any psi vamps out there...I need moral support. Please email me at sh-ai_ytk-ein @ (remove the spaces).

Contributed by Mindbound

i have never drank another's blood, and yet I feel like I have a thirst for it; nothing too strong yet, but still to fulfill this would be an experience worth testing. However, I know of no one who would even be comfortable with the idea, and fewer who would agree with it. I am a quiet person, and for this reason I am secluded at social places where I know no one... and yet I am drawn there at times, to sit amongst them in silence. My quiet nature causes dificulty in expressing any form of vampirism, and a long list of enemies and an extreme feeling of paranoia force me to hide further. (This paranoia also brings in the extreme worry of contracting a blood-carrieds disease.)

I have an extreme aversion to sunlight. I have never gone out in less than a long sleeved jacket and even cloudy days can make me cringe; I find myself searching for the shadowed areas for comfort. Allthough this aversion has shown no signs of being detrimental to my health, it is still a pain in the arse. Also, sleep is a problem; my daily sleep patterns are as follows: 4-5 am till 7-8 am, then getting up for college, then sleeping again from about 4-5 pm till 6-7 pm. Weekdays I sleep all day (which isn't a problem), but spending six to eight hours at college with only two hours of sleep is a bitch, -- more so on the hotter, sunnier days when my thirst is greatest. Apart from these, the rest of my basic problems have already been named by others.

Contributed by Daniel

I've been having this pretty bad problem: I can't tell anyone about me, well what I am. It's not the fact that I can't trust anyone; it's just their reaction I can't take. There is really no one here to donate, so I often have to resort to things like myself and animals -- it's never enough, though. And I can't tell my mom. She would send me to a mental institution. So I'm lonely and hungry most of the time...and I'm weirding out my friends latley, too. Every time they bleed, I get this excited twinge of a feeling and I ask if I can help them. They look at me like I straight up told them they were going to die. This always creeps people out. I just want a friend...someone who I can connect with, someone who's been through this, who understands. It's becoming a real bummer lately.

Contributed by Vantessa
fiestyred (at)

My problem is I'm 14, and some of my friends think it's cool to pretend to be vampires. When they start to pretend around me I get uncomfortable because none of them know that I am a vampire and I'm afraid to tell them; yet what they see as truth is mostly fiction.

Contributed by DeathTears

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