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Problems Vampires Have, Page 27

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This has problems pertaining to dealing with "everyday" (everynight?) things for real vampires. It can get in a light vein, but I would prefer it to be mainly enlightening (jeez, can I quit with these day puns, already???) as to actual problems that vampires have to deal with on a day-to-day (aaarrrggghhh!!!) basis.


I am going through my awakening and it seems like everybody thinks I'm crazy; 'Why are you wearing sunglasses? The sun isn't even out.' And I am too young for anyone to believe me, I am 13. The constant nagging in my mind for even a taste of blood. My eyes are so sensitive right now, even the smallest, but brightest lights bother me till I can't even keep my eyes open. Nobody would understand where I live because most people are very religious and most likely think vampires are evil.

Contributed by FireFox

I am 13 and I'm pretty sure I'm awakening. This kinda sucks at my age because it's summer. Long days, hot sun, it sucks! Well, what really sucks about it is that the only way I could get blood would be to cut myself which I'm not too keen on doing. I can't get sunglasses because I wear regular glasses; I just got a new pair of glasses about a month ago and I need to wear them all the time. I'm also starting to get photosensitive and my brothers are gonna love to tease me about that. There's no way I'm telling them. And even if I do tell anyone, they'll think it's in my head because right before my awakening I started to really get into vampires (by the way, is that normal?). A good cover would be to go goth or emo, because my brothers already think I'm gonna do that anyway. The problem with that is my girlfriend wouldn't like it too much. And we hardly ever have any of the foods mentioned on this site that help with the thirst.

Contributed by RLL

I've read alot of the problems on this site, but I'm disheartened to not see someone like me. Most of my problems stem from the fact that I seem to be a hybrid. I suffer under the sun, and burn very badly, and am paler then the normal, but I do not have fangs [Sangi note: Most vampires don't.]. I undergo severe bloodlust, which takes a lot to suppress, and have never tried to psi-feed, as I do not believe in it.

I have never had any doubt that I am a strain of vamp, regardless of my attributes. The only time I have ever felt akin to anyone else is in this situation, and my lack of fangs, etc., does not seem to hinder me that badly among others. However, it is difficult when you suffer from depression to carry on without making yourself crazy, so I kind of hope I'm not the only one in this position.

Another problem for me is that, although I'm a severe goth, I am secure enough to be able to switch it off and be able to integrate myself into other situations, so my family, etc., have gotten used to me being able to act "normally". This also stems from the fact that I used to be addicted to self-harm, and yet had to hide it from my parents, so I'm fairly good at hiding things. But when I'm in the throes of bloodlust and don't have a donor... My boyfriend would donate, but I do not really want to take from him, as he means so much to me. I'm afraid it might degrade him or our relationship, and I do not know who else to ask. I have a few goth friends, but not many I would ask to be a donor. -- It's very hard to keep much concealed! Thankfully I'm in a social scene which allows me to be strange, and I will be moving closer to a vampire support group soon, so this problem will be eased.

I hope that this helps anyone who can identify with me. If anyone would like to contact me, then please email gothicspoons (at)

Contributed by Rhythrin

To talk truely about my problems I have to go back in time to when I awakened and found myself surrounded by family members who were themselves vampires.

I awakened at a very young age; I think it was the age of four or five (saying that now I am 22). I first found out about my family heritage from my grandfather, as he was the oldest in our family (all of us being vampires). He talked about when our family first came to this country, that being Northern Ireland. We came here during the Norman Invasion of Ireland. Living in this place gave my family great resoures of blood and psychic emotions and feelings.

My problems really developed in Primary School (or Kindergarten and first grade, as it's called in America). I couldn't really stand the sun but it wasn't that bad; Ididn't get headaches, just really bad sunburn. One day my teacher was helping me with some spellings and I don't know what came over me.. I bit her in the arm, which gave me a bad reputation through the school. As I got older and moved onto Secondary School (High School), it got worse. I had not told anybody what I was, seeing as none of my friends knew what I/we truely are. And I also did not need donors because my family owns a butcher shop, so blood was not on short supply. Also, I was not a goth so I was mostly called a freak beause of my paleness (I'm more of a metaler-vampire). My girlfriend knew what I was.. I made the mistake of bringing her to my house (imagine her face); she dumped me soon after.

When I hit my 19th birthday, I was allowed into my father's... coven... well, for lack of better words, his clan. But that is basicly it and what I really wrote here to say is that if you younglings or newly awakened want to talk to me, I will gladly help you through your problems.

You can either email me at minford (at) or add me on MSN with the same name.

Contibuted by Legardored

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