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Problems Vampires Have, Page 21

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This has problems pertaining to dealing with "everyday" (everynight?) things for real vampires. It can get in a light vein, but I would prefer it to be mainly enlightening (jeez, can I quit with these day puns, already???) as to actual problems that vampires have to deal with on a day-to-day (aaarrrggghhh!!!) basis.


For a long time I knew that I wasn't like everyone else. I was always trying to figure out why my sleeping hours are differant, why I had insane blood cravings, why I was such a huge loner, and why I hated the sun so much. Well, I am now 15, and since I was always the "mentally sick kid" in the family, I thought it would be interesting to talk to my friend about it. He's a psi-vamp, and we thought I might have been, too, except I couldn't feed with touch; I feed on blood. So I became more alone because I knew of no one who is like me.

I am alone and began to observe things; teachers told my parents about me being so antisocial. I am now in group therapy, one-on-one therapy and have a psychologist. They think anyone who might be different from them is insane and that is what they have labeled me as.

Here are some more problems:

  1. Being told you're crazy because you're not "normal" -- whatever their definition of "normal" is
  2. Not being able to stand being in the sun because it hurts
  3. Being told to go to sleep and not being able to, and then falling asleep in class
  4. Not telling anyone or else they'll make fun of it
  5. The blood cravings
  6. The f****** lies about vamps and being evil, the whole garlic thing, and the cross thing, too
  7. School. I need to find a night high school because they keep taking my sunglasses
  8. Not being able to tell your friends because they freak out
  9. Not being able to be around bleeding people
  10. People saying dumb vampire comments and jokes
  11. People telling me, "Go outside for awhile. You're too pale."
  12. Not being able to see anyone until dark

Anyone wanna e-mail me it's or

Contributed by Samara

Well for one, I am 15 years old. I cannot tell any of my friends what I am, and to hear them say things about vampires, or dress up on halloween and stuff is really discomforting because they don't know that I am one. Another thing that bugs me is the light...It is nothing that will kill me, but more of an annoyance. My eyes and skin are very sensitive to it. I honestly hate it.


Although sometimes I don't have to put up with idiotic people at my school, most of the time I do and this is what I have to put up with:

  1. At school, having stupid mundane's opening the curtains and shining the sun in my face.
  2. People thinking that I'm ill just because of how pale I am, when the last time I was ill was almost a year ago.
  3. People calling me a ghost, or saying the all-time favorite: "You need a tan".
  4. Bright lights causing horrible migraines which drives me nuts.
  5. Not being able to find a donor and having to put up with the thirst all the time.
  6. And my favorite, people cutting themselves and shoving their bleeding wound in my face. Great way to put your life in jeopardy.

Sorry, just thought I'd rant a bit. I hate the fact that I have to put up with people like this almost everyday.

Contributed by DarkEvildead

One of my biggest problems with my awakening is my horribly sensitive ears. I can't even watch tv with my parents anymore because they turn the volume up so loud it gives me a blinding headache, and causes my ears to throb in pain. My parents think i'm going crazy. They yell at me when I tell them to turn the volume down. All my friends have to turn down their radios when I am around or I yell at them. I also hear things that most "normal" people can't, like somone talking from a very long distance, or whispering from far away. Everything is just too loud for me to tolerate. I can hear cars coming from a half a mile away, and sirens cause migraines. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm so nocturnal now, that I literally cannot sleep at night at all anymore. I have to take sleeping pills in order to rest, and most of the time the sleeping pills have no effect. I'm exhausted as hell all day, even when I wake up late in the evening. But once night falls, I'm wide awake! My eyes are so sensitive now, that I cannot step outside without sunglasses, even when it is overcast. I hate this. -- My awakening sucks! Feel free to email me to vent.

Contributed by Michelle,
michelleking9 @ or Michelle @

I have never drunk another's blood, and yet I feel like I have a thirst for it; nothing too strong yet, I but have yet to fulfill it. This would be an experience worth testing. However I know of no one who would even be comfortable with the idea, and fewer who would agree with it. I am a quiet person, and for this reason I am secluded at social places where I know no one; and yet I am drawn there at times, to sit amongst them in silence. My quiet nature causes dificulty in expressing any form of vampirism, and a long list of enemies and an extreme feeling of paranoia forces me to hide further (this paranoia also brings in the extreme feeling of a blood borne disease being contracted).

I have an extreme aversion to sunlight; I have never gone out in less than a long sleeved jacket and even cloudy days can make me cringe. I find myself searching for the shadowed areas for comfort. Allthough this aversion has shown no signs of being detrimental to my health, it is still a pain in the arse. Also, sleep is a problem. My daily sleep patterns are as follows: 4-5 am till 7-8 am, getting up for college, then about 4-5 pm till 6-7 pm. Weekdays I sleep all day (which isn't a problem), but spending 6 to 8 hours at college with only 2 hours sleep is a bitch -- more so on the hotter, sunnier days when my thirst is greatest. Apart from these, the vamp beauty has already named the rest of my basic problems.

Contributed by Daniel

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