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Problems Vampires Have, Page 19

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This has problems pertaining to dealing with "everyday" (everynight?) things for real vampires. It can get in a light vein, but I would prefer it to be mainly enlightening (jeez, can I quit with these day puns, already???) as to actual problems that vampires have to deal with on a day-to-day (aaarrrggghhh!!!) basis.


Ok, I'm going to do this quick before I start ranting.

1. School

  • Pep Rallies
  • Window Seats
  • Anti-Vamp dress code
  • People

2. Friends

  • Who don't believe you
  • Who do believe you (and constantly beg to be "turned")

3. Parents

  • Who are impossible to approach about anything
  • Who think "Harry Potter" teaches kids to be satanists
  • Who make you go to bed at 10, and wake up at 6
  • Who insist on cooking beef ~_~

Also, I'm having trouble finding info on laws regarding selling and consuming blood in Florida. Email me at

from X Mar

I'm in my teens and I recently discovered that I'm a vamp. This is a problem. My mother (who is my sole confidant) doesn't believe in vampires. The last time I started researching vampires, my mother grounded my for weeks and took me to a therapist, which was not fun. I'm constantly having to explain to my friends that I'm sensitive to sunlight, and I'm also having to live with my mother telling me, "Maybe you wouldn't be so tired if you'd go to bed earlier!" I live in Iowa so I'm constantly having problems with the sunlight and humidity. Plus, I'm always having to put up with my friends going, "Why are you always so bitchy?", thanks to my mood swings. And lastly, I, like many others, have had problems with idiots who think it is their duty to turn me into a pile of dust thanks to Buffy marathons; as well as having to put up with the blood thing.
Thanks for letting me rant!!

from Pandora
vampirechick_7 (at)

Two of my main problems. The first one is one that most vampires actually enjoy, and that is hyper-sensitivity to sound. As a child, I had an inner ear infection that erroded the bones in my ear. This means that my hearing has been less that perfect for most of my childhood. But in the last few years, not only has my hearing returned to normal, its gone beyond it. Every time someone turns on a TV I hear a constant high-pitched squealing noise that gives me a splitting headache if it doesn't get turned off quickly (no TV for me) and I get the same thing from some computers (I swear I can hear the hardware working... and i can hear computer fans really loudly) and some ATMs. My bedroom is on the opposite side of the house to the kitchen, but I can hear someone closing the microwave door when I'm in bed with the covers over my head. Not fun for when I'm trying to sleep during the day.

The other problem is, of course, light. My whole family is blue-eyed, but none of them ever had a problem quite like my eyes. Every time I go out into the sun, I can't see for a good five minutes, and when I can see it hurts like hell even on an overcast day. When I go to the dentist, she shines a light over my mouth to get a better view, and even with my eyes squeezed shut it huts so much that I end up with tears all down my face. She puts glasses on me, and then with my eyes closed it is just bareable. Some days I can't even go outside because I simply cant see. And, of course, my skin burns in an instant. I wear the strongest sunblock I can buy every day, and still after a few seconds in the sun my skin feels like its burning. I have to wear long sleeves and coats every day, and hang my hair over my face. Not fun.

Contributed by Lady Ella

My twin brother and I are awakening vampires, but he refuses to accept it. Personally, I love being a blood vamp for my insomnia because I love the night. However, I do hate school out here in a desert of southern California. The heat is excruciatingly painful and it's worse when I wear sweatshirts and pants to keep out of the sun. The dress code for my school is ridiculous and I have to constantly explain why I wear what I do in 80-110 degree heat. I also hate Cali's fame for it's beaches, to which my mom always tries to bring me every summer.

Another big problem are my own friends. I told my friend, Theresa, that I was a vamp, and she said she was cool with it as long she didn't become a donor. Theresa really loves to do research on vampires, and she's trying to write a story that is pretty much exactly the same as my life, including my ignorant brother. Unfortunately, Theresa is a blabber-mouth and told some of my other friends who I do not trust with a secret like this. So now everyone thinks I'm some sort of killer freak.

Once, I snuck into a party Theresa was invited to and I wasn't. Next thing I know, the cops break up the party looking for me. Theresa later informed me that she saw some kid on the phone saying there was a "killer" in the house. At first, she thought that the kid was pulling off some prank call not long after I had gotten there. Now we both think that the kid replaced vampire with "killer" to (1) get me out as soon as possible, and (2) get the cops to take him seriously. Luckily for us, Theresa and I snuck out as the cops came and discovered teens my age and older drinking alcohol.

I also hate that my mom was friends with our family dentists. A few years ago, they ground my canines, or "fangs", down without telling me or charging my parents. Now I am trying to convince my mother, who grounds me just for going to a vampire-related site, to buy me caps. My life sucks even more when most of my family are vegetarians. Like I said, I love the night and consider insomnia a blessing; that is, until I have to wake up at 6:00 AM for school the next day. I guess life will suck for anyone.

Contributed by Millie
Givrgrl @

Okay, I may be only 14, but these are some problems I have had to deal with every day!

Where to star? The most annoying thing that happens to me is my mom and dad. Ya see, I am adopted, and recently found out from my real mom and dad's best friend that I am a vampire. But the only problem is, my adopted mom and dad hate anyone that is considered "not normal", and so does the rest of my city! So as you can see, there are no vampires around here to talk to or get advice from... Anyways, I have to hide my identity ALL THE TIME! I mean, how am I supposed to explain when I am sick, that 97.9 F IS a high temperature for me?

Next, what about the sunlight? My mom and dad make me go to school EVERY DAY. And unlike most schools, there are no window shades and there is a wall of windows on the outside wall in every room. Normally I don't mind it, but once every month it gets really bad. So, while trying to explain to the teachers that the only reason I am wearing my shades is because the sunlight is really bright and it bothers me, the rest of the kids in my grade are commenting things like, "Who does she think she is, a vampire?" and my favorite, "I have come to suck your blood."

How about something that gets on everybody's nerves, the thirst for blood. Sure, I could always eat raw meat, but my parents are vegetarians and hate that stuff. And if I go over to a friend's house and they just happen to have steak, it just seems weird for a teenage girl to eat raw, not even barely cooked, steak.

And don't let me forget the fact that I am highly athletic. If you see someone playing a sport around here, even with guys, you bet I am there (and whipping everyone's butt, too). I am also the one tackling/injuring other people. There is never a game without a lot of bloodshed from someone. And every time that happens, well, I get all vampy inside and it kills me to just see all that precious blood bleed away...

Let's see here, dammed nocturnal habits. Sometimes, no matter how worn out I am, I can stay up all night and be sleeping like a rock when it's time to go to school. And then during school I try to stay awake, but usually end up sleeping through lectures and lunch in the darkest corner I can find.

And last, but not least, I hate those movies and TV shows like Blade, Buffy, and let's not forget Van Helsing, that mock us and take us literally. I mean, can't they tone down that mindless, superhuman demon-out-to-destroy-the-human-race thing?

Contributed by The Dark Renegade

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